NounsLATAM at LABITCONF, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello Nouns and friends, NounsLATAM is back to proliferate the next Latam (Latin American) event!

We just finished hosting and delivering our Latin American OTF activation TOUR of three cities @Colombia. It was truly an amazing opportunity to proliferate three cities in Colombia.

Due to the success of the tour, we are once again asking Nouns DAO for help in the next Latam crypto event which is happening in Argentina this very weekend: LABITCONF !


LABITCONF is arguably the biggest Latin crypto event this year. Not only is it a huge gathering of crypto culture, but it is also celebrating its 10th anniversary.

LABITCONF holds a strong cultural place in Latin American crypto culture, and this year, there will be some outstanding guest speakers (120+ international speakers) with conferences, stands, workshops, open mics, NFTs, hackathons, fun zones, games + other activities.


We will once again attend this crypto event and proliferate nouns like only NounsLATAM can!

A new set of merch has been ordered, and we plan to give it away to attendees at the conference. Handing out merch is an amazing way to proliferate Nouns, and our NounsLATAM / NounsDAO merch is out of this world:


3 day event in the Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Merch giveaway


Multi media content.

LED backpack / Noggles (for recognition) +more!


IRL events are awesome, however, NounsLATAM has a strong DIGITAL component as well.

We are going to be creating multi platform Social Media video content, both long and short form.

Budget Breakdown (8.5 - 10.5 ETH)

2 ETH of new merch, which includes:

  • T-shirts (different colors and designs)

  • Stickers (kiss cut) (10 different designs)

  • Pins / Round Buttons 5x5 cm (5 different colors)

  • Alcohol (gel) w/logo

  • Lip balm (2 designs)

  • Chocolates (nounish designs)

  • Candy mini boxes (2 designs)

  • Chocolate mini boxes (5 different colors)

  • Bags with plush legs (5 designs)

  • Pencil holders (3 designs)

  • String bags with legs

  • Clear Tote bags

  • Lunch bags

  • more merchandise

2.5 ETH travel costs, shipping goods, logistic & accommodation

2 ETH multimedia deliverables, which includes:

Illustrations / Photo illustrations (similar to these ones)

Real- time short form videos / Video reels + content everyday of the event (similar to these ones)

Nounish LABITCONF Multiplatform stickers (similar to these ones)

This multimedia will be shared in Twitter, Instagram (Posts+Stories), Giphy, TikTok as well as Snapchat (multiplatform stickers), Facebook (multiplatform stickers), iMessage (multiplatform stickers) & everything in between

2 ETH post production/ post event

High production value long-form video of the entire event (This kind of style but longer)

High quality short form videos / Video reels telling stories (similar to these ones)

*Our compensation in this proposal is not included. If you want to recognize our work you can add 2 ETH (1 eth each: Angieluxd + Psychdre) that would support our work as NounsLATAM: merch coordination+designs; our work as Nouns brand ambassadors walking with a LED backpack during the event onboarding, proliferating and handing out merch, production management + more! We love Nounify Latin America !!!

Eth value as the time of writing: ~1100 USD

Thank you for the opportunity and see you in Argentina !

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Hey psychedre, this looks great again! I know you guys killed it in the last effort and look forward to what you could do with this.

Not sure why you haven’t gotten any interaction yet, but let’s get it going! Maybe just heading into a weekend that is lighter here in Discourse, but let’s get the word out and let you guys go again!



Hey @bradq ! Thank you for the good vibes and thoughtful comments. NounsLATAM is about to kill it in Argentina lets goo !!! :argentina: