DESIGNER CON booth, Proliferation using excess funds

Noggles Eth in the Gnosis wallet

There 11 eth sitting in the Gnosis safe that was created to supplement the fun-.0noggles production.

From prop: 123 Send Klim 55 ETH to be converted to 74,000 USDC
FUN Frames Multisig: 0x6C3A3374f1250597431d4ead59C35FBadf132b40
(Remainder will be sent back to the NounsDAO)

Due to Eth fluctuation since the prop went up, and after the 74K was cashed out we
are still left with 11 eth that is due to be returned to the Dao.
Over the past few months and leading to Designer-con I have been spending thousands of dollars out of pocket to get a booth, rent display cases. Shipping samples of noggles to various NOUN activations and full cases to a few upcoming events at no charge. Fed ex pricing form China right now is about 280-380 per case and I am shipping 11-15 cases of product and samples to Dcon.
These are things that were not included in the original Noggles prop and were to be covered under “Marketing and Proliferation” for a separate proposal that was wrapped in with the Nounish friends toys prop .
Hotel, travel for 2, booth, transportation, convention display rentals and shipping are all coming in pretty high due to the holiday travel rush, but i have no choice but to frontload it all myself in order to see my original plans through to DCON.

Right now more than 80% of the booth is Nouns projects.
I would love to get an OK from the dao to have @joshuafisher convert that $ into USDC and use it to cover some of these expenses, Shipping, booth signage, stickers and some postcards for giveaways and onboarding.
The signage is reusable so happy to give them, additional stickers to @Aubtoshi and NOTG?
The other option is to hold on to that eth and use it as a retro fund after the event but I am already too far out of pocket to self-fund booth signage, swag and additional shipping.

Any thoughts welcome, you can clearly see that there has always a flurry of activity related to nouns in my feed weekly, so rest assured I am not asking to fund my fun. This is all part of proliferation and it would be great for any photo ops, interviews and appearances.

I have about a week to get these things to printers and ship to my hotel in Anaheim

Thanks for your support.


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