Small grants - Web3 Gold Merchandise

Greetings Nounians ⌐◨-◨

I am posting a proposal to support a brand new Web3 Merch startup.
We have a great startup that would need some push to scale up hardware and equipment.

Idea :
The main idea with MidasX is to do Partnerships with projects to provide Luxury but affordable merch that reflects the projects position.
We will create Goldplated items created in high quality filaments like stone and metal filament. The items will be going trough an advanced electroplating procedure that will allow us to plate items in real 18 or 24crt Gold.
We intend to mainly do Coins, Medalions and we can even do custom mounted plated items.
We will also be able to supply stickers, Vinyls, Etched glass and Prints on both Metalsheets and Wood.

To do the startup we would need a small fund (3ETH) for buying better equipment and liquids for the plating procedure.
Equipment we need to buy includes a Hightemp 3D Printer, A Resin 3D Printer aswell as a couple new Filament rolls for making the Heavy prints.
We also need to spend around 0.75ETH website development.

Right now i am trying to fundraise this startup by selling founders coins on Opensea for 0.75ETH each.
There is 5 Founders coins availible in total and they will bring me 3,75ETH in total and will cover the costs needed.
The coins offer the buyer :

  • 1 Founder Coin Physical item
  • 1 Free project setup + 10 Coins to giveaway
    5% Royalty on all MidasX future public drops.

So - If your minigrant will cover 1 or 5 Coins you can decide yourself.
Would love to do a MidasXNouns site and offer Goldplated Nouns glasses for example.
If the Nouns DAO buys all 5 coins the Dao would be entitled to 25% of all future drops.

If you bought all 5 Coins that would give you 50 Free coins to giveaway to Nounians (Physical 3Dprinted coin with the iconic nouns glasses - electroplated and mounted on a stand.)

Why Founder coins on Opensea?
I have decided to do a Foundercoin to be able to track who is getting Royalty and to be able to give the initial funders something extra for being a believer. As my startup grows there will be new public drops generating more revenue back to the holders of the coins. They might be worth much more in the future.

Future Public Drops
So, what is the Future public drops then?
As soon as we get funded for the equipment and get our first X Partner we will start working on our Public drop.
That would be a 99 Pcs Memorabilia collection with Medalions of Web3 history and Projects making NFT and Web3 History.
This drop would sell at 0.25ETH each as it would include a memorabilia bringing 24.75ETH to the startup. If the DAO bought all 5 Founders coins that would bring back over 6ETH in royalty.

Owner and 3D artist is @wagmicrew on twitter
I have been around Web3 space for 2 years almost and learned a lot about the community.
My expertise is 3D design, VR, Game development in Unity 3D and website development.
To my help i have a extremely creative partner doing Vinyl printing, Glass etchings and Stickers designs.
Together we will be able to provide Nouns with a great feature and first hand access to a awsome Web3 Brand being built.

If Nouns decide to offer me the 3.75ETH grant needed in total we will work out a written agreement for the royalty and present the Timeplan, roadmap and plan for the custom Nouns project.
The Grant can be offered either by buying the coins at Opensea or reaching out to me.
If you reach out to me i will send the coin NFTs to the wallet of your choice.

Nouns can also decide to partly fund my startup by buying 1 Foundercoin at 0.75ETH
But then there will only be a 5% Royalty.

Any questions - Do not hesitate to reach out to me at

To opensea for the coins :

Would also be grateful for any feedback on the idea :smiley:
Do you think it will be interesting to buy goldplated nouns jewelry or wall art?

What do you think about having a NFC in every item display that gives the viewer a poap?

This suggestion is still availible.
We are working on the poap part aswell.

Affordable Luxury memorabilia.

Some more information in the gitbook Pitchdeck -
This opportunity is still valid and has evolved some.

Feel free to read the pitchdeck and reach out if you have any questions.
Initial Pitch - MidasX Memorabilia (