CC0 asset library for games

I’ve been looking for a Cryptoadz sprite sheet to use in a game I am building which uses CC0 NFT assets (Heroes

Doesnt seem like anyone has made them? Had the thought that a CC0 game asset library would be valuable. What do people think about this? Most of the work would be creating the sprites. I have been working with an artist on Hero sprites could potentially make toad/noun sprites. Maybe someone else from the community could help too.

I could make the website. If i could get a dedicated artist or two what do people think about this as a formal proposal?


I’m very supportive of CC0 Nouns spritesheets for game designers. Would be a great resource to put into the world. A step further:

  • CC0 pixel environments
  • host a game jam for devs to use these assets

To create a large open-source asset library sounds like a great proposal idea. There are a ton of artists in the community, so I’m sure if you get active in the discord and look for some like-minded people, you could form a team in no time. If I can help writing the prop or you just want some feedback on ideas, please don’t be afraid to reach out!

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hey hey, i’m new to the nouns ecosystem and just ran across your message. glad to see others thinking the same with cc0 sprite sheets

i just had a prop house pass to start building out lil nouns sprite sheets for worldwide webb3 (for starters): but def down to chat or collab on sprite sheets for other collections. def hmu!


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