Anounimals - Everyones First NFT (Feedback Appreciated)

Project Details: It’s clear both crypto and NFTs need better onboarding resources. No one wants to be the person who convinces their friends/partners/family/coworkers to look into crypto because they may lose money or come back with too many questions. Nouns can solve this by creating an onboarding site that cryptonatives can point to. I’ve attached a few tweets from CT natives expressing the need for precisely what I’m proposing.

The website would take new users through; creating a wallet, getting funds from a wallet (preferably Polygon), minting a project (preferably on Polygon), and include educational resources on the basics of crypto, NFTs (with Nouns as the example), and an FAQ.

The mint itself would occur on Polygon to keep costs low, potentially free, for new users. We could fill the contract with eth to make the mint gasless or push new folks towards one of the poly faucets.


  • Anounimals will help NounsDAO proliferate by giving cryptonatives a resource they can share to help educate their non-crypto friends/family/peers. No coins or awkward Thanksgiving conversations necessary.
  • The PFP. Taking the animal-based Noun heads gives new folks an easy-to-vibe-with PFP they can use across social media.

Roadmap: Develop written & video content to walk new users through,

  • Setting up a wallet
  • Receiving funds from a faucet (if necessary)
  • What is NounsDAO?
  • Minting an Anounimal
  • Basic web/crypto security
  • Continually updated FAQ
  • Continually updated glossary

Extended topics include, but are not limited to;

  • What is a DAO
  • Common complaints and rebuttals against cryptocurrencies
  • Common complaints and rebuttals against NFTs
  • How do Blockchains work

Use of Funds:

  • 3-10E for contract development. (I’ve received wildly different rates recently)
    • 5E to create and sustain a gasless mint on Polygon
  • 0.5-3E for website creation
  • 0.5E for art
  • 3E for initial content creation

The remaining eth can be returned or used to fund additional content.

Team: ZeroLearn | Jeen • Yuhs#4499 on Discord - Would manage art & content creation I Need to find someone for contract work, but I am close with multiple developers in Anonymice.

Experience: ZeroLearn was an editor for one of the largest publications on Medium, MindCafe. He also has 4-years of experience in writing and education. Two and a half working for the national non-profit City Year and 1.5 with the WA Department of Education supporting the creation of the HighCapPLUS learning modules

We have a similar prop called Nouns University! If one of us can get funding, maybe we can team up somehow! Prop House