Latin American OTG activation TOUR of three cities @Colombia

tl;dr: IRL Noun proliferation tour of three cities in Colombia (Bogota, Medellin & Cartagena) kicking of at crypto event DEVCON Bogota, followed by Speakeasy Takeover at Medellin & first Nounification of a World Heritage Site Pop Up Store in Cartagena.

We are NounsLATAM, a team for Latin American proliferation of the Nouns ecosystem, which splits between strong digital proliferation and IRL event attendance in Latin American countries.

Although our proposal #1256 did not pass, we have continued our goal of introducing the Latin American community to Nouns. Proliferation and onboarding of Latin American creators has been our number one priority!

In the single week since its inception, NounsLATAM has accomplished the following:

  • Daily Twitter Spaces in Spanish

  • 8 Spaces as of time of writing

  • 7.1 hours and 365+ total listeners

  • 8 guests including Latino builders, artists, and creators from 6 different countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, USA)

  • Poster art creation per Spaces.

  • Nouns translation and resource onboarding website in Spanish ( 535) + expansion (additional content created)

  • 10 South American countries’ flags created as traits for

  • Created an entirely NEW noun head specially made for NounsLATAM. “Sol” or ‘Sun’ Nouns head.

  • NounsLATAM noggles Facebook / Instagram stickers pack (First of a series)

  • The Noun Square POAPs: Week of September 12 - 19 (WIP)

  • Started proliferating the MEME. We have gone in a different direction and instead of recycling old ideas, we have created a new way of expanding the Noun meme ecosystem.

  • NounsLATAM Art / Covers.

We have produced ALL of this incredible amount of digital proliferation on zero budget, absolutely for free.

With Phase 1 of our project off to a fierce start, we are now here at the NounsDAO community asking for our first On The Ground activation at Colombia!

Phase II: IRL Guerrilla marketing campaign for LATAM Events

We are asking for a total of 2 ETH per location + 2.5 ETH logistics for a grand total of 8.5 ETH.

This funding will be used to bulk order merch and items for free distribution in a NounsLATAM Colombian Tour, cover venue rental fees, and cover travel logistics.


3 Cities - Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena de Indias

3 Events - DEVCON Bogota, Speakeasy Takeover, Boveda Pop Up Store.

3 Major ways to proliferate Nouns in the amazing country of Colombia!

We are going to use the funds (2 ETH per city) as follows:

  • Merch item purchases and creations to be given away for FREE to targeted public
  • Venue rental fees

We are also excited to work with vendors IN Colombia to create some of the Nounish merchandise. Supporting free trade and local Latino creators is a key part of what we are trying to accomplish
The logistics cost (2.5 ETH) will cover travel, transportation, and lodging for one week.


Bogota - Our applications have been approved and we have secured entry as LatAm Builders at DEVCON Bogota 2022. With the funding, we will be representing Nouns within the Latino community in Spanish at this major 4 day crypto event deep in Latin America (LATAM)

Medellin - We have secured a night for a special Nouns Takeover event at a secret location in a blockchain/crypto speakeasy!

(Photos from the venue)

Cartagena de Indias - Cartagena is this single most popular, tourist filled (leading cruise port in ALL of South America), and cultural city in all of Colombia. Unlike Bogota, Cartagena is a meca of tourism, which opens up an incredible opportunity to proliferate Nouns to a completely untapped demographic.

We have secured an unbelievable, once in a lifetime opportunity to hold a pop up shop inside Las Bovedas (The Vaults) located inside the historic Walled City.

“The 23 bombproof vaults were built between 1789 and 1795” The vaults were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

There are only 23 of these incredible and historic vaults in existence. Today, they are an incredibly popular tourist attraction where Colombian souvenirs are sold.

We are in direct contact with the owner of one of the vaults, and with their permission, we have secured a way to Nounify the vault. ( THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME) We will be the first to Nounify a World Heritage Site and bring NounsDAO to this cultural level of recognition in the world.

(Las Bovedas)

By attending these awesome events during one single tour, we can proliferate Nouns to the Latin American people of Colombia. Noun swag including shirts, pillows, bags, notebooks, pens, stickers, pins, and other items can make their way freely to new corners of the Earth that Nouns have never even thought of visiting. Since all of these items will be given away for free, and gamified to involve Social Media interaction, we can grow not just physically but digitally as well.

Psychdre & Angieluxd
We have spent a significant amount of time IN Colombia. We both have a wonderful love for the country and a rich amount of connections.

Angieluxd has previously lived in Cartagena for over 5 years, and her roots and family connections are deep within the country.

Psychdre was recently a guest speaker at Colombia 4.0, where the Colombian government flew him out exclusively to speak about NFTs. Further, he spoke at The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution & The Chamber of Commerce, both in Bogota, regarding NFTs.

Our ability to execute as a team goes far beyond what is expected. Our background has led us into working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including The Rolling Stones, Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, Bon Appétit. The video editing skills & digital graphics we provide are beyond professional, and a strong video promotional package will accompany the tour of this amazing country.

NounsLATAM has been incredibly inspired by Nouns On The Ground and the groundbreaking job they have been doing with guerilla, IRL proliferation.

With this activation tour, we are looking for an opportunity to advance to Phase II of our NounsLATAM project.

Colombia is an amazing country filled with amazing people excited to dive deep into web3. With Nouns DAO, we have an amazing opportunity to introduce them into the amazing Nouns Ecosystem via NounsLATAM.

Thank you and see you in Colombia !

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Very cool! What dates will you be in each city?

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Hey @BaguHanto !

Kickoff beings during the week of Devcon Bogota, which starts October 11th - 14th
Afterwards, comes the Speakeasy event in Medellin, pending dates of 14 - 15t
Lastly, the World Heritage Site Pop Up Nouns Store in Cartagena with pending dates of 15 - 16.

We need the funding approved in order to lock down dates and venues with the owners !

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Psychdre, great prop! Well written, persuasive, and well supported. I think a good number of people are getting to know you and love your work, so that helps. I don’t think this prop needs anything changed, but if you are looking for feedback to slightly strengthen an already strong prop, 2 small things came to mind as I read…

  1. figure out some rough numbers for the number of people that might attend these events for your potential total reach and how many you think you might realistically interact with and add that to the tl;dr…might move the profliferation opportunity up to the top for people who don’t read the whole thing… powerful & helpful to see up front “proliferate the Nouns to 2000 attenders (or whatever the number is) in Colombian events.”

  2. A comment or two about the Colombian interested in the NFT and web3 and how realistic it is at say the pop-up shop to really interact with people who would understand Nouns beyond “funny glasses.”

Again, not needed. I think the prop is great, but when someone asks for feedback I try to think about how to add a little bit if something comes to mind.

Great work, fren!


Love the detail in this prop (esp the cool graphics!) :fire:

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Hi Bradq,

Thank you for your feedback, we worked really hard to make the prop as solid as possible.

  1. Love what you are bringing to the table. Attendance numbers are certainly tricky, and with a bit of digging, I was able to pull this quote from and admin for Devcon

“While I can’t disclose exact figures per wave, our venue capacity is over 5000, and we’re working to distribute as many tickets as we can through as many different methods as possible!”

Proliferating to 5000 people does have a nig ring to it !

For the reference, Devcon Bogota had 10 Waves of tickets.

2. Colombia is pretty much on fire right now with web3. As I mentioned in the prop, Colombia 4.0 just occurred, and I had the pleasure of been flown down!

Cartagena is without a doubt the single most tourist filled area in ALL of Colombia and the pop up store is located inside the single most popular place WITHING Cartagena, the Walled City. Part of the strategy here will be not just to wait for people to interact with the store, but ON THE GROUND proliferation by having on-screen interviews around the amazing Walled City. This ties in to merch and swag giveaway as well.
I am fully fluent in Spanish so that’s going to be really fun! More than likely, yes, I will be wearing the ‘funny glasses’ LOL

Bradq seriously big thank you for your awesome feedback! Looking to make this vision become a reality !

Thank you so much @RyanKiaWeb3 ! We worked really hard to make the graphics POP !

excited to announce that NSFW will fund this! very excited to see the results

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Hello! Joined the discourse just to post in here.
Mexican American here; my fianceé is Colombian (from Cartagena in particular). Spend a lot of time in CO/MX and we’re in Cartagena currently. Very curious to see how I can participate and/or help!

Saw I just missed tonight’s Spaces, but will tune in next week and say hello.

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I hope to find you guys there, LFG! :partying_face: :heart_on_fire:

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NounsLATAM truly wants to thank you Noun22 and all of the community for the support. Can’t wait to blow you guys away!

Saludos PanchoMiguel,

So excited you are in Cartagena, it is truly an amazing city. Any help is welcomed and we truly appreciate you joining Discourse just to reach out, simply amazing. We are having Spaces for NounsLATAM constantly, so feel free to hope in to chat anytime ! Next one is today at 8 PM EST.

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COLOMBIA TOUR 2022 FOLLOW UP ! :colombia:

Opening notes

● We substituted our second city of Medellin for the city of Barranquilla. This was due to a scheduling conflict.


TL;DR We proliferated three cities in Colombia: Bogota, Barranquilla & Cartagena. IRL events included the DEVCON conference, two stops at cultural monuments, and a World Heritage Site Nounfied and taken over, with merch giveaway to kids in need, parents and public workers.

  1. BOGOTA - We spent four days proliferating Nouns to the hundreds of attendees at DEVCON BOGOTA 2022. We even had the pleasure of running into Nouners, who recognised us! We captured the first ever photo of Noggles & Vitalik, which was very Nounish.

  2. Barranquilla - IRL proliferation of “Monumento Ventana al Mundo" (Window to the World) with a stopover at “Volcan El Totumo”(Volcano Totumo). Nouns becomes the FIRST NFT IN HISTORY to proliferate a volcano.

  3. Cartagena - Nounified and took over a “Boveda” (Vault) in Cartagena. Created TONS of incredibly, new Nounish merch. Gave merch away to kids in need, parents, and public workers within the Walled City! Nouns DAO becomes the FIRST NTF IN HISTORY to proliferate a World Heritage Site.


DEVCON - One of the benefits of not been anonymous, is the ability to be approached and recognized. This is exactly happened at DEVCON 2022! A number of attendees recognized us walking through the conference by spotting our Noggles, jackets, pins, and LED backpack. We introduced a large number of attendees to Nouns DAO through interactions and natural conversations that could only be achieved in a face-to-face environment. We gave away merch, took photos, and made sure everyone knew Nouns DAO was been represented at DEVCON!

Cultural Monuments (Window to the World + Volcano Totumo) - Proliferation at our two locations included merch giveaway, informing people of the DAO, and photos + videos.

Las Bovedas (The Vaults) - We Nounified The Vaults of Cartagena! Once the pop up shop was Nounified, we invited kids in need, parents and public workers to receive free NounsLATAM / Nouns DAO merch. It was truly an amazing and fulfilling experience.

1. MERCH MERCH MERCH - 30+ different types of never before seen, unique, and awesome NounsLATAM / Nouns DAO merch!

We desgined and created:

  • T-shirts (different colors and designs)
  • caps with logos in different colors
  • Colombian hats
  • Mugs (2 designs)
  • Printed banner
  • Stickers (kiss cut) (10 designs)
  • Pins / Round Buttons (7 different colors)
  • Magnets (fridge) (5 designs including Nounders)
  • Lip balm (2 designs)
  • Chocolates (3 designs)
  • Candy mini boxes (3 designs)
  • Chocolate chip mini boxes (5 different designs)
  • Lollipop (5 different designs)
  • Tissue paper
  • Personalized candy packs (3 designs)
  • Alcohol (gel)
  • Pencil cases with colored pencils inside.
  • Fanny packs
  • Regular Pillows
  • Throw Pillows with legs
  • Bags with plush legs
  • Pencil Holders
  • String bags
  • Clear tote bags
  • Lunch bags
  • Medium Purses
  • Small Purses
  • handcrafted pens with noggles
  • Handcrafted Palenqueras with noggles pins
  • Handcrafted Palenqueras magnets
  • Custom Jacket
  • Photo Frame

And more!

Check out our designs, which we spent HOURS creating !


The best part is, that per our proposal, we gave away merch to local kids, parents and workers inside the Walled City of Cartagena. It was truly a heart warming moment, and we can’t wait to do it again! :heart:

2. Instagram post:
12+ post (and counting) directly tied to our Colombia Tour 2022

40+ Instagram Stories about our Colombian Tour 2022

*Worth noting that a number of the IG stories, were stories posted by other people and re-posted by NounsLATAM, showcasing proliferation from OTHER sources!

3. Twitter post:
DOZENS of Tweets and retweets from the NounsLATAM Twitter account.

YouTube videos

  1. NounsLATAM tours and takes over the country of Colombia Pt.01 ⌐◨-◨

  2. NounsLATAM tours a… volcano? Colombia tour Pt.02

  3. NounsLATAM Nounified a World Heritage Site, and then gave the merch away to kids in need !

All Instagram stories and posts can be viewed here
All Twitter Tweets and Retweets can be viewed here
All YouTube videos can be found here

Additional promo videos:

These videos will also make their way to Tik Tok and other Social Media platorforms!

We would like to extended a big thank you to Noun22 + NSFW team + Nounders who believed in this project.!

NounsLATAM will continue proliferating both physically and digitally every day, forever ! :rocket:

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