Proposal: Madhappy for NounsDAO (updated 5/6/22 to include apparel partnership, remove charity contribution)

Madhappy for Nouns DAO

** Resharing this proposal with the removal of the charity contribution + the addition of an apparel collection in Q4 2022. **

Who is behind this proposal?

Hi everyone! I’m Peiman and I’m one of the co-founders of Madhappy. Thank you to jacob.eth and blequity for the help in putting this proposal together :slight_smile:

Madhappy is a lifestyle brand on a mission to make the world a more optimistic place. Built to bridge the gap between impact and culture, Madhappy creates timeless products, content and experiences that spark positivity and drive conversation around mental health.

What types of things have we done?

Partnerships with the best brands in the world (Lakers, Pixar)

Madhappy for The Los Angeles Lakers

Madhappy for Pixar Animation Studios

Large scale mental health campaigns across the country

What do we want to do?

We propose partnering with Nouns to raise awareness for mental health.

Madhappy is opening a temporary shop at The Grove (June 2022 - July 2022) centered around optimism and mental health. As a part of this launch - we are wrapping the famous Grove Trolley for the entire month of June.

This proposal is for NounsDAO to put 150 ETH towards:

  • The inclusion of the Nouns glasses on The Grove Trolley for all of June 2022
    • The Grove is the second most visited place in California after Disneyland
  • A Nouns apparel partnership in Q4 of 2022 across a few core styles (with input from the DAO)

Why do this?

We want to bring together two powerful brands and tell a collaborative mental health story in a bold and unexpected way. An experiment on bringing Nouns more into the physical world with the ability for the meme to spread even faster across social media and press outlets.

What does NounsDao get out of it?!

  • Display the Nouns glasses at the 2nd most visited place in California behind Disneyland resulting in hundreds of millions of impressions across the month.
  • Create positive brand awareness for NounsDAO by using the glasses as branding for a good cause in supporting mental health awareness. Create a Nouns branded tangible toolkit for taking better care of your mental health.
  • Special access to Madhappy drops
  • Special access to Madhappy Temporary Shop at The Grove (June 2022 - July 2022)
  • Madhappy to design 3 custom Nouns traits
  • Madhappy to create Nouns branded mental health toolkit on web3
  • A partnership with an established apparel brand on Nouns product to release in Q4 2022

Who is behind this proposal?


  • Nouns DAO to make contribution of 150 ETH by May 15th, 2022
  • Madhappy to execute Trolley Wrap by June 3rd, 2022
  • Madhappy to design 3 custom Noun traits and Nouns branded toolkit by June 3rd, 2022
  • Madhappy to open Temporary Shop on June 11th with special access for Noun holders
  • Madhappy to give token-gated early access for all Noun holders to future releases by July 1st, 2022
  • Madhappy to design and produce select apparel skus for Nouns product to release in Q4 2022

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I like this proposal less, lol.

I disagree that charitable contributions are inefficient for the dao - to the contrary I think they are a critically important part of our culture and ultimate value proposition to Ethereum and the world.

I feel the same way. It doesn’t mean that every prop should tack on a donation component but since it is in line with mad happy’s way of business and aligns with nounish values I would support the original donation.