[Live NOW] - FREE Noun Dust - BBQ rub recipe for all your nouns!

GM Nouns - We’re teasing our soft launch of Noun Dust! We’re web3’s first BBQ rub that’s a family recipe made commercially available by small grants! This stuff tastes great on all your nouns! This is our test launch so check out the sight and report any problems or comments!

PS you can pre-order FOR FREE right now.

Again FYI were testing for bugs so share them if you spot’em.

Cheers, Rekola


love the gif, perfect fit

what are you looking for feedback on atm?

Sorry @Krel, we temporarily locked the site, since talking to @noun22 we’re actually doing a slight last-minute pivot and offering free Noun Dust to everyone. So we need to tweak the store.

COMING THIS WEEKEND - we will be launching the store making noun dust free for all. Just pay shipping.

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We’re live now. Still in pre-order, means shipping in about 50 days. But now thanks to Noun 22 Noun Dust is Free!

just ordered a pack of :100:

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free stuff

the holy trinity


Ordered 10 to nounpill some friends and family. Blessings on ya!