Discussion: Noun Dust Smoking (BBQ) Rub Recipe (Small Grants)

Hey Y’all since it is Smoking (BBQ) season any love in little grants to do a small batch specialty nouns-inspired BBQ rub… my family calls it magic dust, but I can work up a label and distribute “Noun Dust” through a spice packager I’ve worked with in the past? We could sell them at cost. The first batch of 500 would probably be around 4 ETH to set up et all and be ready for sale. Then wouldn’t need any further investment to maintain.

In the meantime try out our Noun Dust at home (Make’s 20 ounces)

  • 1/2 cup paprika,
  • 1/4 cup kosher salt,
  • 1/4 cup sugar,
  • 2 tablespoons mustard powder,
  • 1/4 cup chili powder,
  • 1/4 cup ground cumin,
  • 2 tablespoons ground black pepper,
  • 1/4 cup granulated garlic,
  • 2 tablespoons cayenne.

Enjoy! Tastes delicious on anything, ribs, steak, chicken, veggies!

Not final design.

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Been Talking to Noun 22 about a small grant and want to post here for posterity and transparency.

TL:DR - We’re proofing a 360-item order of 8-ounce BBQ Rub called Noun Dust, that will be available for sale and giveaways at Noun sponsored events. Total Anticipated USD Budget - $5092.97. Total Production At Most 3 Months, but anticipated sooner.

What is Noun Dust?
It’s a BBQ rub for smoking meats and great on burgers, ribs, steak, chicken, veggies, and more. The recipe is above, feel free to make at home.

Road Map in 4 Phases
There are four phases in the roadmap:

  • Phase 1 - Small batch sampling of (360) 8 oz Bottles. This is quality control.
  • Phase 2 - Small batch to market to test viability.
  • Phase 3 - Price for margins and make a proper Noun Proposal to stand up small business.
  • Phase 4 - Bring Mass Production to Market, Then repeat for next rub flavor.

Timeline of Phase 1 and 2
There are four phases in the timeline:

  • Phase 1 - One to Two Months - Testing samples to ensure proper mixing blend.
  • Phase 1B - One Week - Approval of quality.
  • Phase 2 - One Month - Time it takes to make mixture and package.
  • Phase 2B - Two Weeks - Shipping.

The total timeline is three months with re-orders only taking 4 weeks.

Budget for Noun Dust
Total Anticipated USD Budget - $5092.97. See images below for full breakdowns.

We intend to standup a pre-sale site for the 360 small batch testing. When ready, Noun Dust we anticipate will be for sale at approximately $15 USD plus shipping. The proceeds of which will go towards standing up a proper LLC, bulk ordering, and more, after a proper proposal is submitted to the DAO to plan for Phase 3 & Phase 4.

Community Involvement at this Stage
I would love help selecting a Noun for the label and help with designing the label. Would anyone be interested in a community design contest? Submit your best logo/noun! We will also need help with product photography and assets.

Next Steps
Close loop with our Co-Packer who will help us begin the R&D stage of proofing the recipe for a small batch sample. Collect grant from Noun 22. Then submit the payment. Then begin to build a web presence and we’ll smoking with Noun Dust in no time!

Thanks for reading and thanks for Noun 22 for support. Please comment any questions, ideas, etc.


looks great! appreciate the thoughtful proposal and i think it will be a lot of fun to see where this goes

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You had me at Dust Smoking…

Lol! That’s what i’m talking about next flavor after this is spicy, then fish rub (a sure fire sharkdao hit)!

Thanks for the encouragement y’all.


TL/DR - First Payment from Small Grants came across, meetings scheduled with copacker to start R&D next week. Web presence is being built. All of us will be smoking in no time!

Payment Schedule - As per discussions with Noun 22 the decision was to break up the payment of $5092.97 into two tranches according to deliverables. The first is now, initiating R&D of the proper spice blend mix & a second one once we’re ready to start packing the spice.

The payment has been received and liquidated into USD at a total of $1692.75

Next Steps - I have meetings scheduled with our co-packer (the people who source the ingredients and blend the spices). During these early meetings we will confirm the blend matches the recipe above. We will also be discussing label designs and the like…


We are also in the process of building an online storefront to distribute from.

Big Picture Wrap - We are on schedule and on budget.

Again this is an open project if people want to assist or volunteer with this please reach out!

Thank you to NounsDAO, Small Grants, and Noun 22!

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Made some mock up for the label design, hope it helps
Could explore more type of design

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Looks Amazing @Wideeyekarl. Can we connect once I get the actual label templates from the co-packer? Would love the help!


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Yea for sure. Just @ me on this thread

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can you print the labels with some holofoil sparkles or a Spot varnish to give them some sparkle? I may be overthinking but Smoking Noun Dust is either a brilliant way to catch attention or a way to raise eyebrows about the brand. What do you think?

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Hey @BigshotKlim that’s a great idea but for this small iteration, it’s probably not in the budget. The goal, for this round, is to confirm that the co-packer can match, source, and blend the spice properly. Taste must be first. Sounds easy, but the sourcing and proper ratio are a must. However, If this all works and goes to plan, then the goal is to make a proper proposal with a more detailed design and thought process in every aspect (labels that sparkle, custom noun jars, and more). My personal business motto that I am applying here to this project is deliberately lean, intentional, yet ultimately flexible.

I appreciate your insight! And to anyone else, keep bringing the good vibes and comments. A rising tide lifts all ships and I want our Noun Dust to be the best!


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TL/DR - We’re on schedule, and under budget. Co-packer sent sample first batch. Was delicious on steak,yet it needs minor adjustment. Once tweaked, will price out with co-packer the cost, collaborate with artists for label design, and then launch minimal MVP for pre-sale.

First Batch Sample - The co-packer took our Noun Dust recipe and mixed an initial tasting. It was great. There was the full body flavor of all the spices, the only tweak is that the level of salt needs to be adjusted. (See photos below).

Pricing First Batch - Once we lock in the final recipe, then our co-packer will be able to accurately price out the mixing. Once there we can then begin to confirm the budget and schedule. As of now, we’re under budget which is great.

Labels - Our co-packer is providing us the templates for the label and then we will discuss opportunities for collaboration with artists within the Nouniverse! Our goal is to make an eye-catching label that is cost-efficient at this stage.

Website - We feel confident enough to continue on our web presence build up! Be sure to follow us on twitter for updates → https://twitter.com/noundust

Again this is an open project if people want to assist or volunteer with this please reach out!

Cheers, Rekola

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FYI - Below is linked the call for art for the Noun Dust Label for posterity.


TL/DR - We’ve requested our second tranche of funds from small grants. We’ve perfected our sample batch recipe. We’re finalizing artist selection and label design. Website will be ready in a day or two.

We’re continuing to truck along. We’re on schedule and on budget.

Part 2 of 2 of Small Grant Transfer. - We’ve requested the second and final transfer of $3400.22 USD from Small Grants.

First Batch Sample - We adjusted the recipe and perfected it with a second test. Pictures below.

Labels - We’ve reviewed submitted artwork and think we’ve landed on a designer. We plan to confirm with them soon.

Website - Our website will be live this week. Be sure to follow us on twitter for updates → https://twitter.com/noundust

Cheers, Rekola

approved! love to see this coming together


wow can’t wait to try out this BBQ rub!




Word Count: 176 | Read time: 1 minute

This small batch family recipe BBQ rub was executed on time, under budget, all the while giving away 3,000 packets. Noun Dust’s first batch is out for delivery, hitting mailboxes this week.

The big picture: in under two months, Noun Dust:

  • Sourced, mixed, and partnered with a professional co-packer to produce 3,000 one ounce BBQ spice packets, with professional Nouns’ messaging.
  • Pivoted with the consent of 22, from a product that would be sold (think Nouns Coffee), to a free giveaway, on behalf of the DAO, to help proliferate the meme at events.
  • Sent out 3,000 packets across 20 States and 3 Countries so friends can be nounpilled over low and slow delicious barbeque.
  • Did not take any compensation for execution.

Go deeper:

Try some of our favorite recipes like Noun Dust Smoked Tomahawk Steak, or Noun Dust Smoked Ribs.

What’s next:

  • :white_check_mark:Step one - sellout.
  • :ballot_box_with_check:Step two - receive feedback from recipients.
  • :ballot_box_with_check:Step three - maybe mix another small batch? Maybe something more? Who knows…

Let’s do another order! Looks delicious and I want to put it on my steak!

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