Proposal:Liberate yourself with products introducing the commercialization of the "Noggle Changer"!⌐◨-◨

Liberate yourself with products introducing the commercialization of the “Noggle Changer”!⌐◨-◨


This project aims to commercialize the prototype as a “Noggle Changer” and promote self-liberation and self-affirmation through ⌐◨-◨ items. By expanding awareness through market deployment, we envision simultaneously pursuing social value and revenue. We kindly request your support towards the release from December 2023 to January 2024.

1.Project Background and My Experience

We can become anything.

As a parent of a child with ADHD, ASD, and intellectual disabilities, I found it challenging to fit into society’s idea of “normal.” The pandemic further intensified my isolation and unease while confined to my home.
During this period, I discovered the value of embracing my vulnerabilities and realizing the opportunities to embrace communication forms. It was during this time that I stumbled upon the pNouns community.
Now, six months later, I have regained my self-assurance by engaging with members of the Japanese Nouns community. Connecting with the Web3 world has not boosted my self-esteem. It also made my days more fulfilling.
This profound sense of liberation has inspired me to spread a message of empowerment; “We have the potential to become anything we desire!” With ⌐◨-◨ as my tool for communicating, I hope to reach individuals with this positive outlook.

Japan’s “Low Self-esteem”: Current Status and Challenges

The philosophy and principles of Nouns have yet to be widely recognized in Japan. Additionally, many individuals in Japan need help to grasp the significance of boosting their self-esteem. I’ve realized that the prevailing situation, where many people do not recognize “the importance of enhancing self-esteem,” constitutes a social problem in Japan.
Please look at the Cabinet Office Survey for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 for your reference.
In Japan, the percentage of individuals who are “content with themselves” hovers around 40%, starkly contrasting with the 80% range observed in Western countries. Similarly, the percentage of those who acknowledge having personal strengths stands at approximately 60% in Japan, while it’s around 90% in Western countries. Isn’t this an astonishing outcome? I sense that Japan lacks the “opportunities” and “means” necessary to foster self-liberation and self-affirmation. Moreover, I believe it’s crucial to “devise methods for capturing people’s attention” towards these matters.

My Journey of Self-Liberation through ⌐◨-◨ Items.

My organization, pNouns, introduced Proposal 228: “Noggles Jack Tokyo,” which garnered support from Nouns DAO. We sincerely appreciate your backing and encouragement.

My role encompassed overseeing the prototyping and development of the product.
The event showcased that Noggle’s distinctive design resonates with individuals unfamiliar with Nouns, effectively capturing their interest. Like the “transformation items” seen in Sailor Moon or Super Sentai (Japanese military unit), Noggle holds a profound significance for individuals like myself who struggle with low self-esteem. It functions as a tool that can seamlessly metamorphose into whatever one desires. I witnessed the event’s demonstration of Noggle’s capacity to invoke positive, self-liberating influence.
Positioned as an instrument for capturing attention ingeniously, Nouns ⌐◨-◨ was impeccably fitting! I am convinced that Noggle possesses the potential to enhance self-esteem. This notion has evolved into my guiding vision** and a powerful impetus driving my endeavor to establish Noggle as a sustainable business.

I aim to rebrand the prototype I’ve created as the “Noggle Changer” and transform it into a sustainable project that simultaneously pursues social value and revenue.

Customer Experience Value

With a branding that exudes sophistication and the design elements of ⌐◨-◨, we aim to captivate the mainstream audience unfamiliar with crypto. Through the “Noggle Changer,” customers can revel in the joy of self-expression and attain the experience of self-liberation.
The message of “We can become anything!” serves to affirm individual diversity and aid in bolstering self-esteem. Enhancing “self-liberation and self-affirmation” is also crucial in building the society of inclusivity that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) strive for.
Hence, I firmly believe that the market expansion of the “Noggle Changer” can yield a positive impact on society.

2.Business Model and Profitability


We aim to launch the product between December 2023 and January 2024.

Phase1: Commercialization of "Noggle Changer
phase2: Balance social value and profitability
Phase3: Project expansion and sustainable growth

Investment of Sales Profits

  • A portion of the profits will be returned to the Nouns community in Japan to fund the project’s activities.
  • Working capital to ensure the sustainability of the project
  • Development of limited editions, additional production costs, pop-up shop, and event expenses

3. Project Budget

Total Expenses 53ETH

Fund Management

We are in the process of establishing a Japanese legal entity to efficiently manage the funds and ensure the responsible execution of the project. These funds will be strategically allocated across various aspects, including product development, sales channel expansion, project management, and the comprehensive marketing of the “Noggle Changer.”

Overview of “Noggle Changer”

▼ Logo Concept

▼ Product Description

Components: Outer box, hard case, cloth, main body
Material: Cellulose acetate
Colors: Initial offering in 4 colors(Red, Gray, Yellow, Green)
Size: Unisex
Retail Price: 0.08 ETH (excluding shipping expenses)
Production Quantity: 1,000 units (200 units reserved for management, etc.)

4.Initial Production Quantity Breakdown

Breakdown of Initial Production Quantity


Reason for Initial Production Quantity

We will explain why the project set the initial production quantity of Noggles at 1000 units, outlining the background and objectives.

Balancing Minimum Batch Size and Market Expectations

To maintain manufacturing efficiency and streamline raw material procurement, there’s a constraint that the minimum batch size for production is 500 units. However, we sense broader market expectations. To fully harness the project’s potential, we expanded the quantity to 1000 units.

Pursuit of Prudent Operation

This project is in its foundational phase, and we aspire to foster its growth through prudent operation. The initial production quantity aims to facilitate the stable expansion of the project.

Maintaining Cost Efficiency and Quality

Excessive production volume leads to increased costs in management and logistics. Our choice strikes a balance between appropriate cost management and considerations for both quality and efficiency.

Multi-Faceted Sales Strategy

We are not limiting our efforts to online stores; we are venturing into pop-up stores in commercial establishments and other avenues. This approach increases opportunities for individuals unfamiliar with crypto to experience Noggles. Expanding these opportunities enables us to reach a wider audience and share the wonders of Noggles.

Contribution to Japan’s Nouns Community

We have allocated 90 units for operational holdings, serving public relations activities, and troubleshooting. Additionally, through donations to pNouns DAO and Nouns DAO JAPAN, we aim to stimulate Japan’s Nouns community.

5.Unique Strengths

Support from Japan’s Nouns Community

The Japanese Nouns community, including entities like pNouns, Nouns DAO JAPAN, and NOUNS BASE, comprises individuals who share the philosophy of Nouns and stand as powerful partners in supporting the project’s success. We will collaborate with the community throughout the project duration and employ social media to share project updates. Together with Japan’s Nouns community, we are committed to establishing a sustained relationship with Nouns.

Product Differentiation - “Dedication to Refined Design and Craftsmanship”

In collaboration with KISSO Corporation. (, we have meticulously crafted a prototype by faithfully reproducing the dimensions of Nouns’ ⌐◨-◨. Using sustainable material, cellulose acetate, we aim to balance quality with environmental considerations. The design highlights a commanding presence with a front design and two-tone color lenses, complemented by slightly thicker temples. Careful attention has been given to features such as arms and nose pads to ensure comfort even during extended wear.
The color palette was selected based on feedback from the prototype, ensuring broad appeal, even to those unfamiliar with crypto. Pricing has been set to enhance purchasing interest, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Branding Image

:arrow_forward: Luxury.

The utilization of the sustainable material “cellulose acetate” imparts an aura of luxury, owing to its exceptional transparency and vibrant colors. Moreover, the amalgamation of sophisticated materials, hues, design, craftsmanship, and an affirmative message fosters an appealing impression and cultivates user confidence.

:arrow_forward: Unisex.

Our focus has been on creating designs that transcend gender and enable diverse individuals to embody their distinctiveness.

:arrow_forward: Empowering Message.

“We can become anything!”
The “Noggle Changer” fosters an environment where individuals are empowered to express themselves and embrace their uniqueness.
We intend to introduce the product as a wearable entity that liberates individuals in terms of their diversity and self-perception.

Co-branding with Creators

The product packaging will feature artwork by @KURAN, the creator of the NFT Collection “NOUNS BASE”,thereby augmenting the allure and worth of the product. We intend to bolster the co-branding collaboration with Mr. KURAN’s “NOUNS BASE” by emphasizing customer satisfaction, stringent quality control, and various appealing promotional items.

Introduction to KURAN’s Artwork(

”NOUNS BASE” holder Utility(Original Nouns)


[Project Leader] kurage

[Product Supervision] KISSO Corporation (
Supervision of overall quality and specifications of product manufacturing.

[Creator] KURAN
Provide and supervise design of packaging and sub-goods for initial sales

[Project supporter] PR and operational support

6.Phase1 Sales Schedule and Strategy

Sales Schedule

Launch Period: December 2023 - January 2024

Sales Target

Goal: 800 units sold.
Online Store Sales Target: 500 units.
Upon achieving this target, Phase 2 planning will commence.

Sales Strategy

1)Online Store

We will establish an upscale online platform to retail the “Noggle Changer.”
Additionally, we’ll develop complementary merchandise featuring project-related art and design, creating a commemorative product collection that amplifies the “Noggle Changer” release celebration. This event will not only be an engaging experience for enthusiasts but will also contribute to enhancing brand value.
Our initial milestone is to successfully sell out the first 500 units during a special pre-sale event.

Special Pre-Sale

The project will initiate a special pre-sale exclusively for “pNouns NFT holders.”
This segment will benefit from exclusive discounts, reflecting our commitment to community appreciation while attracting more NFT holders.
Geared towards approximately 600 wallet holders, a cap on the number of units sold will induce a sense of scarcity. The primary objective is to sell out the initial special sales phase, targeting 500 units. The sales performance in this phase will dictate the feasibility of Phase 2 execution.

General Sales

Following the preliminary special sales, the product will be introduced to the general public through the online store.
We will facilitate payments through both cryptocurrency and traditional methods, aiming to construct a user-friendly payment structure that reduces purchase barriers.

2)Pop-up Stores

Strategically positioned pop-up stores will be set up, catering to fashion and art enthusiasts.
We are contemplating expansion into prominent locations such as Ginza and other commercial complexes, utilizing real-world interactions to proliferate the allure of the “Noggle Changer.” While the focal point remains the “Noggle Changer,” a range of sub-products will also be available.
Our objective is to resonate with trend-savvy individuals who value opulent experiences, utilizing an elegant and sumptuous layout.

Through the outlined sales strategy, our intention is to cultivate robust relationships with NFT holders and effectively engage an audience sensitive to trends, paving the way for the progression to Phase 2.

7.Vision of the “Noggle Changer”

I am dedicated to developing the “Noggle Changer” as a sustainable project, considering multiple perspectives to realize a vision harmonizing social value and profitability. The rationale behind this is that fostering “self-liberation and self-affirmation” is imperative in constructing a society that embraces the goal of leaving no one behind, as the SDGs advocate.

Should this proposal gain approval, the funds acquired will be utilized for the commercialization and marketing of the “Noggle Changer.” Subsequently, the generated profits will be invested in producing limited editions of the Noggle Changer and additional production runs.

Pursuing this vision is not solely to introduce more individuals to Nouns but also to elevate the overall value of the Nouns brand.

Goals for Phase 2

Proceeds from the Noggle Changer’s sales will be channeled into developing and marketing a limited-edition version of the Noggle Changer in what we term “Phase 2 of the Noggle Changer.”

The focal theme of this limited edition will be “WARM BLUE for Neurodiversity.”
This theme encapsulates the expanding scientific concept of Neurodiversity and underscores the importance of respecting individuals’ diverse brain characteristics and cognitive styles.
Scheduled for release as a new color variant of the “Noggle Changer,” the limited edition aims to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day in April. Our aspirations extend to organizing WARM BLUE events in collaboration with corporations and local administrations.
Our Phase 2 objective revolves around contributing to society by earmarking a portion of the limited edition’s proceeds for Neurodiversity awareness initiatives and support networks aiding those impacted by autism.

Sustainable Growth

We will seamlessly merge social value with revenue generation by selling limited edition colors and strategic partnerships with local governments and corporations.

Exclusive Experience

Acquiring a limited-edition variant sets itself apart from the general market offerings, underscoring the distinctive experience of championing “social good.”

8.⌐◨-◨ Reputation Amplified through Social Media!

Within our promotional endeavors, we prioritize fostering user engagement by disseminating messages that inspire self-expression and underscore the significance of embracing individuality. Our approach radiates positivity, aiming to nurture confidence and elicit smiles while crafting an enjoyable and optimistic impression.

We are thrilled to highlight that individuals we’ve engaged with have proudly showcased our prototypes on various social networking platforms, further amplifying the reputation of ⌐◨-◨.

Both esteemed artists, Mr. Tagawa(@Marcot_no1, and Mr. Fukazawa(@StreamDeep, graciously adorned our prototypes during the “Pray for Peace Collection”, a poignant peace festival commemorating Okinawa Memorial Day, held on June 27th. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for their participation and support.

@bonno_358 proudly showcased and introduced the prototype Noggle as part of Nouns DAO JAPAN’s “Nationwide Baton Relay” initiative. For this engaging project, we contributed the prototype Noggle, which was incorporated into a LEGO baton, connecting members from across Japan and offering them an enjoyable Noggle experience.

@rippi37 wearing the Noggle prototype takes a commemorative photo alongside a shrine! “I want to introduce it to Nouns enthusiasts.” “I think they’ll be amazed by the high quality.” We received these delightful comments!

Our commitment to fostering connections with diverse Nouns communities remains steadfast as we actively leverage social media platforms to enhance our visibility and engagement.

Final Reflections

“Noggle Changer is a project that has sprung from my journey of self-liberation.” With “Noggle Changer,” I aim to offer avenues for enhancing self-affirmation.

I aspire to establish a sustainable society where everyone can harness their unique strengths and capabilities. This aspiration aligns with the pivotal objective of creating an all-inclusive society, as envisioned by the SDGs.

By collaborating, I am confident that we can accomplish remarkable feats!
Thank you for taking the time to look over this proposal until its conclusion.

Lastly, I’d like to impart my cherished African proverb:

“If you wish to journey swiftly, venture alone. However, if your destination is far-reaching, embark together.”

Proposed by: kurage(くらげ)


How did the name “Noggle Changer” come about?
I got the idea from the name of my son’s favorite transforming item from the Super Sentai series (Power Rangers series).
I can’t wait to put on “Noggle Changer” while shouting "Red Changer”! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for pre-proposal feedback.

We sincerely appreciate some feedback on this proposal.
The points you’ve raised about the proposal’s specifics being lacking have provided us with valuable insights and directions to move towards a better path. We are truly grateful for some inputs.

Regarding the proposed amount, We understand that it could be a significant burden for the Nouns community. This proposal has emerged as a result of discussions within Japan’s sub-DAO “pNouns.” We have reduced the offer amount from the initial proposal within the sub-DAO. We are planning to seek advice from experts to approach customers and handle the marketing strategy.

Taking into consideration the feedback we have received so far, we are committed to making further progress. The prototype Noggle has already received positive reviews. Additionally, @aubtoshiOTG and @cheffo_nft have showcased the excellence of the prototype Noggle through YouTube broadcasts. The international recognition further validates our efforts.

“Noggle Changer” is not just a mere product; it is a tool to respect individual diversity and spread positive messages. Through this project, We are determined to achieve a balance between sustainable growth and social value, sowing the seeds of positive change in society. We firmly believe that “Noggle Changer” can contribute to a positive impact on Japanese society. Furthermore, it aligns with Nouns’ philosophy and will contribute to enhancing Nouns’ visibility, undoubtedly bringing positive outcomes.

We genuinely appreciate opinions on this proposal.
We look forward to continued collaboration and progress.

Best regards,