Mucho Love 4 Month Extension


A volunteering community focused on proliferating Nouns combining volunteering campaigns, community service, and social action.

Where did Mucho Love come from?

A little bit over a month ago, the 655 & 656 (Prop House and Prop House) passed to fund “Nounifying Children’s Hearts.” This proposal supported the pilot for starting a volunteering community with the target of evolving into a Decentralized Non-Profit Organization.

What is Mucho Love?

Mucho Love (a lot of love) is a community that seeks to contribute to various causes one event at a time while proliferating Nouns. Mucho Love is born from the desire to help, creating a community that focuses on volunteer campaigns, community service, and social action. We seek to impact various causes by addressing problems that affect our society. Mucho Love aims to cultivate a community in which all members feel part of something bigger than themselves, making them feel nounish.

How does Mucho Love work?

Mucho Love was created by 5 founders, who wear many hats and structured what it is today. We plan to expand the team next year to escalate further and establish specific scopes. Currently, we have over 30 community members eager to volunteer for the causes we are aiding.

Mucho Love currently works on a 9-step system.

  1. Ideation: planning and deciding on activities.
  2. Outreach: contacting the organizations/places, writing letters/petitions, and setting up dates/places.
  3. Chronogram/Requirements: Itinerary, step-by-step program to be performed on events, pre-event checklist, proofreading.
  4. Quotations: quotation of each item or service (3 quotations from different companies per item or service)
  5. Payments and Negotiations: negotiating with businesses, establishing formal relationships, explaining MUCHO LOVE, and paying for services/items.
  6. Pre-Event: revision of the pre-event checklist, volunteer count, and Zoom meetings with volunteers and multimedia team to prepare for the event.
  7. Event Day: role call, transportation to the event, itinerary execution, feedback.
  8. Post Event: post-event multimedia management and feedback from participants.
  9. Documentation: establishing the framework to replicate the current working system by documenting for the continuous improvement of the project, letting us replicate it in other countries

How does this benefit the DAO?

Charity is a recurrent activity/topic within the Nounish ecosystem—that’s why we decided to start a nounish institution that makes sure to proliferate Nouns with the values and vision it represents. Mucho Love aims to become one of the Nounish platforms regarding community service, social work, and volunteering campaigns. Mucho Love’s activities will all be shared through Twitter and Instagram, appealing to the masses and expanding global Noggle adoption.

Mucho Love is starting operations in the Dominican Republic but aims to work internationally. Also, if needed, we want to be able to travel to any part of the world to help set up any team who needs help developing Mucho Love in their respective community. We also want to organize events with community members who have reached out and will reach out with ideas for their local communities.


Our goal is to establish the foundation of Mucho Love as a future Decentralized Non-Profit Organization that will allow us to replicate the model in any part of the world. The structure created will be available for any team that wants to set up Mucho Love in their respective communities. We also want to keep collaborating with established Nounish projects (like BigShotKlim’s pins and Messhup’s books) that can contribute with donations to proliferate Nouns further.

Mucho Love will carry out during the 4-month extension events/donations/activities among the following:

  • Hospital Robert Ried
  • Hospital Hugo Mendoza
  • Red Misericordia (Orphanage)
  • Hogar Escuela Santo Domingo Savio (Orphanage/School)
  • Escuelita Café con Leche (Orphanage/School)

*2 institutions have not given a definitive yes; therefore, they are subject to change.

Pilot results

The pilot successfully helped children feel joy despite going through difficult moments. We also showed what the Noggles are and what they can do. People fell in love with Messhup’s books and BigShotKlim’s Noggle pins. Children that used glasses felt even more identified with the Noggles. I can genuinely say that the pilot was a success; the Noggles were well received, and we helped out 300 children and their parents while proliferating Nouns, love, and optimism.

300 Children received 300 Nounish goodie bags containing:

  • Messhup’s coloring book (300 total)
  • Crayola box (300 total)
  • Diapers (1440 total)
  • Stickers (600 total)
  • BigShotKlim’s Noggle Pins (100 total)

Video recap:


24 ETH to be distributed in the following way:

  • 19 ETH for donations
  • 3 ETH for photo/video crew
  • 1 ETH for t-shirts and hats for volunteers to use during the events
  • 1 ETH for a storage facility

*The team has not received any compensation, nor is it interested in getting compensation until we go on-chain by the end of the year

*If any Nounish Project creator wants to collaborate with their products/ideas feel free to reach out to me.


I’ve followed necfas’s work from inception and can vouch for him and his team. Not only have they already proven themselves through execution but also have displayed a real understanding of what nouns stands for. Looking forward to this and many more!


this is fantastic and the exact type of thing the DAO should encourage

would you need the 19 ETH for donations all at once, or could that be sent over time ad hoc as you do different events? can you give a little more detail on that?

but i’d also be happy to sponsor this to go on chain after a little feedback


Hey 22!

Preferably, 19 ETH all at once since we’re buying everything in bulk, but I understand if you’d instead give it out over time.

Currently, we made quotations for the following:

  • Print Messhup’s coloring books
  • Diapers
  • Puzzles
  • Tshirts, hats, and badge holders
  • Bags
  • Crayolas & Paint
  • Stickers
  • Toys
  • Nounish wrapping paper

These will be, on average, around 17-20% cheaper than buying them in 4 different payments.

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That video you released today is so heartwarming to see. Would definitely love to see this funding extension happen. Thank you for your work.


This is wonderful stuff. Keep it up! It would be amazing to see good happening all over the world because of Nouns.


Appreciate it, thank you sernoadz. I’m glad you liked the video :heart:

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Thank you! This is just the beginning, let’s see where we find ourselves in the future.

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Mucho love for Mucho Love. Let’s keep it going and keep iterating on it.

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Just saw this go on chain! I’m pulling for you.

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100% inspired! @necfas

Will be planning a pilot replicating “Nounifying Children’s Hearts” here in Singapore via @nounsinsg

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Great idea!
Will be happy to support you from Lux!

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