NounsDAO x LionDAO at LedgerFest

Gm NounsDAO,

This is @remusofmars and @abraham_l_l from Blockchain@Columbia / LionDAO. We will be hosting a conference called LedgerFest next month (9/23) at Convene in Downtown NYC and are requesting sponsorship from NounsDAO.

LedgerFest is Blockchain@Columbia’s industry-leading annual crypto conference held in New York City. It will be an opportunity to educate and inspire students as-well-as the broader community through panels, keynotes, fireside chats, and tutorials from founders, researchers, and investors in the industry.

Topics covered will range from Decentralization/Censorship, ZkP, MEV, DAO Governance, Creator Economies, and more. Some current speakers include Tim Roughgarden, Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin, Sunny Aggarwal, and many more.

We expect 500-700 attendees, comprised of roughly ~70% Columbia students (who range from Crypto newbies to ultra-active participants in the space), ~20% industry & alumni, and ~10% speakers & teams.

We are offering two potential sponsorship options:

  • Bronze Sponsorship ($5K/~3E)
  • Platinum Sponsorship ($30K/~18E)

While with either option the majority of the sponsorship funds will go towards the Venue cost, the level of involvement and branding for Nouns would be quite distinct from other sponsors. As a bronze sponsor, NounsDAO would appear as a sponsor among a variety of highly reputable protocols and crypto companies.

As a gold sponsor, Nouns will be featured in prime locations/times/mediums throughout the event as well as in LionDAO content throughout the school year. At LionDAO, we are passionate about decentralization & creative freedom and would love for this to mark the beginning of a long term relationship between our organizations.


Bronze Sponsorship:

  • Mentions in all pre and post conference communications
  • Virtual exhibit booth
  • Logo, website, and blurb on LedgerFest website
  • Mention in LionDAO social media
  • Logo on LedgerFest homepage
  • Nouns laptop stickers

Platinum Sponsorship:

  • All bronze benefits
  • Prime booth at LedgerFest (will feature selected nouns as well as a live nouns builder)
  • Dedicated time slot for breakout sessions
  • Keynote speech (opening/closing)
  • Long-term partner recognition (constant branding)
  • Nouns laptop stickers
  • Nouns photo booth
  • Feature on newsletter

This proposal represents a unique opportunity for NounsDAO to extend their outreach to the future entrepreneurs, contributors, and visionaries of the crypto landscape. We believe that partnering with an established student organization in BlockchainatCU would serve as an attractive first-step in extending the promotion of the mission of NounsDAO into new and important target demographics.

Full (generic) pitch deck here.

We submit this proposal in the hopes of collecting questions, comments, concerns, and general feedback from the community. Feel free to reach out to us directly as well - especially if you are a strong member of the Nouns community and would be interested in speaking at LedgerFest.