BookDAO - Nounish charity and book club


BookDAO is a nounish DAO,whose aim is to raise ETH through daily auctions on Nouns Builder aimed at making book and stationery donations to children in less fortunate areas. The artwork will comprise of the dictionary head noun.

The BookDAO is a scale up of the Elimisha charity campaign prop that was funded through PH Nouns house. On the 20th of December 2022, a grant of 0.5 ETH was utilized to acquire 700 school books,food and snacks for the children of Kariua slums. The relatively small grant was able to make a big impact.

The Elimisha team showed a commendable level of transparency in making sure all the funds donated did due diligence by hampering the purchase of books to the last available cent. Prior to support from Nouns,they have recorded an impressive conversion ratio of about 4500 books,donated across 3 children’s facilities,with a little over $500 in lifetime donations.

With social extensions of DAOs being a major funnel for builders and valuable community members for the Nouns,BookDAO will be a DAO for book lovers all over the web3 ecosystem to share their passion in reading and organize book club meetings within their direct community. ETH collected from daily auctions will be kept in the community treasury, a gnosis safe multisig,where token holders will bid ETH in proposals,mainly for charitable endeavours,that align with BookDAO’s gist.

To bring this proposal to life,we are seeking a small grant of 1.8 ETH. If successful,the grant will be utilized as follows.

1ETH - Purchase of books for donation across 3 different children’s facilities (1500+ school books) to proliferate and bring more eyes to BookDAO to ensure max exposure.

0.5 ETH - Build simple and basic infra mechanics for running the DAO (Discord,website and docs) and contract deployment fees.

0.3 ETH - Prof of nounish merch for donation team to proliferate with as they make the donations(shirts,flags,caps etc)

All feedback towards this prop will be highly appreciated. Asante!

Don from Nounfrica
Elimisha Charity Campaign.

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