Kickstarter Needs Help! - Unique Gardening Tool: Garden Groover

I’m quite new to the Nouns platform, but I was encouraged by a friend to post here, if anything to see if it helps. I don’t think it’s viable to request funding under the small grants, as I understand it, but if that’s suggested, I will.

If someone from Nouns sponsors the project, I would be more than happy to include a promotion of the Nouns brand in every package and support Nouns in any way that we could agree on.

CoolBeansGardening needs help funding a garden tool we designed called the Garden Groover.
It’s for all the gardeners who plant seeds in rows, because it has the pointed furrow tip, but when you flip it over, it also is capable of covering seeds, cultivating, and a myriad of other uses!

GIF 6 Fins Create Furrows Cover Seeds (1)

It’s made of Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Steel, and is one of those tools you only need to buy once. If anyone is interested in checking it out, Please, take a look at the [Kickstarter Here:](

If anyone has questions, we would be glad to discuss anything! Also feel free to contact us at

We haven’t had the reception on the kickstarter we thought we’d have, as a lot of the followers didn’t convert, and we feel the clock ticking on the project.

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