Co-proposal: Governance Standards for the Nouns Ecosystem

Total funding requested: 16 ETH

This is the first ever co-proposal, made simultaneously to Public Nouns and Nouns DAO given the inherent nature of the proposed initiatives. Our objective is twofold: to ensure EIP-4824 compliance within the Nouns ecosystem and to initiate the formation of a standards working group for the broader Governor ecosystem.

We recognize the immense potential for the Nouns ecosystem to signal their support for a crucial public good that benefits the entire DAO ecosystem. Our hope is that both Public Nouns and Nouns DAO are excited to be in support of this proposal. However, the outcomes for Nouns DAO and Public Nouns can be independent of each other.

Simple summary

Seeking grants of 16 ETH from Nouns DAO and 4 ETH from Public Nouns to bootstrap DAOstar’s work in supporting EIP-4824 compliance in the Nouns ecosystem, organizing Governor ecosystem standards, and enhancing awareness and coordination on existing work. Comes with DAOstar membership.


DAOstar is a public goods project that specializes in developing interoperable standards and critical public infrastructure for DAOs. A year ago, we laid the foundation for this by introducing EIP-4824 (ERC-4824: Common Interfaces for DAOs), an API standard for DAOs.

Since then, notable governance frameworks such as Aragon OSx, Moloch V2/V3, DAOstack, Superdao, DAODAO, KaliDAO, and others have embraced the EIP-4824 framework. Furthermore, Aave recently passed a proposal to adopt the standard, and we are actively collaborating with ENS and Gitcoin to facilitate the same. By adopting EIP-4824, Nounish organizations will align themselves with the general direction of the DAO ecosystem and enjoy more discoverability & interoperability. Tools such as Snapshot, Tally, DAOhaus, Etherscan, DeepDAO, and other members of DAOstar One are actively integrating or have committed to integrating this enriched information.

In this proposal, we request funding to bootstrap a working group that will focus on building infrastructure to support standard adoption by the Nouns ecosystem as well as Nouns-like systems built on Governor. We will be working on:

  • Various efforts to improve and iterate on the Governor smart contracts as outlined here.
  • Building an EIP-4824 reference implementation for Governor DAOs using NFT governance. This will make it easier for the Nouns ecosystem and any other NFT DAO to easily publish a daoURI, as suggested by EIP-4824.
  • Providing the necessary support to ensure EIP-4824 compliance of the Nouns ecosystem.

As part of this proposal, we would like to extend a DAOstar One Roundtable membership to Public Nouns and Nouns DAO. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to initiate and participate in working groups and committees, shaping the technical standards that will define the future of DAOs. Find more details on active working groups and priorities for this season here.

DAOstar is a public goods project supported by the Ethereum Foundation, Gnosis, Aragon, Radicle, MolochDAO, MetaCartel Ventures, The Graph, and many other members of DAOstar One. It is fiscally sponsored by Metagov.

Project advisors: Raf Solari (Tally), Ivan Fartunov (Aragon), Scott Moore (Gitcoin)


Hello! I wish I could be more help on giving feedback, but I don’t have a great understanding of the different EIP standards. I will point you to the most recent residency proposal that was passed just to make sure you are aware of it. I’m guessing it would be the most relevant point of contact for you.

This is for the verbs team with @davidbrai and @verb-e. They have done many contract upgrades over the past year and would have a much better understanding of the technical details and potential overlap.

As far as a prop from two treasuries, did you already submit to Public? Any reason to not just submit the whole thing there?

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Thank you for your response, Andrew!

I’d like to clarify that Nouns DAO won’t require any contract upgrades to adopt EIP-4824. It simply needs to execute two contract calls, which will deploy a registration contract holding the daoURI and set a manager for it. There is more detailed deployment information on this HackMD we prepared for ENS. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this, @davidbrai and @verb-e :slight_smile:

The primary focus of this grant is to support the development of daoURIs for Nouns and other Nounish DAOs. Since each DAO can choose the information it wishes to publish through its daoURI, this allows for case-by-case customizations.

Additionally, we aim to establish a working group dedicated to Governor ecosystem standards, fostering more experimentation and facilitating interoperable product development for the Nouns ecosystem. Several projects, including Tally, ScopeLift, and Open Zeppelin, have expressed their interest in participating in this working group.

As far as a prop from two treasuries, did you already submit to Public? Any reason to not just submit the whole thing there?

Yes, we have already submitted it for review to the Public Nouns community. Our intention was to encourage broader participation from the Nouns ecosystem, which led us to submit the proposal to more than one Nounish DAO.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions.