Non-fungible Aotearoa: documentary about the artist behind Noun Cats


  • An 8 minutes documentary on Dean Harvey, the artist behind Noun Cats extension.
  • The focus of the film is to show how NFTs and Nouns are transforming people’s lives in NZ and in the world.
  • We are aiming at international film/documentary festivals.
  • The goal is to inspire more artists to join Nouns DAO.
  • Budget: 12 ETH


A short documentary (between 8 and 10 minutes) on Dean Harvey, the artist behind Noun Cats extension.


The focus of the documentary is to show how NFTs and Nouns are empowering emerging artists and really transforming people’s lives in NZ and in the world.

We learn about the Dean’s journey from web2 to web3 and hopefully inspire others to join the web3 movement and Nouns DAO.

We plan to release the film at international film festivals and therefore expose their audiences to the Nouniverse.


  • Nouns Dao to sign “Executive Producer” in a documentary aimed at international film festivals.
  • Opening credit “NOUNS DAO presents” at the start of the film.
  • All the raw footage, music and artwork to be added to the Marketing Studio free resource of CC0 assets.


As we researched the web3 space here in New Zealand for an ongoing feature-length documentary, we found a group of very talented artists connected through NFTs and their own DAO. The Wenbreakfast DAO.

So, our next plan is to start a series of spin-offs for a streaming platform. One episode per artist in the Wenbreakfast DAO.

We hope the artists will wish to join Nouns DAO after watching Dean’s film and going through the experience of being the next talent portrayed in our documentary series.


Among other things, he is hosting pixel arts lessons on twitch for the Noun Cats community.

A firm believer in the power of web3, not only he is working full-time on his project with backseats, but he is also building yet another extension, Early Birbs, with his Discord community.

During the live sessions, the PFP traits are created with the audience, in real-time.

Dean is paying it forward by teaching others the art and technique that transformed his life.

Examples of work:

Noun Cats
Noun Cats

Early Birbs

Coffee and a GM

Coffee and a GM | Foundation


  • Pre-production and research
  • Production: 3 days of shooting in Nelson, NZ with a 5 people team
  • Post-production: Editing / Graphics / Grading and online / Audio Mix
  • Original soundtrack


  • 2 months from funding to online/final cut delivered


Leo Clark (, Discord: leoclark.eth ⌐◨-◨#2267)

Neil Stichbury

Jacob Bryant

Ashton Lee (

  • FPV drone pilot

Phil Brough

Rhian Sheehan

Department of Post (

  • One of New Zealand’s best post-production facilities.

Dean Harvey (, Discord: theharveydean | NounCats Artist#7165)

  • Pixel artist @ Noun Cats.

Thank you for reading and we are looking forward to your feedback.

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I think this is really awesome. I am a huge fan of short doc series put out on youtube. I think doing expose on lots of artists getting into the space could be really show that it’s real hard working people and artists, not all scams.

Looking forward to this! Let me know if you need someone to put it on chain :wink:

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Amazing, Brennen.
Can’t thank you enough :pray:

And that is the idea!
Portray hard-working people that the audience can relate to, and hopefully be inspired by.

Let’s get artists into Nouns :muscle:
I will keep you posted :facepunch: