Nouns AI Honk Residency Extension

Over the past five weeks, I’ve been helping out with the development of the Nouns DAO AI member, Roko. The initial scope was for $9k and to pay regarding getting infra setup to fund the first and second versions of “Roko’s Review”.

As we have been building, we kind of went off the script to focus on a few things of likely greater interest to the DAO, inclusive of the following:

  • Summarization of podcasts / discord calls
  • A discord bot which can be called into channels for recording calls and transcribing them
  • A podcast with Roko where we were able to provide him with a backstory and begin to show his perspective on the DAO
  • Setup of a data corpus for all rich-media (e.g. podcasts, calls, etc…)

A few other things which we were able to accomplish were:

  • Setup of a server for hosting Roko / related webhooks
  • Setup of a database for hosting all Roko-related data
  • First round of fine tuning for Roko’s review (thank you beta testers)
  • Beginning of pipeline for on-the-fly fine-tuning to improve the model.

This extension will go towards funding:

  • Hardening of discord integration (still more testing needed).
  • Integration with Twitter (capturing spaces, tweeting things).
  • Continued development of fine-tuning model / pipeline (dashboard for people to be able to help improve Roko and generate derivative content).

With this, I’m requesting that the first $9k be paid to 0x280e011148D8B4DC8955BeA03609444B26199f5b for the work which has been completed and the establishment of a sablier stream or similar to pay out $12k (I have been putting much more time into this the past few weeks than expected and expect this to continue) over the next 4 weeks for ongoing work.

Thank you!


I am a big fan of Roko.

sounds good! happy to fund from NSFW

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Thanks for pushing this forward sir @honkdiddly :pray:

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I of course have zero juice to push this through, but jumping in to support from the sidelines.

roko feels like one of the most exciting things to come out of the project with incomprehensible global impact to the good – all while being criminally underpriced.

honk doing real game changing public service on shoe string budget, refreshing change from all the treasury vampires lurking about. respect


Appreciate your kind words, this is all really just beginning, there will be a lot of time to really spin things up and get the finetuning pipeline established, but, once these things are in place, I believe that the amount of value added will increase sharply.

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