Proposal : Promotional Video "Ubique"


The project I am presenting is called “Ubique”.
It consists on me, Francisco bravo, 29 year old Portuguese mural artist and amateur cyclist, to make a full lap of portugal on my bicycle, with the purpose of painting 15 Nouns artwork murals throughout the course.
The objective will be to record the whole experience and produce a 5 to 10 minute promotion video for the brand that represents creativity, freedom and self-empowerment.
With this project, we can make serious impact on the field and online.
Read the description below to see further details on how we will make this all happen!

My name is Francisco Bravo, 29 year old portuguese mural artist and amateur cyclist. I will be the main subject of this project and the logistics coordenator.
Alongside me, to make this all happen, I will need a driver and a camera crew.
Here is the list of possible camera crews that will be hired for this project :

I leave here my artist and cyclist instagram page link for you to check out my work.

The project I am presenting is called “Ubique”, latin word for ubiquity.
The main purpose of this project is to make Nouns brand promotion video with an exciting story. The concept is to record a subject doing a full lap around portugal (around 3000km), on his bike, while, at the same time. will be spreading the Nouns logo.
The objective is to spread 500 stickers and make 15 murals along the way with the Nouns artwork and record the whole adventure. This is a story about freedom, about challange, about breaking the limits.

The project will have 4 phases. The preparation phase, action phase, arrangements phase and the promotion phase.
The preparation phase will be untill the end of september. This is the time to make all the arrangements required to execute the plan smoothly. ( Route planning, Rentals, Service hiring, Supplys and Schedules.)
The action phase will be when we will have the team on the ground and executing the plan. The subject will have only 1 month to execute the full route and paintings, so this will happen throughout the month of October.
In November is when the arrangements phase iniciates. This period is for the media team to assemble the final video and teasers.
In the end of November the media content will be shared in the Nouns community and public promotion will start. The organization will promote the video for the first month since the add launch.
This is when the promotion phase iniciates. For 1 month we will promote the video on social media and throughout the online community (a social media content manager will be hired during this phase).

The route will start in porto,northern portuguese city, as the plan is to travel alongside the coast from north to the southest point of portugal. The atlantic ocean presents us with amazing bay’s and beaches, unique landscapes and a happy vibe to start the video.
Then, the route will turn inlands to meet the border with spain and start going back north, this is when the fun begins. The portuguese interior is filled with different envoirements, from the dry plains south to the center rocky mountains, finishing in the life rich hills that the northern interior brings us.
When the team meets the last portuguese city up north, will then make his path back to the ocean and back to porto for the finishing line.
Portugal is filled with amazing landscapes and corners where every tourist wants to take a picture home, so I thought we can use these breathtaking places to represent the nouns signature.
The spots where the logos will be painted will be carefully chosen to present the best media content, so as the routes.

I am an internationally recognized mural artist with more then 15 years experience and a very fit cyclist.
Cycling and mural painting represents freedom, self-expression/empowerment and day-to-day challange, I believe this is a perfect fit into the brand’s values.
This project will create an engaging narrative, with online and real world valuable promotion.
I want to bring emotion with this project, I want to show that every challange brings a reward, I want for the spectator to finish the video and think that anything is possible.
Or should i say, Noun is impossible.

We will start by hiring a team for the project, driver and media team is our only hiring requirements.
In the month of september, the route will be carefully planed to envolve the most breathtaking places that portugal has to offer.
This is the time to aquire all the supplys. Some cycling equipment will be required such as a spare parts, spare tubes, chains, lubes, tools and dedicated sports nutrition.
We will also aquire all the materials for mural painting such as spray paint, bucket paint, brushes, rollers, ladder, safety and cleaning material.

For the month of October, we will rent a “camper van” to serve as support vehicle.This van will provide the team with living conditions and supply’s for the project.
To make sure the brand is allways seen on the video, the support vehicle will have big stickers identifying the Nouns brand. The cycling kit will also be custom made to incluide the Nouns logo.
To enhance the video production, we will have a scooter rented a few days for footage recording. A drone will also be included to make those spectacular landscape images.
The plan is then to ride on my bike, every 6 out of 7 days, around 100 to 150km per day, untill the end of the course.
Throughout the route, 15 touristic or unique places will be chosen to paint a mural with the Nouns artwork with a certification plaque that identifies the project and brand directories.
We will also bring 500 stickers with the team and make sure that they will all be spread when the journey is over.
All this procees will be posted online on a day-to-day basis through the artist’s and the media team social media to bring people’s attention for the final product.
When the journey is finished, is time to do some office work.

At the month of november, the media team will be working on the final video but we will release a trailer as soon as possible to keep people’s mind into it and arrouse more curiosity.
At the end of november we assume the responsability to deliver a 5 to 10 minutes video to the Nouns community registering the whole adventure.
The Nouns community has full permision to use this video as they see fit from then on.
Nonetheless, throughout the month of November/December, the project owner is responsable to make promotion throughout the online community and social media.
The plan is to publish the video on the artist’s and nouns community social media pages and set an advertisment plan with it. The target public will be creative people,adventurous,traveling and sports fanatics, from 18 to 60 years old.
I look forward to hear more ideas from the community on how to expand the promotion of this project.

To make sure that this project brings results to the Nouns community, we defined the following goals and success guidelines:

  • 15 identified murals painted with various nouns artwork in touristic or breathtaking spots. ( We will present photos from each piece)
  • 500 stickers spread throughout the country. ( We will photograph them all in the same way so we we can make a very cool GIF in the end :slight_smile:
  • Ongoing process following through the artist social media and nouns community.
  • 30 seconds trailer of the final video to be shared with the nouns community and social media.
  • 5 to 10 minutes promotion video for the Nouns community and social media.
  • 100.000 people reached with the published video with social media.
  • At least, 1000 sharing’s of the video from social media within the 1st month.
  • At least, 1 post p/ week of the painting from an unknown person, identifying and spreading the Nouns brand on social media. (For 5 to 10 years)

Project development, managment and execution - 10000 euros
Media crew - 3500 euros
Driver payment - 1000 euros
Promotion - 1000 euros
Food - 3500 euros
Gasoline - 600 euros
Cycling equipment - 5000 euros
Painting supplys - 2000 euros
Nouns stickers - 400 euros
Nouns certification plaques - 500 euros
“Camper Van” rental - 4000 euros
Scooter rental - 500 euros

Final Budget - 32000€ / 18 ETH


This post was made to reach out to members of the Nouns community to support and sponsor this project.
Please tell me what you think of this project, and, if you like it, please share it with fellow members of the community. Really looking forward to hear from you!
Lets make this happen! :slightly_smiling_face: