Small Grants: Nouns Glasses Off

The project involves creating an NFT contract specifically for separating glasses from the character’s image. When a holder deposits a Nouns NFT into this contract, two new NFTs will be issued: one is a profile picture with the glasses removed, and the other is the classic Nouns glasses. If an account owns both the matching profile picture and glasses, they can return these two NFTs (which will then be destroyed) to retrieve their original Nouns NFT.

This initiative will showcase the continuous creativity and vibrancy of the Nouns community, taking the concept of combinability from off-chain to on-chain. Additionally, it will lead to the appearance of Nouns glasses on other PFPs through on-chain interactions, fostering engagement with more brands.

The entire project is estimated to require 8 ETH for funding and approximately one month to complete.The fund will be used for the development of the smart contract and a backend system for images processing.

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