Indonesia Earthquake relief

Tldr: Donate for earthquake relief in Indonesia

Description: A 5.6 magnitude earthquake left more than 160 dead and hundreds injured as buildings crumbled.According to the latest official estimate as of November 24, 100 children under 15 years have lost their lives, making up 37 per cent of the 272 total number of persons killed. Reports indicate that 2,046 persons have been injured, 39 persons are missing ​and 62,882 persons have been displaced. Damage assessments show that 45 schools have been affected in the earthquake area.
Whats worse are the aftershock every hour. It’s been a week already and Govt, NGOs etc are trying their best to provide relief for those effected.

I Clover, have informed NGOs to assist in the distribution of aid activities.

PMR Arcamanik (NGO district level) from the PMI union (Palang Merah Indonesia) a national association organization in Indonesia engaged in social humanity. PMI does not favor certain political groups, races, ethnicities or religions. The Indonesian Red Cross in its implementation also does not make distinctions, but prioritizes victims who most need immediate help for the safety of their lives.

Reliable relevant information.

news updates tracing victims and the latest data ( BNBP site )

BMKG twiter News (delivery of information and early warning to relevant agencies and parties as well as the public regarding disasters due to meteorological, climatological, and geophysical factors) update every time there is an incident

I, as the Indonesian representative, appealed for donations of funds for affected victims in the form of food, first aid, and logistics, I’m not sure I can determine the total $ because donations are not measured by the nominal amount, but by the amount of sincerity.
therefore I created a wallet to collect donations as transparent.

Total ask : $0 - $n

Donation Wallet : 0x5bc6852A1D2f261bab0724Aa8B7098e2aFa07F89

then I will send the funds to the NGOs mentioned above and they will arrange them

this prop is made in earnest, And for everything that has been written I will be responsible for all actions that will be taken by the community, then I will supervise NGO activities by collecting documentation (I will volunteer with them)

About me : Clover
contribute to nouns with the @Nounsfun program and help create some content marketing resources for the community


During the documentation, I will use @Nounsfun as an intermediary

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Help to Confirm Indonesian nouns ( @PemburuX @Mindtoasted @kukuh_pambudi )


Hello Clover. Is this close to where you live? I hope that you and your family are ok!

As far as the prop, obviously there is a lot of need. Could you help us understand what 1 ETH or $1250 would be able to purchase in your area?

How many meals, bottles of water, or tarps could be purchased for such an amount? That data would help to make it more real to those making the decisions and making personal donations.

Thank you for sharing. I will try to spread the word as well.


Hello, thank you
To be honest, I live in Yogyakarta because of my work at the MSV studio, but I was born in the Arcamanik district of Bandung and now I’m at my parents’ house (arcamanik) to see how my parents are doing.

this is the route from arcamaik to the scene of the incident

so far I have only received information from NGOs that the form of donation will be in the form of ,

  • Terpaulin / tent
  • Rice,
  • cooking oil, vegetables and other foodstuffs
  • Logistic
  • health assistance (First aid.)
  • and other assistance such as knowledge books for children

for an overview of price descriptions so that you can find out I will share the prices below.

Terpaulin A5 (8x12) = Rp ; 528.000 ($34,23)
reliable source ;

Rice 5kg : Rp 75.000 ( $4.85 )

reliable source

First Aid : Rp 360.000 ($23.34)

Reliable Source

and for the price of logistics and other assistance that cannot be mentioned individually

For what can be purchased from a $1250 donation fund, I don’t know the details, but I’ve asked the NGO for an estimate. I’ll update once I get the New info.


Very helpful. Thank you!

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Yes, I live in Bekasi and the earthquake occurred in Cianjur (3 hours away from my house), I felt it when the earthquake happened, I would be very happy if I could participate in this since the location of the incident is close to me.


Gm Everyone

I just returned from the house of the head of the NGO and got more information about emergency needs that were very important for the victims and I had also discussed the estimates that we could manage with $ 1250 to find out

As far as I discus 3 hours with him, I found info if the disaster victim there really needed the needs of pregnant women and the needs of babies and young children with a range of 6-7 years old

Also the situation there is very crowded, because from the results of the information that was at the scene said that 1 evacuation tent was lived by 10-20 people with a tent size of 4 x 7

With the urgent state we calculate allocating funds of $ 1250 as follows

  • 20 Terpaulin for tent ($20 x $34.23 = $684,6)
  • food package (rice, vegetables, baby food, etc.) $400
  • for the needs of pregnant women $188

What we have calculated and what I have said is true from the information of NGO members who are in the disaster site


For more information, I and the head of NGO have also discussed about our planning to leave for donations from (Nouns Community) If the Nouns community donates for victims

There are 2 planning from the results of the discussion

Planing 1

If the donation funds achieved <$ 500 we will distribute funds to the Indonesian trusted website for the distribution of donation funds

Website link : Indonesia Peduli Gempa Cianjur -

Planing 2

If the donation funds achieved >$500
I agreed with the head of the NGO to go directly to the scene of the incident

After one day my funds and NGO members, will prepare everything from starting to look for the needs mentioned above.
For the second day we will pack a donation so that it can be neat when loaded in a transportation car

Then we will distribute donations on Saturday, December 10

for the cost of transportation I am ready to bear everything from starting to rent a car and gasoline needs.

And I will close this donation on December 7, If there is something you want to ask further I am ready to answer🙏


I hope this reaches the necessary people!
Take care and good luck for this clover!


Today I’m still struggling, act on Information from @noun22 say “ Nouns has donated to charitable causes before but we are not a charitable donation organization “
taking advantage of my day off to fight for this prop, I visited the head of the NGO again to inform about this and we had given up at noon, but while taking a break to see the latest information, saw the earthquake victims holding up a tent that was about to collapse :disappointed:
And I reassured myself to continue to fight for this with clear requests, and revise some of the activities we will carry out with reasons according to what was said noun22

So what are we going to do?

  • Donating gives the victims something they deserve
  • Provide guidance in dealing with aftershocks and provide advice on surviving extreme weather
  • game show, for a little mental boost
  • provide insight into web3 and introduce nouns dao to youth there, with the hope that after recovering they can join together here

ask for funds : $2500

Fund Breakdown ;

  • Funds to donate ; $2000
    • Tent & Terpaulin 15 ( 15 x $35 = $525 )
    • food pack ( $1000 )
    • Logistic ( $ 375 )
    • first aid kit ( $100 )
  • transportation ; $0
  • operational ( 3 operational days ) ; $100 for volunteers who go to the location with me
    • 7 people eat 3x a day during operational time
  • documentation : $0
  • sponsors ; $120


  • I have also ordered T-shirts for me and NGO volunteers and for the t-shirts that will be funded, they will be used for our game show there
  • what we are targeting are the refugees who are above the surface, because the extreme terrain is very slow for aid to arrive there

very cramped refugee camps crammed together

  • We have calculated that the funds requested for donations are sufficient to help 10-15% of 1 evacuation post in the range of 600 - 1000 affected victims, with a total of more than 6000 refugees at the post.

with changes to activities that were to be carried out which were only for donations, now are donating activities mixed with several fun activities sponsored by nouns hope this is the answer to the missing point.

motivating reasons to keep fighting

  • Help is very slow due to many bad rumors ( Dark history, location etc ) so many are still stranded
  • so many pregnant women and vulnerable age under 5 years

why ask donation Here ?

nouns dao has a solid, interactive, and always surprising community.
and I don’t know where to ask for help on web3 besides Nouns dao because I also belong to the nouns family

benefits that can be obtained

  • do good for people in need
  • expanding nouns in Indonesian even if only to a small extent
  • community will value others more

and also with great effort I have created a collection to increase the funds in order to reach more people by creating a collection so that everyone can also donate.

will be dropped on Zora soon

that’s all I can inform you and be the last request, may God open a sympathetic heart for everyone.


You do realize that they gonna put some sort of blame on you bruh

today 07 December, I will inform the chairman of ngo that his donation has been cancelled.

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Hope to see someone stepping up soon for this in nouns
Take care of everyone there fren

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Well, glad this proposal is not approve by nounsdao
I ask the NGO and there are no contact with them

anyone can contack @clover?