On-chain compression tech (for on-chain art, games, texts, etc.)

One of the main barriers for minting pieces fully on-chain is their size, which on the Ethereum blockchain translates directly to money. As we know, in terms of provenance, and future preserving of NFTs, making a purely on-chain NFT is crucial, and it’s no coincidence that nouns are fully on-chain.

While most artists and devs would love to have their pieces fully on-chain, they can’t pay such a big price in eth, nor they should.

That’s why in my innovation incubator, GM420, we have developed an extreme loss-less compression algorithm that allows artists and devs to get much mor complex content on-chain.

A few examples - The first fully on-chain game that is inside an NFT was recently launched by us, in collab with gmoney, and we’ve compressed it from almost 1MB to 20KB - (https://opensea.io/collection/gmoney-brick-breaker)

We also took the pixeled cryptoadz and without a lot of effort we compressed each toad from ~15KBs to ~200Bs. This is huge, and can be done for GIFs, SVGs, text, code, and more.

We started with a simple game for showcasing our ability, but we want to take it to the next level, and we have a number of ideas that will both help grow the nouns brand, and will take the space forward.

  1. We are currently developing a generative Super Mario like game, that will have a random noun on each NFT as the “Super Mario”, and the enemies will be Toadz (also random). We want to make many retro Nouns-themed mini games that will be stored entirely on-chain, as a decentralized arcade.

  2. A compression API for minting platforms - one of the things we want to do most is to allow artists to put their art on-chain for reasonable prices, and thus having 100% provenance of their work. This will be on our standalone noun minting platform, or as an add-on to other minting platforms, but will take the space forward by miles.

  3. We also want to showcase our compression by compressing nouns in a way that will be much smaller than they are now, and also to put Toadz completely on-chain.

Why is it beneficial for nounsDAO?

Well, I always see nouns as a perfect brand for retro gaming and I believe that creating a decentralized arcade on-chain with many noun-themed games would attract a lot of people and will grow the nouns brand.

Also, I believe that nouns should be the engine that takes this space forward and talks about new cutting-edge tech, and that’s a great way to do so.

What do I believe I need?

I want to make it the best on-chain compression tech that will become standard in this industry. Currently, our POCs were done by myself, 2 developer friends, and one artist, but to take it to the next level, I believe we will need 2 more devs, 1 marketing person, 1 game economy expert, and for that we need a budget.

I believe that it can be huge, and entirely change the space, and obviously, nounish branding will be prioritized in everything.

I believe that for compensation, servers, equipment, etc. I’d need a budget of 400 eth for getting a working platform and gaming system that will be noun branded and monetized after 1 year.

Would love your opinions about it before I propose it.



can not wait to see where this goes

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Would your compression method remain proprietary as it is now?

In proprietary you mean not open source?

I prefer to make it as open source as possible, so anyone can use it and build on top of it. That’s the nouns spirit, imo.

Nice - and then I think about focus for the proposal itself, the title refers to the tech but the funding amount looks like it’s allocated for the gaming platform (marketing, game economics) - is there a way to break those allocations down a bit more or perhaps consider two different proposals or something to keep them focused and manageable?

Thanks for the feedback.

I can break it down a bit more, but I think it should be one proposal, as it is part of the same effort, and the development will be in parallel.

This sounds great. The web3 gaming and music communities are growing and would be great to be at the forefront with Nouns.


I totally agree, and the things we can do with the nouns brand on-chain are endless!

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Totally agree. Would love to get to the point where on-chain content storage costs and chain bloat are more or less negligible.

In a follow-up comment, you mentioned that you wanted to make this “as open-source as possible”. Does this actually mean that the underlying compression algorithm is fully open-source OR that it will be closed-source, but exposed for free from an API? I would love to see the underlying compression algorithm built as an open-source public good.

Sounds great. Do you have benchmarks that you could share to showcase how much smaller we can go? Latest Nouns compression is about 110 bytes/trait on average, the bodies being only 7 bytes each and the heads being the largest at 163 bytes.

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Thanks for the feedback, my friend!

I’m talking about the compression algorithm being open-source, so people can build on top of it, upgrade it, etc. In the spirit of web3.

And Yes, I will share benchmarks soon.


You might benefit from providing a bit more detail here, also could you break it down into milestones and deliverables? that is quite a bit of funding for an open source project, also while 1 (arcade) sounds cool, it doesn’t really seem needed to prove the point of the technology and almost sounds like a completely different idea you might want to ask funding separately (it also seems like the majority of the spend will go on that) so I’d consider maybe focusing on deliverables 2/3 as those let you achieve what you want, establish a compression solution that has traction/shows its effectiveness

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Great feedback!

I will surely rewrite some of it.

@gremplin @nounsnnn

Thanks for your great feedback.

I gave it some more thought, and I feel that a lot of the effort is going to be derived from (1), as it is the product we’re building, and we find that once a product is in building, (2) and (3) will come with it.

As a Nouner myself, I believe that my mission in the DAO is to proliferate the brand, while presenting cutting-edge tech that moves the NFT space forward, and I’m sure that building a nouns-themed decentralized on-chain arcade will surely cover (3), and will make great advancements in (2).

After talking to some big retro-gaming brands, I see that there’s a lot of excitement about the possibility of on-chain games, and I believe that this kind of product is going to be very beneficial for nounsDAO.

Now, that’s why I believe that the first proposal should be building the on-chain arcade that will allow us to come up with a number of nouns-themed games, and I suggest here a breakdown of why 500 eth are required as a budget -

Deliverables (and timeframes) -

  1. Super-Mario style Nouns-themed on-chain generative game - this game is planned to launch in August-September 2022, and it encompasses the compression of Nouns and Toadz, and obviously, a lot of improvement for our already existing internal compression API. For the development of the game itself, I’m going to hire 4 more devs besides myself, a gaming economics expert, and a product manager. The cost of monthly salaries of 5 devs, a gaming economics expert and a pm are at a total of about 25 ETH per month, and I’m planning to deliver an eco-system of games in the next year.

  2. An on-chain generative RPG game - same amount of staff, and expecting launch at summer of 2023 - meaning salaries of 25 eth per month for a year.

  3. I want to get Nintendo or Sega, or another big name in retro gaming into this project, so I want to invest a lot in marketing and biz dev, and for that, at least for the start, I want 2 people to handle both as a team - 7 eth monthly salaries total

All in all - I got to ~480 ETH for about 1.5 years running this product, so with a bit of extras I didn’t think of, I’d estimate the investment needed at about 500 eth.

I believe that it is going to make nouns big, because I believe that the art is perfect for retro gaming that still has a huge market around the world.

What do you think? would love some more feedback!

What about doing two milestones of 250e each streamed monthly. It seems like development of the on-chain game for nouns can come before doing a much larger rpg game after. Milestone 1 is deliver the nouns game, milestone 2 is deliver a more robust on-chain game platform? You will still get to 500e but it de-risks the ask to just the 250e for a more nouns focused proposal.

Interesting, and I will change it to 2 milestones broken to 250 and 250.


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