Official LOW-fi Nounish Noggle Request - 500 | FOODNOUNS DAO Prep Kitchen

Official LOW-fi Nounish Noggle Request - 500 | FOODNOUNS DAO Prep Kitchen


FOODNOUNS Prep Kitchen is a group of 8 FOODNOUNers that have come together to micro-fund FOODNOUNish builders. We have begun working with builders to inspire impactful and meaningful projects. In the future, we would like to bolster activations with the Bigshot LOW-fi Nounish Noggles.

WTF? are LOW-fi Nounish Noggles…
LOW-fi Nounish Noggles

This request is for 500 pairs of LOW-fi Nounish Noggles, as part of the larger 10,000 unit cross-platform order request.

FOODNOUNS branding will be added inside the package, including a sticker and branded informational card.


  • CHEFFO requesting 500 pairs of LOW-fi Nounish Noggles, distributed by the Prep Kitchen
  • Prep Cooks will vote on distribution
  • CHEFFO will warehouse and inventory order
  • Inventory will be reported monthly, publicly in the Prep Kitchen discord channel
  • Inventory will be recorded on a Google Sheet and available to be shared with NSFW
  • CHEFFO will handle shipping to builders
  • FOODNOUNS Stickers & Card will be added to package

Prep Kitchen Multi-sig:

  • 0xD6a37E1A9d5017A12d4bd4bA06175E37857EB38C
  • ⅝ signature required to transact
  • Prep Cooks(8): CHEFFO, nonodynamo, artismyweapon, Andrew Laddusaw, cullinarycrypto, reallyyummyfood, tortita, Frank Pepper


  • Noggles - * (see detail below)

  • Shipping to CHEFFO - .33 (Quoted $425, to be sent to Bigshot when ready to ship)

  • Shipping to builders - .25 Eth, held in Prep Kitchen Multi-Sig

  • Stickers & Cards - .1 ETH, held in Prep Kitchen Multi-Sig

** This is a request to be part of the larger Nounish cross-platform order. Logistics and final costs will be handled by Bigshot. The Prep Kitchen will handle all other transactions after the product is delivered to CHEFFO and ready to proliferate to Prep Kitchen builders.*


(ETH transaction to multi-sig will only be requested upon confirmation of production completion and item being ready for delivery from the manufacturer. Amount may need to be minimally adjusted to cover ETH fluctuations at the time of shipping.)

Transaction 1: Prep Kitchen Multi-Sig

  • .68 ETH ($875.00 in today’s ETH)
  • 0xD6a37E1A9d5017A12d4bd4bA06175E37857EB38C

Also interested in getting 250 pairs to have on hand. I put a note in discord as well


For the production, 4 weeks including printing / die-cutting and assembly. This means that finished products can be ready to ship end of November first week of December then shipping.

Please make Klim a purchase order of sorts as he is collecting all that info so he can send NSFW a list and we can get him the funding that he needs for all of this.

With the Rosebowl parade coming up just around the corner he needs them pronto.

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