Small Grant: Pfp Nounifier



A web tool that nounifies every pfp project by adding noun glasses to them


Noun glasses are iconic, and that’s a good way for everyone even without changing his main avatar to show off his cool glasses and support nouns


  • Refine the UI
  • host it (domain TBD)
  • Testing
  • Add many colors to the glasses
  • 1 week to finish up and deploy


  • 3 ETH for 2 weeks of work and maintenance



(The backend is already finished with a simple UI)

The left row shows the selected pfp, in the middle one is all the different glasses and on the right side is all the fetched pfps

Would love to get some feedback…

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Pretty cool! Does this just do it for certain NFT collections, or for any image?

Are you familiar with How would this be different?

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Oh, I wasn’t aware of that site.

It’s a bit different cause it is fetching all the nfts from your wallet instead of being an image uploader but yes they are pretty similar :confused:

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