Support content marketing needs

Starting today, we are ready to help builders and teams who need resources to support their content marketing needs, through several services we will provide free of charge.

What services are provided ?

⌐◨-◨ Make Your Logo & Banner.
⌐◨-◨ Make a poap for your DAO/Comunity.
⌐◨-◨ Create a template / mockup Grapich Desgn.
⌐◨-◨ Tailer content Video max 20 seconds.

We also limit our services to providing support for the services we provide to up to 5 DAOs/communities every month.


How do we get on this list, good ser?

You can dm our Twiter
Or send dm on Discord ( Clover#5274 )

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Have made something for hOur nouns

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