Proposal: Nouns Whisky & Nounshine | Cape Town, South Africa

1. Introduction

Hi Nouns holders and Nouns friends.

Since following Punk 4156 from early on in April 2021 and the journey of the Nouns Dao creation we have been working on various ideas to proliferate & contribute to the project in a physical format from South Africa. Seeing the Nouns project making its way to Kenya is a huge win for the African continent. As a small creative agency we didn’t want to rush a project but rather find the right business in Cape Town that we can partner with, share a common goal, innovate and bring the final idea to market: Nouns Whisky & Nounshine.

2. What is the motivation for Nouns DAO to fund a whisky project in Cape Town?

South Africa needs a Nouns project that can grow & prosper with the longevity of the Nouns DAO. A whisky project typically matures over a span of 3 years, allowing us to create a narrative about the project over this timeline: introducing the project to South Africans and the world month for month over a 36th month period until the whisky is ready to be bottled for the Nft barrel holders.

The Nouns DAO investment will fund infrastructure to set up 365 Whisky Barrels. The DAO will own 300 and the Distillery will own 65. Every barrel will be allocated to an Nft for provenance. The DAO can choose to do the following:

  • Allocate the 300 x barrels to 300 x Nouns Nft holders.

  • Re-sell / auction the Nfts during the 36 month period to recoup the investment or make a profit.

3. Producing whisky for the Nouns DAO: Who is behind Nouns Whisky?

Nouns Whisky will be produced by the Pienaar & Son Distillery located in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront, Makers Landing small business section. The master distiller Andre Pienaar and his father self-funded this authentic small business and have been able to make it sustainable for more than 7 years. You can view their website, a short video story about the distillery and where it is located in Cape Town. This will allow the DAO to venture into the lifestyle that is Cape Town, South Africa.

Whisky / Distillery Website: READ HERE

Distillery Instagram - View Here

V&A Waterfront - Watch Here

Makers Landing, V&A Waterfront - Watch Here

As a Master Distiller, Andre has won several accolades for his whisky, gin & vodka at the age of 33. The quality of his spirits is unmatchable in the small business sector and his products are starting to rival the large scale distilleries across South Africa. Andre has always been at the forefront of innovation within the world of spirits and looking at new ways to include technology in his creations & craftsmanship. Nouns Whisky is perfect for this as small businesses start to introduce cryptocurrencies & physical backed Nfts into their revenue models. NounsDAO is innovative and forward-thinking in their approach as the Nouns spread across the world, making this a perfect fit for a digital community in a physical world.

4. Why Nouns Whisky?

In the premium world of whisky, provenance is key and the blockchain now allows a small business owner to benefit from this technology on various levels, also receiving royalties from the potential secondary sales of the whisky barrel Nfts without having to go through a lengthly re-distribution process. Every barrel will be allocated to an Nft and once the whisky is ready to be bottled, a QR code will be attached to each bottle linking the batch to the correlating Nft.

Every Whisky barrel amounts to 40 x (500 ml, 16,9 oz) bottles for the holder. The current scope of the project is 36th months, after this period the holder can burn the Nft to redeem the 40 bottles or enter a further storage agreement with the distillery, allowing the whisky to age further.

The Nouns DAO has invested into the beverage sector with Nouns Coffee and this would be the second addition into this category funded by the DAO.

5. Nouns Whisky Barrel Head NFT’s

  • There will be 365 Nfts representing 365 Barrels of Whisky that will be stored in a safe, secure and insured facility.

  • We will customise the original Nouns Wine Barrel Head into a Nouns Whisky Barrel Head by changing the red wine liquid stream to a golden yellow liquid to represent the whisky.

  • The Nouns glasses and bodies will then be customised with traditional African fabric design elements and aesthetics, creating a unique look & feel resonating with the African continent & culture. These 365 Nouns will be randomly generated with the designed assets.

6. What is Nounshine?

To support the ongoing process of proliferating Nouns in South Africa we decided to develop a product that can exist & easily operate alongside the Nouns Whisky journey, which is affordable & available to the public in a traditional manner via over the counter & online sales. Nounshine (moonshine) will launch in 2023 and will be available for purchase in South Africa. It will not be available to be shipped to America, but the distillery can approach its current export network to extend the reach to Europe and Asia. The small batch Nounshine concept will be funded by the distillery. Included in the Nounshine purchases will be Nouns sticker packs and information about the CC0 project & NounsDAO. What it represents culturally & how CC0 is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

7. Nouns Whisky & Nounshine as brands:

  • The creative agency owned by Pierre does not own the 2 x brands.

  • The distillery owned by Andre does not own the 2 x brands.

  • We welcome other distilleries across the world to join in the development of the Nouns Whisky & Nounshine concepts, funded or not funded by the Nouns DAO.

8. The inception and execution will be broken down into 8 x Phases.

Phase 1 - Nouns Nfts - November / December 2022

  • 365 Barrel Heads are designed & generated.

  • Nft sales / claiming starts on the 20th of December

  • The DAO holds 300 barrels and can decide how these are allocated.

  • The distillery holds 65 barrels and can decide how many are sold at launch.

  • The project does not need to sell all the Nfts at launch as this is an ongoing project.

Phase 2 - January & February 2023

  • The Pienaar & Son Distillery will source and acquire 365 x 25L Oak Barrels.

  • A 3-year lease on a storage facility will be negotiated and locked down for 36 months.

  • Sin tax licensing will be registered for the project.

  • Insurance for the barrels will be setup.

  • A security company will be contracted to make regular rounds at the facility during the projects lifespan.

  • Employment of labor will be needed to set the barrels up in the storage facility.

  • Public Liability insurance will be set up for the labourers & potential visitors.

  • A pallet jack will be bought to move the barrels, bottles & liquid around in the facility.

  • Liquid for the 365 barrels will be produced.

  • Holding tanks (2x200L + 2x500L) will be acquired for the facility.

  • Internet & a permanent computer is set up in the storage facility.

  • A camera is installed in the storage facility so that anyone can view the process of the barrels being set up via the Pienaar & Son website.

  • The distilling of 365 whisky barrels starts in late February / early March.

Phase 3 - March 2023

  • Provenance / ownership of the barrels will be recorded with the Nfts ID and these Nfts can be re-sold from the launch date over the span of 36 months until the whisky is ready to be bottled in 2026.

Phase 4 - April 2023

  • Nounshine is created as a secondary brand that is more affordable to the general public.

  • The Nounshine will be sold in (500 ml, 16,9 oz) bottles via the Pienaar & Son e-commerce store & tasting room.

  • This experience will include: 1 x Bottle, 1 x Packaging, 1 x Flyer explaining the project, 1 x sticker pack consisting of 10 x Nouns glasses.

  • The Nounshine will be included in the Press Release for the public to purchase.

  • All packaging is designed & marketing assets are created.

Phase 5 - May 2023

  • A press release will be compiled explaining the collaboration between the Nouns Dao project & the Pienaar & Son Distillery.

  • This will be sent out in late May to various news outlets across South Africa and to select Nft news websites.

  • A more in-depth Nouns Whisky & Nounshine webpage will be integrated into the Pienaar & Son website, this will also be added to the Press Release.

  • Nounshine goes on sale and is available nationwide.

Phase 6 - June 2023

  • 4 x Small events will be held at the distillery with Nouns memorabilia on display alongside the Nounshine.

Phase 7 - July 2023 onwards

  • The barrels will be monitored by the distillery over the coming months and updates will be added to the Nouns Whisky page on the Pienaar & Son website for all holders to see.

Phase 8 - March / April / May 2026

  • The whisky will be ready to be bottled & packaged for the Nouns DAO & the public holders.

  • 40 x (500 ml) bottles will be available from each barrel, also accounting for liquid evaporation over 36 months.

  • The owner of the barrel will then be able to ship these bottles to a specified destination across the world. P&P / Shipping will be for the holders cost. Or the holder can enter a storage agreement with the Distillery and the whisky can age further.

9. Nouns Whisky South Africa Project Costs:

For this project to proceed, upfront costs are necessary to create the Nouns Whisky infrastructure to produce the liquids. We are asking for a considerable sum of money with the aim for the DAO to recoup this investment through Nft sales. Pienaar & Son have a proven track record in running a sustainable business.

250 ETH will be needed for infrastructure as laid out below. (excl transfer fees)


  • 365 Oak barrels

  • 40 x (500 ml, 16,9 oz) bottles will be available from each barrel

  • Produce Whisky liquid = 229 000 Litres

  • 14 600 Bottles & Labelling

  • 14 600 Packaging & Boxes

  • 14 600 Nouns Whisky informational flyers

  • 10 000 Nouns stickers for sticker packs

  • Alcohol Excise tax fees


  • 3 Year storage facility lease

  • 2 Month rental deposit fee

  • Storage facility insurance for 3 years

  • Liquor licensing & legal fees for 3 years

  • 4 x Holding tanks

  • 1 x Pallet jack

  • Security fees for 3 years

  • Labor for 3 years

  • Public Liability insurance for 3 years

  • 1 x Computer and hi-res camera setup

  • High-speed internet rental for 3 years for live facility feed

  • Basic website development


  • 2 Month Nft design & brand development fees

  • 6 Months design & marketing material fees

  • 6 Months social media fees

  • 6 Months project management fees

  • 1 Months PR agency fees for the Press Release

  • 4 x Eventing fees in June 2023

  • 200 x Nouns t-shirts & tote bags (given away for free at the distillery with a Nounshine purchase)

  • Photographer for content creation

  • Accounting fees for tax declaration

10. NOUNS WHISKY BARREL NFT REVENUE TO RECOUP INVESTMENT (Excl. 2.5% OpenSea Royalty & 5% Project Royalty)

  • 1 x Barrel Head Nft = 0,685 ETH (total project cost per barrel to cover the 250 ETH investment with 300 Nfts. The DAO can then choose to sell at this price, above or auction with a reserve price)

  • 300 x Barrels @ 0,685 ETH each = 250 ETH

  • 65 x Barrels owned by the Pienaar & Son distillery.

The Nfts will be uploaded to OpenSea manually and can be sold on the 20th of December. If the DAO allocates the barrels to 300 holders, the Nfts will be put on a private sale and the Nouns holders can claim the Nfts through OpenSea.

A 5% royalty will be added to the project, this will be split between the DAO & Distillery, 2.5% each.

11. Nouns Whisky & Nounshine investment pros:

  • First and fore-mostly this would be the first international DAO funded project in Cape Town.

  • Allows for a 3-year roadmap to proliferate Nouns in South Africa.

  • The initial setup cost is high but can be recouped over time.

  • Receives a 2.5% Nft Royalty on secondary sales.

13. Roles & Experience: Andre & Pierre

Andre Pienaar:

  • Proposal

  • Master Distiller

  • Facility Management

  • Project Management

  • Content Creation

  • Merchandise Production

  • Nouns Events

Pierre Coetzee:

  • Proposal

  • Project Management

  • Design Management

  • Nft Management

  • Blockchain Payments Management

  • Nouns Events

Andre Pienaar:

I can confidently say that whisky was always part of the plan, and one of the cornerstone reasons I wanted to start the Pienaar & Son distillery. With the foundation of my fathers’ knowledge of building beautifully sophisticated distillation equipment, and my biochemistry and chemistry degree, I knew we would have a significant advantage in the understanding and manipulation of the fermentation and distillation processes required to produce a world class whisky. There is a lot more at play than making some moonshine and chucking it in a barrel.

Pierre Coetzee:

Over a span of 15 years spent in Cape Town & South Africa, active in the skateboarding, music & art scenes: I’ve been fortunate to pioneer and explore these movements through small investments into skateboarders, musicians & artists. I’ve been able to work with the majority of the alcohol & lifestyle brands with sponsorship procurement and speciality brand activations & development. Over the past 20 months I’ve navigated the crypto art industry as a creator & collector, following Punk 4156, his journey, the sale of his Crypto Punk and the inception of the Nouns DAO initiative / collective. We’re in a new era of a cultural revolution supported by cryptocurrencies & DAO’s, this is why I’m approaching Nouns DAO to work with Andre and his local Cape Town business as an anchoring point whereby we can start the proliferation of Nouns in South Africa. This is our first sustainable proposal to the DAO and once proven successful, there will be more opportunities to further introduce Nouns to the melting pot of South African and global cultures that reside here. We live in a beautiful country and need to innovate by using the blockchain as a vehicle to help small businesses to thrive and prosper. Nouns Whisky & Nounshine will be the foundation of our collective journey.

Brands I’ve collaborated with: Honda Music Stage, Vans, Converse, Puma, Levi’s, Ray-Ban, Red-Bull, Jagermeister, Jose Cuervo, Olmeca, Smirnoff, Jameson Whisky, Three Ships Whisky.

Artists I’ve worked with in Cape Town as a venue & events manager: Diplo, Steve Aoki, Foals, Public Enemy, DJ Premier, DJ Krush & Seth Troxler.

14. Future Nouns opportunities in South Africa

  • Entering the Nouns Whisky into awards competitions.

  • Joining the Cape Town Whisky Festival.

  • Music Event or Festival sponsored by NounsDAO in Cape Town.

  • Nouns merchandise / clothing store in the V&A Waterfront.

  • Supporting blockchain and Nft education in South Africa.

  • Supporting Non-Profits in South Africa.

  • Supporting athletes, artists & musicians in South Africa.

  • Aim to exhibit at Blockchain Africa in 2024 in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

15. An Introduction To Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain - Watch Here

Invest In Cape Town - Watch Here

Never ending Tourist Video 1 - Watch Here

Never ending Tourist Video 2 - Watch Here

Rocking The Daisies Festival - Watch Here

Endless Daze Festival - Watch Here

Shelflife Footwear Store - Watch Here