Proposal: Nouns go to the Rose Parade - a documentary by the makers of Robot Chicken


We are putting together a proposal for a comedic documentary film about the groundbreaking nature of the Nouns DAO and the web3 community and our weird journey of getting the Nouns featured in the Rose Parade. The Noun community has shown itself to be forward thinking, enterprising, generous, warm, funny and bold. Everything from donating to the Ukraine and making eye glasses for the underprivileged to being featured in a SuperBowl ad and funding the construction of a skatepark.

Before we officially submit our proposal we wanted to get your feedback here on the Discourse.

This documentary will be unique for three reasons.

  1. Stoopid Buddy has spent years developing a very specific comedic tone we want to bring to this documentary. The doc will tell the story of the Noun community and all the amazing initiatives it supports, but will be anchored with a strong narrative - the journey of getting the Nouns into the Rose Parade as the first ever NFT featured. This narrative lends itself to keeping things fun, silly and strange.
  2. As part of the documentary story, we’ll be building and featuring six life size Nouns that will spread the Noun ethos through activities the Nouns community will have a say in driving. Do we want them handing out glasses? Giving random hugs to people in Time’s Square? Running in a half marathon? We’ll have fun and create great content for the documentary, all while showing just how the DAO works.
  3. Our story will revolve around the journey to get a giant, vibrant Noun float in the Pasadena Rose Parade in 2023. The film will reach a climactic end with the six life size Nouns partying their way down the Rose Parade with a massive Noun float in tow!


We are inspired by this community and think the world needs to know how amazing and revolutionary this DAO is. We also think this is a great way to get this organization and brand out to a much wider audience. The Rose Parade will create tens of millions of impressions but the documentary will give this story life and legs and tee up the Nouns to further their reach into mainstream pop culture.

Who are we?
We are Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. Most of you might know us from our flagship series, Robot Chicken, but we’re also the studio behind Marvel’s MODOK, Crossing Swords on Hulu, and all the costumes on FOX’s Masked Singer. And the studio that built a 15 foot walk around for League of Legends. We’ve been nominated for over 22 Emmy’s and won six of them. We’ve also won Cleo Awards for our advertising work and have worked with brands from DC, Marvel, Walking Dead, Star Wars, LEGO, Target, and Denny’s among many others. All that is to say we know how to translate the spirit of a brand into entertainment. We’re also the studio that last year built a life size walk around Noun that made an appearance at NFT.NYC. While our ambition for the next round of life size Nouns is even greater, this experience was amazing, and a source of inspiration for what’s to come.

But we don’t want to do this alone. We want to bring the entire Noun community together to help tell this story. We’ve already shared this idea with a few Nounders who will be supporting us, so we’re excited to share our idea with the wider community and engage with you all. Noun holders will have the opportunity to participate by voting on which Nouns get built as life size costumes, where these life size “Nouns in the wild” go on their journey, and even participate by walking along with other Nouns in the actual Rose Parade. The documentary will feature interviews with Nounders and Noun holders alike, and highlight projects that have been successfully funded and what type of impact they’ve made. This will be a movie making experience that engages the entire community.


ROSE PARADE (all data below provided by the Tournament of Roses Staff)


  • Rose Parade seen by 22 million people in the US, and in over 60+ countries across the world.
  • 1,000,000 people line the streets in Pasadena for the Parade, and another 150,000 visit the floats pre and post parade
  • 1.8M+ social impressions
  • 20 seconds of airtime during telecast with scripted description for NOUNS
  • Inclusion of the float in printed program
  • Estimated media value of media coverage $300M


  • First documentary about a DAO community to fully tell the NOUNS story and cement their place in public imagination but in a way that’s funny and on brand for both the Nouns and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.
  • The Noun community will vote on random acts of joy that our Nouns will spread throughout real world communities as part of our documentary so we can highlight other initiatives the DOA funds.
  • Sequels and other content opportunities to expand on the story we tell in the documentary.


PHASE 1: (May-July)

  • Select and design the six life size Nouns
  • Sign contract with the Rose Parade Team for 2023*
  • (NOTE: Document each of these phases with our production team)
  • Line up interviews and identity storylines for the documentary (those that would like to remain anonymous will be free to do so)

PHASE 2 (July-September 2022)

  • Begin building out the Noun costumes for the documentary and the parade
  • Begin the designs that will ultimately become the massive Rose Parade float

PHASE 3 (August-September)

  • Community votes on winning float design
  • Approve the build

PHASE 4 (September 2022-January 2023)

  • Film interviews and storylines for the documentary including the “Nouns in the wild” segments
  • Film BTS of the parade build and the day of festivities.

PHASE 5 (January-Feb 2023)

  • Post Production and editorial cut
  • Screen film exclusively to the Noun community for feedback on final cut

PHASE 6 (March-May)

  • Submit film to festivals
  • Pitch film to steamers/Networks


  • Parade fee - $23k (Paid to Pasadena Tournament of Roses)
  • 1 Noun - we want to be part of this story!
  • Float Build - $400k (all inclusive of design, build and storage. We will select one of the three Rose Bowl Parade approved flat building companies to help us build the float.)
  • Six Life Size Noun Costumes (inclusive of design and build and storage) - $330k
  • Filmmaking Production Team (inclusive of travel, accommodation, equipment, editing, post production, music, legal, etc.) - $450k

So absolutely excited for this!


Thanks David, us too!


I absolutely love you guys and the work you have been doing. I think that this story will set a great tone for the future projects and nounish storytelling. Would love to provide glasses for all throughout the show as needed and assist with anything that you guys will need. Love the concept and cant wait to see whats next


Just weighing in to say hi - I am such a fan of the Noun community ethos and as a contributor to this proposal and head of development at Stoopid Buddy I can’t wait to hear what you all think!


As a huge Robot Chicken fan, say no more fam, I’m voting yes!


There’s a really fun way we envision making this happen!

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my wheels are already turning with excitement over this. We have developed a few Rpbot chicken products for various partners and I have had casual chats with Harv and Matthew in the past so this is all super amazing and I am sure will be great and I can not wait to vote yes


This would be incredible for exposure - big fan of robot chicken, as well. Look forward to pushing this and hearing more


I am all in for this.

Release the Nouns!


Dear Stoopid Buddy,

Welcome to Nouns. We love you. Take our money.

Joel Cares


solid team, wonderfully playful idea aligned with the nouns ethos. This is lush :grinning:


Thanks that’s exactly what we’re going for!

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Love the proposal! Thank you for taking the time to develop something so delightful and ambitious.


Telling the story of Nouns with an A+ team leading it - love it! Thank you to the team for taking the time out to put up the proposal and Studio1 for leading the effort :rocket:


This is going to be incredibly fun. Thank you @townertime and team for bringing it to us.

I wonder if it’s possible to release shorter videos at regular intervals as the feature length documentary is being made, and make these shorts part of the proposal? Feb. 2023 feels a long way off. In fact, the time between now and then is about the same amount of time that Nouns has been in existence.

The shorts could come in the form of informal “vlog” style updates, edited teasers, or other things you stumble upon along the way, with the idea that they build the momentum toward the feature length doc and bridge the attention gap while we wait.


Great point!

There are definitely some fun BTS things we can do, and some great ideas for ancillary content once the walk around nouns are built. We’d love to see other proposals jump off from there as well to utilize our walk arounds in the real world.

Keep the ideas coming Nouns!


Out of curiosity, who is going to own the included Noun?

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Love this idea! We can definitely roll out some fun and weird content (teasers, shorts, clips, etc) in the lead up to Jan 1.


exciting proposal, looking forward to seeing this on-chain!