Proposal: make the largest Eth donation to the Ukraine so far

I am sure everyone here is concerned about the war happening in the Ukraine.

The Ukraine is famously accepting Eth donations to fund their defence.

Meanwhile this also coincides with a lot of sceptics arguing for stricter regulations of crypto currencies, fearing they will used by Russia to circumvent sanctions.

This is an enormous opportunity for Nouns to:

  1. safe lives
  2. shift the public perception of the crypto community at large
  3. position the Nouns brand as a model crypto community within the mainstream perception

The biggest donation made so far has been close to 99.5 Eth

I propose to donate 111 Eth from the Nouns treasury to the official address of the Ukraine government: 0x165cd37b4c644c2921454429e7f9358d18a45e14


Fuck war.
Would love to see this.

:peace_symbol: :heart:

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i think this is a good cause, but would like to have a bit of a discussion about the best uses of funds. i’ll have more info later, but here is the list i’ve currently compiled:

UkraineDAO - similar community benefit to giving directly to govt. more direct control that it goes to charity. i think we need to wait a bit to make sure they’ve properly digested the $5m+ they’ve already received and are clear where the funds are going. Great community thus far.

UNICEF (they will accept an eth donation from us). tbd if they will promote our donation as well as UkraineDAO, but i personally have higher confidence that this will provide more direct leverage to the innocent children suffering. UNICEF in Ukraine (see attached PDF for more detail)
Operating in Ukraine for 25 years
7.5 million children, and their families affected

Appealing for $66.4 Million to support:

Transporting safe water to conflict-affected areas;
Pre-positioning emergency health, hygiene, and education aid as close as possible to conflict-affected communities;
Working with municipalities to ensure immediate help for children and families in need of support.
Donors get access to Situation Reports, and invitations to any briefing calls organized by the Country Office (tbc).

Chose Love - personally recommended to my by a trusted board member on several Refugee and Human rights organizations. They don’t accept crypto, but i have a way to make it work if we are interested.

more to follow in second thread

International Medical Corps

Save the Children not personally vetted, and not 100% clear that all funds go to Ukraine efforts. but seems worthwhile

more to follow in second thread…


Platform for the Reconstruction of Ukraine

The pictures from Ukraine are terrible and hard to take. The many fates break one’s heart.

There are already many projects that aim to collect donations for Ukraine. And that’s good - don’t get me wrong!

But maybe we can even take a look at the time after this war?!

The destruction of cities, buildings and infrastructure is immense. The challenges are enormous!

At the centre could be the creation of a platform that enables the people of Ukraine to rebuild their homeland out of their own creative power. This would be more than just about rebuilding the destroyed buildings.

It will be like a blank page … nearly everything could happen…

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Love the idea of a growing ⌐◨-◨ 4 :ukraine: reconstruction fund.
The funds could be used for rebuild or renew communication infrastructure, schools, universities etc. and foster ⌐◨-◨ish projects together with people in the Ukraine.