The Prep Kitchen: A micro-funding laboratory for everything FOODNOUNISH

tl;dr: The Prep Kitchen will function as a funofficial extension of NSFW in order to inspire innovation and launch builders with-in the FOODNOUNS DAO ecosystem. The Prep Kitchen has been created to begin micro funding proposals, while allowing for the FOODNOUNS DAO treasury to continue to accrue into a functional revenue source for on-chain proposals. An 8 person team of chefs, innovators, DAO members and marketers will guide the funding decisions.

Description and Details:

“The Prep Kitchen”

  • This is our micro version of NSFW (Nouns Strategic Funding Works)
    • @NounsGrants
  • Funding ranges of .25 ETH - 1 ETH
    • These range numbers will remain locked thru rounds 1-6, and will require a vote to change.
  • 8 Prep Cooks
    • 4 Kitchen Nouncil Members, 2 FOODNOUNERS, 2 FOODNOUNDERS
  • 5 Yes votes required to pass and fund
    • Tie votes will force further conversation and re-iterations.
  • Our team is a very experienced and talented group of individuals including professional chefs, marketers, gardeners, scientists and social media experts. We are 100% capable of effectively micro-funding right now.

Communication Tools:

  • Discord
    • A unique and separate Discord Category has been added as a funofficial extension to the FOODNOUNS DAO Discord.
      • Channels include:
        • Kitchen (Public channel for idea sharing and onboarding)
        • Admin (Private channel for Prep Cooks to discuss)
        • Method (Public, Read-only information channel)
        • Public Voice (Public conversations and builder chats)
        • Private Voice (Private Prep Cooks Only voice channel)
  • Twitter
    • A new Twitter will be set up to push ideas and builder updates to the larger social media ecosystems.

Multi-Sig Gnosis Safe:

  • 5 signatures required to transact.
    • This mimics the voting requirements to fund and creates a safe system of trust amongst the group.
    • Funding cadence will be slow and transactions will be every other month so this should not present a logistics issue.
  • 8 signatures total.
    • CHEFFO, Art Is My Weapon (FOODNOUNDERS)
    • Nonodynamo, Andrew Laddusaw, Chef Michael Gottlieb, Frank Pepper (Kitchen Nouncil Members)
    • Culinarycrypto.eth , tortita.eth (FOODNOUNS DAO holders)
  • There are currently 5 FOODNOUNS in the Prep Kitchen Multi-sig wallet, giving TPK voting power in eventual on-chain props and Prop.House rounds.
  • Prepkitchen.eth
    • Purchased and in the safe.
    • ENS connected and live, eventually will get ⌐◧-◧’d when multi-sig functions are in place for NNS.

Successful First Test:

  • We have completed one passed vote to fund Psychdre’s 3D art for our FOODNOUNS DAO Twitter banner, and 2 boosted discord banners.
    • .25 ETH (funded from private seed round by CHEFFO)
    • Art work has been delivered and deployed with great feedback.

Proposed Funding Structure:

  • We are proposing stair step funding.
  • This method of funding allows for us to test systems as we grow. This also lets us stay within the funding rounds of NSFW. This type of collaboration between NSFW and The Prep Kitchen will create a system of safeguards and efficiencies. NSFW can use their expertise and funding channels, while The Prep Kitchen can use its specific industry experience to choose the correct projects for the final stage micro-funding.
  • Once the top level of funding is reached at 10 ETH it can be refilled as needed in a scheduled and coordinated manner.
  • NSFW would be able to cancel funding for this program if it was not working correctly or if other options are ultimately created.
  • Any unallocated funds will remain locked in the multi-sig.
  • Each Round represents a 2 month cycle.
    • Week 1 - Funding allocation from NSFW, Promotional Materials
    • Week 2 - Builder Application Week
    • Week 3 - Prep Cook Voting Week
    • Week 4 - Winners are Funded, Building Week
    • Week 5 - Building Week
    • Week 6 - Building Week
    • Week 7 - Building Week, Initial Check-Ins
    • Week 8 - Builder Presentations, Accomplishments & Opportunities, Prep Kitchen Reporting

Proposed Funding Rounds:

  • Round 1 = 2 ETH
  • Round 2 = 4 ETH
  • Round 3 = 6 ETH
  • Round 4 = 8 ETH
  • Round 5 = 10 ETH
  • Round 6+ = 10 ETH

Funding Ask:

  • Round 1
  • 2 ETH
  • Deposited to Multi-Sig
    • 0xD6a37E1A9d5017A12d4bd4bA06175E37857EB38C

cool! i think it would be interesting to see what Nounish stuff you guys could fund with a little bit of ETH. how about we do 2 ETH to start and you report back once you’ve given it out, and if the stuff is nounish, we’ll send over some more

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Chef 22, Thank you. We have received the grocery money for funding the prep chefs that make their way to The Prep Kitchen. We will make sure that they have some great recipes and methods of production. We also can’t wait till service is over and we can chill,…tell you all the cool FOODNOUNISH deliciousness that was created. Basically, just letting you know The Prep Kitchen is open chef. We have a few menu meetings and then will drop some yummy infographics on the table. Hope the days off are great, we got this…ok service is about to start at 5…ttyl!!!