Call for Art Submissions - Noun Dust Label Creation

Hi All,

I’m rekola working on Noun Dust (approved by small grants). I’m looking for help designing the label and a few assets for the website. Below is a cheap creative brief with links to the proposal, templates, and more. We’re taking open submissions.

Here’s our proposal link - Discussion: Noun Dust Smoking (BBQ) Rub Recipe (Small Grants) - #12 by rekola

Asset Request -

  • Label Creation - Use template (LINKED Here)
  • Basic Square logo (text only “Noun Dust”) - (512 x 512px min)
  • Basic Rectangular logo (text only “Noun Dust”) - (512px width min)
  • Square Logo (Text and Chef’s Hat) - (512 x 512px min)
  • Rectangular logo (Text and Chef’s Hat) - (512px width min)
  • Social Image Logo (Text and Chef’s Hat) - (1200 x 628 min)
  • Social Image w/ Sample Label - (1200 x 628 min) Use Template (LINKED Here)

Color Choice:

  • Black Background
  • Accent Color - #e3fc02

Noun Logo Preference

  • Head - Chef Hat
  • Glasses - Square pink purple mix

Noun Dust

Noun Dust - the original BBQ rub for all your nouns.

Paragraph for story

  • An appetizing mix of sweet, salty, and smokey that’s been spicing nouns like beef, pork, chicken, and fish, with real flavor, since 2022. What started as an experiment inspired by @NounsDAO. Funded by Small Grants. From seasoning to smoking, grilling to stewing, Noun Dust delights the tastebuds of those in the web3 world.

Social Media Links & Url

Usage & Preference paragraph

  • Use it amply on everything. Let stand for at least 30 minutes yet no more than 24 hours.

Ingredients list

  • Paprika, Kosher Salt, Sugar, Mustard Powder, Chili Powder, Ground Cumin, Ground Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Cayenne.

Distributed by company name

  • Distributed By:
    Rekola Studios LLC
    Stetson Road
    Brooklyn, CT 06234

Net Weight in Ounces & grams

  • (NET WT 8 OZ (227g)

Nutritional Panel

  • Working to gather the requirements.


  • $300 USD. Since this is funded by small grants there is only a small stipend ($300 USD) for this round. However, if this works out the goal is to put forth a real proposal so that we can include a fair wage as retro pay to the designer.
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Hey @Wideeyekarl Here’s the label brief!

FYI - I sent this label by @Wideeyekarl to the review at the co-packer and they sent these notes:

"Please see this here below as a quick guideline for regulatory requirements;

  • Your company info should be on the lower right; “Manufactured for (YOUR COMPANY), CITY, STATE ZIP”
  • Ingredient Statement should right above it.
  • Nutritional Panel Should be right above Ingredients
  • Product/Label name should be in the middle panel
  • Net Wt. Should be directly below the Product/Label name.
  • UPC will go on the bottom left on a white background. UPC is not a requirement if you don’t need it at your point of sale

You may place the rest of the information as you please to enhance your label look. Let’s start from here and see how it goes.

Here is a sample label that complies:

if you need to pay a little more than $300, SG is happy to chip in a little more

random thought: would this kind of thing be a good fit for an alternative take on the prop house?

Specific Mandates:

  • Very specific requests (as per noundust label)
  • Mandate creator to select the winner instead of community voting? (Either? Both?)
  • X ETH to the winner (with option to reward non-winning submissions too)

Reminds me of How it Works | 99designs but web3/nounish?

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Hey @krel I probably didnt convey it that way but that was my plan. A call for submissions. Right now we have a few submissions and are reviewing them internally before selecting one. For example below is one that was crowdsourced. With the winning design being paid.

I love your point, a 99 designs style marketplace for artists to see current nouns linked projects to small grants and proposals that can submit for jobs and earn a fair standardized wage. Love the idea.

Kudos to @Pajas for a this design.

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I got that you asked for submissions :slight_smile:

But I’ve been inspired by lately and adopting that platform for submissions could increase # (and quality?) of submissions, effective nouns proliferation via those submissions, and standardize the format to make it easier to “create a call for submission”.

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100% agree @krel Let me know if you want to further brainstorm on something like this…

Ello rekola! I would be interesting in the work. I already have the idea / concept in my head. Lol. Along with the label, do a short presentation video. Basically a commercial. 30 sec vid. I don’t know what your budget is, but I’m thinking $1000

My page: has some work on there.

Sample vids:

Thanks :slight_smile:

dm me on disc? 🙏

Hey @d09 thanks for the offer. Right now we’re doing a call for submissions where artist upload their mockup idea, my team picks a winner, and they get paid out. Unfortunately our budget is only $300 USD right now, and not $1K.

Thanks for inquiring! Rekola

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Hey @krel sent friend request, on Disc!

Got it! I appreciate the reply, Rekola! You got a cool product there, I dig it!

Much success to you! I look forward to trying it :slight_smile: