Mucho Love v1.5 - looking for feedback

Mucho Love v1.5


8-month extension of Mucho Love with a global model and a community-focused approach.
This extension will focus on the following:
◨ Expanding “see good, do good” nounish content to all social media platforms across the globe
◨ Implementation of the community-powered model for social impact across communities in 3 continents
◨ Bridging Nouns as one of the biggest web3 brands to a big IRL brand
◨ Establishing ⌐◧-◧ as a mainstream symbol for goodness in the DR (soon the world)
◨ Building a new marketing team focused on generating content for mass awareness
◨ Content creation to develop high-quality videos with Mucho Love’s content and storytelling

What is Mucho Love?

Mucho Love is a social impact platform that follows a “see good, do good” format.
ML uses social impact activations and content creation/distribution to raise awareness of our activations, therefore proliferating ⌐◧-◧ .

It began with a proposal on (Prop House) and then went on-chain. (Nouns DAO).

In the past 6 months, we have:

◨ ML spent the day making nounish donations to a Children’s hospital.


◨ ML aided an orphanage with one year of school supplies and all the utilities for their new soccer team.


◨ ML rebuilt a dog shelter that will house over 100+ dogs anytime. We worked together with RabitoCallejero (a dog shelter in the DR) to give stray dogs a better place to live.


◨ ML will activate a Nounish Christmas for a community in Cotuí (a rural area of the DR) happening by the third week of December.

◨ Collaborated with different Nounish product creators, community members from all over the world, and received feedback from the community itself. The involvement of the Nouns Ecosystem as a whole is one of the most important aspects of Mucho Love.

Why Mucho Love?

Mucho Love is working to become a global social impact platform.

ML is currently working with the “see good, do good” format. This format has helped us create a positive connotation to the noggles and Nouns in people who interact with our content.

ML has become, in the DR, a platform that promotes goodness. The social impact made through ML’s efforts has encouraged goodness and, through social media (Instagram), garnered the attention of many people, companies, and institutions unaware of web3, sparking their curiosity.

Mucho Love, powered by nouns, is not only helping society but has also generated a large amount of attention that has led to more reach, awareness, and proliferation of the noggles. Mucho Love has helped us reach builders. People are excited to form part of the Nouns ecosystem, learn more about what they can do, and build their dreams with Nouns.

We can generate massive awareness by using MUCHO LOVE to create social impact, produce multimedia content, and distribute it through social media. Not only to the noggles and Nouns but also to the cause we are impacting.

What is Mucho Love doing?

1. First, we developed a model, and now we’re going to test it internationally.

This model focuses on incentivizing the formation of communities that can impact their society, bridging web3 communities to IRL impact using the noggles as the element that connects us.

In our community, the ⌐◨-◨ are already becoming a symbol of greatness, kindness, and courage.

The goal of this model is:

  1. Test the replicable framework for social activations
  2. Test a flexible step-by-step process for efficient operations, resource management, and documentation
  3. Test its effectiveness for synchronous global social activations
  4. Test the organizational structure that allows for better, smoother experiences

2. Second, we need to keep experimenting and innovating in the Dominican Republic.

During the last six months, we’ve tried different combinations of activities to see how they harness attention differently. Generating awareness allows different types of people, businesses, institutions, and organizations to contribute, collaborate, and impact these causes.

We have prepared the following activations for the next 8-months in DR:

3. Third, we are activating international efforts to broaden our reach & test the model

Replicating MUCHO LOVE is essential, leading to global expansion (world domination ⌐◨-◨), increasing chances of virality, and therefore proliferation. Aside from giving us feedback on other countries’ different challenges, international efforts will form new communities, leaders, and Nounish hubs worldwide.

Each international lead is responsible for onboarding anyone who reaches out through their already established platforms, social media, and social activations. Mucho Love has developed a scale-level system that will help us measure the international teams depending on their ability to meet specific requirements. These levels and descriptions are based on the different phases Mucho Love has gone through during the past 6 months.

The best part about our new team members is that they are community leads. Most of them have an onboarding mechanism for the new people who want to get involved with Nouns that arrive from seeing/participating/interacting with the social impact.

There’s NounsAmigos (, NounsDach (, NounsAfrica (

All of Mucho Love’s community leads that will be replicating & proliferating form part of the Nouns ecosystem; you might know a few:

◨ Uganda - led by Davin (
◨ Peru - led by Messhup (
◨ Mexico - led by Mono & Ale (
◨ Germany - led by bkraaus (
◨ Spain - led by BlakeNeit (

Activations proposed by international leads (besides the 2 synchronous global activations):

  • A refugee dedicated to preserving the endangered Mexican donkey
  • A local refugee in the heart of Xochimilco dedicated to preserving axolotls.
  • Local dog shelters dedicated to rescuing and taking care of dogs.
  • Activation of a volunteering event that will hand out food to homeless people around the city.
  • A child care center for orphans and abandoned children to donate clothes, nounish educational materials such as books and pencils, toys, and dry stock food hampers.
  • A city clean up activation volunteering event
  • A nounish phonebooth turned into living ecosystems/seed banks

*Mucho Love International

How is Mucho Love going to do it?

Content Creation & Multimedia

Since ML works in a “see good, do good” format, creating a team capable of delivering high-quality content is highly important. Content creation, vision, strategy, conceptualization, and directing are easily one of the most complex components of ML as a social impact platform.

The new content creation team will allow us to focus solely on MUCHO LOVE content to make the most out of every experienced document. We’ll be doing 10x more content across all platforms than previously put out and, of course, way higher quality.

We aim to expand ML to:
◨ Youtube: Mid-length video format striving to combine storytelling with good animations, edits, and clips that will lead to the production of family-friendly, shareable, “see good, do good.” content.
◨ Tiktok: Short video formats with catchy hooks with the main point of spreading the ⌐◧-◧s through the platform. Making it easier for people who find the ⌐◧-◧s interesting to click the profile and access other social media where more information will be more easily found (Instagram, Youtube).
◨ Instagram: So far, Instagram has worked for us pretty well. A few flops and one fantastic post (a post with 67,000 likes), but it’s been great in general. Instagram plans to be the “face” of what ML stands for, does, and activates. We’ll also be using challenge formats to engage more people.
◨ Twitter: We’ll be using Twitter to make updates like “Today, MUCHO LOVE donated 1000 football kits powered by ⌐◧-◧”.

Combining youtube’s storytelling capabilities through mid-length content that engages viewers, TikTok’s short-form video with hooks that captivate the attention to the noggles, and Instagram as the face of ML, we believe that it’ll be only a matter of time & effort for us to reach substantially good levels in all these platforms.

*on instagram

Why do we focus so much on social media? Generating views, engagement, and expansion of the noggles all around the globe while also creating a platform where nounish products, events, and messages can be delivered to a broad audience.

We want to create content that can relate to any human being, allowing the possibility of massive awareness.

Experimentation and Activations in the DR

Social impact, social awareness, and social proliferation are the heart of ML and the areas where experimentation is most needed. We need to see how far we can take things, how big of an impact we can generate, how crazy social impacts can get, how much we can genuinely help, and how much awareness we can raise. DR is very social media savvy, being a fantastic testing site for the type of video format, activations, and messages created by ML. ML is pushing innovation by doing.


Once the proposal passes, the team will begin to:

  • Develop the calendar and organize the team’s activations for 8 months. *This calendar will be posted on discord/social media.
  • Develop a framework and speak to international photographers/videographers explaining the types of videos/photos they must take for every specific activity.
  • We will transfer the amount needed by international leads to activate their social impact once they have established all the costs, when, and how of every activity. *We used our pilot costs as a reference for international activations
  • Funds will be used to buy the donations, equipment, and uniforms required for every social impact activation.
  • Organize every task that has to be done by every team member for the following months.
  • Brainstorm sessions to establish the best ideas for the narratives the team will use for the content produced in every social activation.
  • Establish the best content distribution strategies by experimenting and testing throughout the different platforms.
  • Activate brainstorming sessions with international leads to profoundly understand the cultural/societal nature of what’s appealing to a specific demographic/country.

Budget Breakdown

Social Impact Fund 171 ETH

Total of 23 activations:

  • DR Activations
  • International Activations & Synchronouns Activations
  • Donations/Uniforms/Nounish Items for social impact activations

Full-Time Marketing & Content Creation Team 100 ETH

  • Video Editor
  • Social Media Manager
  • Virality Strategist & Content Distribution Expert
  • Animator/ Illustrator
  • Creative Director
  • Photographer/Videographer
    **4/6 members have given a definitive yes, 2 are on standby waiting for the prop to pass or not.

30 ETH

  • Retro-funding compensation for 4 core team members who have worked on Mucho Love for the last six months. (1.25 E/month per member)

80 ETH

  • Compensation for the 8 core team members (4 more have joined) for the following eight months. (1.25 ETH/month per member)

32 ETH

  • Compensation for necfas, who has worked full time on ML for the last six months and hopes to continue to do so for a long time.

Total Budget

413 ETH


and it looks like activities like this that would be better nouns , good luck good people


Good luck team :people_hugging: Love all the work you’ve been doing, and excited to see how you work to scale this globally!


so glad to be part of this! welcome to feedback on how we can effectively deploy Much Love from Nouns. much love in Kishwahili is “Upendo mwingi”

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