Prop House Submission: Nouns Keeping ATX Clean

Hello everyone! I am new to the Nouns community. I was introduced to the community through @Aubtoshi at SXSW, they are working on a documentary sponsored by NounsDAO and I thought that was amazing and also aligned with many things I’m involved with.

I decided to get into the water and submitted for a small grant via, you can check it out here:

If I do receive this grant, I plan on exploring more ways I can integrate with the Nouns ecosystem. I’m a musician in Web3 and also Co-foudner of YouniDAO and apart of many other communities including Headphone Homies, Campfire, and Hifi Labs. YouniDAO recently received a grant from Lens to do an event at SXSW which was a huge success!

I’m very grateful to be here!

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