Small Grants: Nouns in Guinness World Record

tlrd; Sponsor an Off-Road group of drivers who are aiming to make the world record of gathering 1000 Thar Jeeps in a single place.

Gang Of Thars: GOT is a group of people who go for off roading on weekly basis with around 50 cars avg. Images and pictures for the same can be seen on the link mentioned above. They’ve previously been on news as well for having a 15km long Rally for Independence Day on 15th August 2022. Around 100+ Thars joined the rally to celebrate the country’s 76th Independence Day and ended with a group party.

Translation: Gang Of Thars went out on a 15 km rally to celebrate Independence Day

I ride cruiser but my best friend and his father are the unofficial representative of GOT group and I know they are planning to create a world record and have already gathered decent number of drivers for the same already. I think this would be an amazing opportunity for Nouns to be a part of something that will be written in history. From media coverage to millions of views, this rally would have all the attention when this will take place.
For starters I would like to propose we, as Nouns DAO host a Nouns theme rally for the next week or coming week where all participating vehicles would have Nouns stickers on them, followed by a ride and ending with Lunch/Dinner. Weekly around 50 vehicles participate and 100+ people who record the experience and post it on their social media.

Budget: 1.5 ETH ( $2395)
Budget include Car Stickers for 50 Vehicles, 2 Nouns Flag for Pilot/Safety Car and my bike and breakfast for 100+ drivers and guest.

Address: 0x300da191248a500b2174aeD992d6697BF97F9139
Location: 20 km Rally from road to the off roading grounds that are used for the same purpose + often used by BMW Motorrad competition.

Below are some images captured by the drivers themself, rest can be seen on their stories and individuals who record and share on their personal social media.


I’m commenting to give this a bump, but I want to commend you on being an idea machine. Our interests don’t seem to overlap a whole lot, but I really admire you tenacity and I think you’ll find a niche in this community someday soon.

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My dude why every single comment you give on my proposal or anyone else are passive aggressive xD
Idk maybe its just me.
On the idea machine part, me and my startup aim is to introduce the new projects and things going on into web3 and NFT. I shared about the rally few days ago on international nouns twitter space as well, I honestly didnt indented to put up this proposal until late December but decided to test it out like the gym proposal as well. All of my ideas are have potential and the thing about the off road rally, they’ve already doing this from the past year and plan to break the record anyway. The leader just happens to be my best friend’s father and I introduced him to NFT few months ago and I think this would be a great thing if Nouns can go forward to such a stage as well.
Right now I’ve rarely seen a proposal that aims to go big with nouns, majority of proposals are trial and tested methods in different area of NFTs already. Something unique should be done that stand out

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I apologize for sounding passive aggressive. That’s not my intention. I’ve seen a lot of your props and I’m pumped to see you keep coming up with ideas. It’s not stuff I’ve personally vibed with yet, but I still think the ideas are cool and unique and worth exploring. I just want to do my best to help push ideas along and hopefully make them better. On this one, I saw it was sitting with no comments and falling on the list, so I commented to bump it so it hopefully gets seen by someone who loves the off-roading idea. :slight_smile:

I promise I’m not against you. I try to just give my honest feedback and put comments on things with potential. Keep building friend!


Idk my dude, I’m tired of seeing the same old concept and ideas floating around discourse that are being done by 100 other people and projects in NFT ecosystem. I dont care if its falling on the list or something, other people have the right to have their proposals be seen as well here, commenting just for the sake of commenting wont make my proposal stand out from the rest. Only the content will.
Regarding this, all of my ideas and proposal aint going to go waste either. I have plan to go with this one either way as a trial with or without the Noun’s support.
Other things about Plushy Toys and Gym, if others manage to find this in their country or locality they should go with it for sure. These ideas aint copyrighted or trademark