HELP! Is there a way to speak to someone regarding this?

Continuing the discussion from SMALL GRANTS: Launching the NPL (Nouns Pickleball League):

Hi all, as I’m pretty new on here and trying to be as active as possible and engage proactively I’d love some help to get this SMALL GRANT application over the line. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a process that needs to be followed? We really have a massive opportunity to take nouns mainstream, let me know…

I just discovered nouns today, and i could be wrong on this, but small grants are for “For Projects Needing 0.1-10Ξ” and it looks like you are proposing a 50k+ (aprox 16 ETH) startup league.

Regardless of not meeting that “Small Grant” definition, your proposal is quite extravagant for a first project.

Sorry if i sound tough, just thought you would wanna know