Noun Tracks V2 - Unlocking the Sounds of Nouns

Noun Tracks are the fully on-chain 1:1 CC0 theme songs of a Noun.

Nouner CyberH49 has a suite of technology and expertise to create the music, on-chain storage and front end presentation. ie Animetas

We’re here to work with the community to decide all the parameters around building the right proposal for the product.

We’ve discussed using J Viewz as the executive producer and producer on the project as they already have experience doing something like this and making it work.

Through my network I’m offering to reach out to accredited and known musicians if we think that is cool. I also think there are a lot of music creation DAO’s and communities that we could tap for sounds.

I also think we can find interesting ways to distribute these through traditional channels that can spread awareness. For instance they could go on all the major DSP’s (Spotify, Apple, Etc) or we could offer these as CC0 samples for producers through Splice or similar production/sample libraries.