Small Grants: Decentra-List for Nouns Middleware

Create a decentralized, updating, on-chain list of addresses that have been long term Noun holders and active DAO voters (ie. held >= 1 Noun over the last 6 months and voted in >80% of DAO votes). This list would be an ongoing asset to Nouns DAO/builders who could reference it on or off chain for whitelisting airdrops, rewards, or gating DAO roles/privileges.

Decentra-List is a dapp that allows anyone to create decentralized, updating, on-chain address lists based on a custom criteria that is used to decide which addresses do or do not belong on the list. Once a list is created, anyone can propose to add or remove addresses from the list, but all revisions are verified to meet the list criteria by UMA’s Optimistic Oracle before being executed. Lists can be incentivized to be kept current by funding rewards for successfully proposing addresses that should be added or removed.


This proposal includes:

  1. Coordination with Nouns DAO members to create a list criteria and other list settings that will be useful to Nouns DAO or other builders
  2. Creation of a list on Decentra-List and initial proposing of all addresses that meet the list criteria
  3. A shared ethers.js script that can be used to determine all addresses that belong on the list. This script can be used by anyone who wants to propose addresses for addition or removal from the list or UMA optimistic oracle disputers.
  4. Support to Nouns DAO or any builder that wants to reference the on-chain list of addresses in their smart contract

I am a web3 dev/builder that created Decentra-List as part of the ETHOnline hackathon in 2022. Decentra-List one a prize there and I have continued working on it as part of UMA’s grant program.
Other web3 experience:

  • completed a grant for the PSE branch of the Ethereum Foundation
  • ETH NY hackathon prize winner
  • completed ChainShot Ethereum Developer Bootcamp (now Alchemy University) in 2022



  1. 2 weeks to complete coordination with Nouns community on list criteria and other settings
  2. 1 week to complete the rest

I am requesting 0.5 ETH total. 0.1 ETH is estimated for gas, 0.4 ETH to fund initial list rewards. The funds will need to be provided at the start of the project. I am applying for the grant just to cover costs and hoping to get community feedback to make the list as useful as possible.

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Seems like a useful resource to builders.
Let me know if I could be of any help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! Based on the steps at the link below, next steps would be:

  1. share this proposal in the #proposal-ideas channel on Discord. However, I am not a NounsDAO member so I don’t have access to this channel. Are you able to share this Discourse thread there so others can contribute here?
  2. find a NounsDAO member to sponsor the proposal on chain. Are you able to help me find someone that meets the threshold?