Proposal: Madhappy for Nouns DAO

Madhappy for Nouns DAO

Who is behind this proposal?

Hi everyone! I’m Peiman and I’m one of the co-founders of Madhappy. Thank you to jacob.eth and blequity for the help in putting this proposal together :slight_smile:

Madhappy is a lifestyle brand on a mission to make the world a more optimistic place. Built to bridge the gap between impact and culture, Madhappy creates timeless products, content and experiences that spark positivity and drive conversation around mental health.

What types of things have we done?

Partnerships with the best brands in the world (Lakers, Pixar)

Madhappy for The Los Angeles Lakers

Madhappy for Pixar Animation Studios

Large scale mental health campaigns across the country

What do we want to do?

We propose partnering with Nouns to raise awareness and funding for mental health.

Madhappy is opening a temporary shop at The Grove (June 2022 - July 2022) centered around optimism and mental health. As a part of this launch - we are wrapping the famous Grove Trolley for the entire month of June.

This proposal is for NounsDAO to put 150 ETH towards:

  • The inclusion of the Nouns glasses on The Grove Trolley for all of June 2022
    • The Grove is the second most visited place in California after Disneyland
  • A donation of 50 ETH to The Madhappy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) supporting mental health causes

Why do this?

We want to bring together two powerful brands and tell a collaborative mental health story in a bold and unexpected way. An experiment on bringing Nouns more into the physical world with the ability for the meme to spread even faster across social media and press outlets.

What does NounsDao get out of it?!

  • Display the Nouns glasses at the 2nd most visited place in California behind Disneyland resulting in hundreds of millions of impressions across the month.

  • Create positive brand awareness for NounsDAO by using the glasses as branding for a good cause in supporting mental health awareness. Create a Nouns branded tangible toolkit for taking better care of your mental health.

  • Special access to Madhappy drops

  • Special access to Madhappy Temporary Shop at The Grove (June 2022 - July 2022)

  • Madhappy to design 3 custom Nouns traits

  • Madhappy to create Nouns branded mental health toolkit on web3

Who is behind this proposal?


  • Nouns DAO to make contribution of 150 ETH by May 15th, 2022
  • Madhappy to execute Trolley Wrap by June 3rd, 2022
  • Madhappy to design 3 custom Noun traits and Nouns branded toolkit by June 3rd, 2022
  • Madhappy to open Temporary Shop on June 11th with special access for Noun holders
  • Madhappy to give token-gated early access for all Noun holders to future releases by July 1st, 2022

Relevant Links:


This is fun! Could we give away Noun Frames to kids under 12 at the store? What other cools ways could we blow this out?

Will you be selling the toolkit?

Could you please expand on what you mean by “design 3 custom Nouns traits”?

Are there/Could there be a Nouns clothing item for sale in the shop?

Thanks for this! Exciting!

Seems like a fairly decent collaboration and supporting a noble cause. The more nounish style gets worked on my established brands and culture, the better nouns look on the whole. Also, maybe this is our route to getting a noun x pixar collab :slight_smile:

hey josh! we can do a bunch of give away stuff at the store: stickers, frames, hats, etc! whatever the community wants to have in people’s hands!

The toolkits we post ( are free and accessible to all (both in digital and physical form) and come with orders + are available in stores.

On noun traits - we noticed submissions for new traits - we would love to design a few mental health focused traits for approval in that round!

Apparel is possible - though we wouldn’t want to rush produce anything - which is why starting with accessories could be better for the first project!

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thanks so much brennen!!!

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hi peiman, agree this feels like it could be a nice integration of public good & some nouns mkting ; thanks very much for sharing. personally might prefer if the contribution was larger than the ad spend but admit i’m curious what the wrapper might look like … what is cost of the trolley adspace specifically, not including design fee or work on mental health toolkit?

thx again

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hey peiman! thanks for the proposal

in regards to the wrap, how prominent would the nouns branding/glasses be across? will there be any other brands/logos on the trolley besides nouns and madhappy?

are you partnering with any others brands/companies for this grove pop up/activation?

you mentioned potentially doing nounish giveaways in the store, would we be able to incorporate nouns into the design of the pop up location as well (physical pairs of glasses on display, “⌐◨-◨” art on the wall, ect)

can you elaborate on special access to drops/temp shop?
-is this free product for noun owners? the ability to purchase pop-up products?
-will the the grove pop up products be available online to the general public?

regarding the new nouns traits, would love to have you submit art but I don’t think it would be a matter of ‘approval’ - we haven’t finalized logistics yet but we are building up a library of community submissions and we will be determining how to identify the most nounish art that should be incorporated into the project

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Hi Oni!

Thanks for the questions! We would place the glasses throughout our design - which is a spin off the current classic trolley design. For the wrap portion - there are no other brands.

On the in store element - we are open to having the glasses on display if they are available!

On special access - in two ways - early (before the store officially opens) and invite to opening event. The products in the store are exclusive to that store only.

Sounds great on traits! Happy to submit and see what happens!

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hey anounymous - trolley space is about 75eth. Happy to bump up the donation piece as well - it’s our first proposal so wanted to start somewhere reasonable :slight_smile:

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Hey Peiman,

Love your brand’s vibe!
I was curious if you would consider designing a capsule collection inspired by nouns or something of that sorts? I feel like Madhappy X NOUNS could be really hot.


Thanks for putting this together @peiman.eth, Madhappy is fantastic and I appreciate the work you folks are doing towards supporting mental health. For me, I wouldn’t be able to vote for this with my Nouns as it’s very hard for me to see the fit of 1 month of advertising on a cool but niche trolley in LA as being a great use of dollars for NounsDAO. That’s enough money in total that it could be seed funding for a lean startup. It’s very niche general awareness marketing and very short term. There has to be something more substantial and focused for it to make sense. What I would love to see would be a proposal that incorporates Madhappy’s core itself. Let’s make something that will continue to exist, that is iconic and resonates, and won’t fade into the ether after July 31st.

Also, I am wary of stapling charitable donations to Proposals. I am extremely pro-giving money to charity and am a demonstrably strong advocate for public goods funding both, but we have hundreds of members in our DAO, all of whom are self-selected to be pro-social, and that creates an environment where we could do nothing but just give our ETH to good causes, but we’d be poor stewards for NounsDAO and what we’re trying to build. Also it’s tax inefficient for us as a DAO to give vs individuals electing to, many Noun owners own nouns in part because they have a track record of making focused and efficient – even if very risk-seeking – decisions, we should bring the same approach and standards to the DAO.



Beautiful prop! Seeing you’re a professional in apparel I think we could make a beautiful collab for an ongoing proposal I made👀.

Ah, thanks for the thoughtful comment here @noun12 as always. I think the reason I disagree with the charity donation portion of your view here is that I think there’s a difference between members of the DAO individually donating ETH and the DAO donating ETH directly (even if it’s the same amount).

The DAO taking an action creates a track record of what the DAO cares about and is willing to support, which indirectly creates meaning and branding for the NFT collection itself. If we do not make donations or fund public goods with our treasury directly, the fact that we care about such things (and would have done so) is a claim with no proof. It can also be economically rational to donate through the DAO as well (despite the tax inefficiency angle) since here there’s a way to accrue some value back through the NFT which is not possible in a traditional donation case. It’s how I think the make money while donating / funding public goods model might be possible and scalable for Nouns in a way it’s not possible before without NFTs.

I also think this feels more genuine and authentic than what stapling on a donation to a random non-profit would feel like given that the receiving foundation is one they run themselves. If I’m understanding their business correctly, their business and non-profit work go hand in hand.


This is Huge! Love seeing an established brand like Mad Happy experimenting with a Nouns collab. Can’t wait to see the final product.

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would love to see what you all are working on for this prop

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A Madhappy x Noun time capsule would definitely kill it.
We could then explore having X% of sales going into supporting mental health?

they have yet to show any proof of life on this prop or am I missing something?