Small Grants : 【 pfp NFT Generator with Noun glasses! 】

Dear Nouns!

I am a Japanese Solidity engineer, and running a software developing company.
I want to create pfp NFT Generator with Noun glasses.

I am familiar with As you know, by using this tool, we can make a pfp photo wearing Noun glasses. But, this tool only can make a “photo” with Noun glasses. If you want to use a photo with Noun glasses as a NFT pfp in Twitter(hexagon profile image), you need to make a NFT by that photo, for example by using OpenSea. This takes a lot of time to set NFT hexagon pfp in your Twitter account and users unfamiliar with minting NFT in OpenSea, it’s very hard to get that NFT.(People who want to set hexagon NFT of themselves cannot set that.) So, I am going to make a tool that enables users to easily mint a NFT photo wearing Noun glasses only by uploading their own image.

How to Use

  1. Connect your wallet with our site.
  2. Upload a photo of yourself like you do in
  3. Set Noun glasses in your photo.
  4. Click MINT button, then your photo will be minted as a NFT, and sent to your wallet.(You need to pay gas fee and maybe also service fee.)

Shape of the NFT

The shape of this NFT are going to be hexagon which perfectly fits the shape of NFT pfp in Twitter. The border of hexagon NFT will be automatically the same color as the glass for branding Nouns.

When using as a Twitter pfp, this will be like this.

What our service enables

Today, so many people who are not in Web3 industry are also very interested in NFT hexagon pfp in Twitter (especially in Japan!). But, many of them are not familiar with minting their own photo NFT. So, they cannot set their own NFT hexagon pfp. However, by using this service, they can. Our service will get many users who didn’t know about Nouns. They will get curious about our Noun glasses and not so small amount of them will search about our glasses and Nouns itself. I believe once they know what Nouns is and what kind of world Nouns want to create, they will be attracted by Nouns super-nice vision.
I believe visualization is the most important way to spread the Nouns vision to more and more people. Now there is no easy tool to make Twitter pfp NFT of yourself so this is a big chance to make it!


1.5 ETH for Development

Thank you very much for reading!

This is a cool idea to expand on the nounify app. Looks like it would be especially good for the Nouns Japan prop house!


Thank you very much for your reply!
I also posted this in Nouns Japan discord.
I want to spread this movement all over the world!


I believe you will do it! One little bit at a time friend. Keep it up!

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