Proposal: InDAO is working with Central Asian Countries to integrate blockchain technology into everyday life(education,medicine,sports and banking)

Hi, we are inDAO organization working with governments in Central Asian countries to integrate blockchain technology into government sectors.

We understand that your time is valuable. We will list following points for asking a help/grand from DAO

  1. We have been doing research and teaching in schools about blockchain technology, and benefits for the past 2 years

  2. This is our roadmap and organizations that signed up to start testing of blockchain implementation.

  1. We needs funds start the tests/research and implementing technologies.

  2. Hire proper developers to help us build and teach our students to be become developers

  3. Also to create blockchain solutions and dapps for future usecase in Education,Healthcare

The Requested funds are 4-10ETH:

  1. 2-3 ETH will be spend for video productions team to record all the way to make actual proof material timeline 3 month
  2. 5-7 ETH will be spend on developer that will teach students and help building dapps; timeline 3-6 month
  3. 1-2 ETH on various operation expenses