Delorean <> Nouns stETH temperature check

gm Nouns team, I’m from Delorean Exchange, a defi protocol for yield based borrowing. I noticed your DAO holds some stETH, and I wanted to get opinion on a new product we’re planning.

We’re working on a lending product for stETH that’s safer than current options like Aave. It’s safer because it won’t have liquidation risk. Instead, the yield from stETH acts as collateral for the loan and replenishes liquidity in the system. The tradeoff for the borrower is the LTV is a little lower.

We’re gauging interest from stETH holders about this product, and we’re reaching out to Nouns DAO to get your feedback on non-liquidating loans based on stETH yield. Would products in this area be of interest to the DAO? Does it depend on the numbers? or other factors?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. :pray: