Remember Cicada 3301?

This proposal wants to use their antics to foster web3 awareness, bring some bear market hope, and have all around good fun.

Here’s the gist. Voting homies are busy so a longer explanation at the bottom. Posting QR codes in random public places in Taiwan. Leading to quests and puzzles, ending in a website where competitors enter an answer. The prizes for doing so is an eth 1st prize, hoodies, caps and NFTs.

The goal is to bring social awareness and web3 adoption. The project is incentivized by a small local DAO called inkfox dao. And logistics and operations will be carried out by the DAO team.

Logistics and design expenses will be covered by inkfox. Prizes and hoodies and cost of materials we need your support to make it possible. Rough estimations sit at about 3Ξ the more can raise the better incentives and prizes.


Thanks for your consideration :3