Small Grant - Autonomous Rhymes & Web3 Gospel Pot Luck

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Why fund these concise raps to spread the web3 gospel?

Showing people, adoption, p2p permissionless tech, speak it don’t step, watch see what we can do by sharing what’s truest, fluid lucrative lyrics, uplift people with spirit.

I am writing this as a proposal to the entire web3 community, and the world, a letter for you to read, I want to bring what we build for free, public goods spread them through MC, make raps free flow & it grow this for generations to come, posterity and regeneration its run p2p connetives > control WE ARE DONE.

I want to help change the course of this monstrosity, granite cocks spanning the skys you see, cities of lights, drought and crisis, blow it up like a bomb, drop it like Hiroshimi, never come, pick it up the refleciton is done, we’re done with Central Bank & monetary Policy, it’s broken money printer go brrrr meme with the fucking capture-ring, put you on the clock 9-5 this job i’m done writing it for the sob stories, boring and waring, killing our own people because we can’t relinquish our desperate effacacious gone complacent elevate your disc, rotate and throw your fist to cherish bliss, bring it to the world in fists filled with daiseys rolling out this oedipus, knifes to cut the the throats of Jay Powel & the gang of chronies at the top, we’re going to kingdom come drop you out your fiendish run, bank run money go,

Written & it’s code it’s bliss freedom of speech let’s go show you what’s real flowing on keel, if it’s all for you it’s greed then if not share & spread the wealth, fair build experimental bottom up supportive health networks human to human from within they are spawned I clean your world & scrub it till shiny like MC hammer rhyming with Oxy Clean, bring it spin it and it’s slander the millions of children without mothers & fathers to be there to bring them out the mud of the ugliest crux 2008 was rough, a casket of blood running amuck, dollars and bush leaning cannot breathe, & barrack obscene, couldn’t quite rock his spot with dead presidents on my block I chop it spit it revisit the system, elevate my free-flow bring it to the people, shed it like spread eagle, fighting, clear, crisp & dear a message to you you hear?

If you want to support my flow so I can write it `ream it to the world respite let me know, I might write it blow with a hot flamethrower this glass bring it to the masses, this ass, undress this politics and feuding, show what the world is with gas pouring it down our throats ripped off & it goes, all the resources she knows. Mother nature give it and go.

StayAnonline.ETH spit from my fire sharp if you want to support me.

Bumping this once more for the free flow doing it for the people, driven with a mission, context i’m lifted, write it into bars these raps to give me a chance to show the world what’s given can never be fixed &, only constant out the dome, blow it till it’s gone.

Bump bump hear it out my dome blasting till it’s done, gut the bankers throw out the muck, cuck, the egregious ones, flow it & fuck, show them what’s doing in, bank runs, Rolexes & hoe sex, traffic like Weinstein with the grime he, seldom write a rhyme see put him in the ground with truth it surround, #ethereum is found, kill the banker, sambanKman fried effective altruist with greed not understanding the crudest lewd with a brick put down his throat a .38 with a clip till it’s robbed and let him know what’s about to come im on the run going to reverse this run, bank run, crypton nun sell it like a cherished one, bring the people to the spirit one, crypto dough fill it full, keep it in the rap cypher flow, AutonomousRhymes spend it through my craft distributing raps & technology for the world to see & hear what’s dead cut it crisp & clear, granny apple smith she brought it again and again.

**TLDR is that I want to start writing lyrics from the spirit within & spread it like cash through tokens with education & rhyme flow, the time is now, key to get it across the line & go, show the world what is flow, what we doing is web3 rebuilding it p2p across the 7 seas through rap it is king.

Collect this piece, join me** in my Rhyme fight, against global spinelessness, mass incarceration, recession, money printer memes printing till infinity, I want to redistribute organic, our global wealth to the people giving up everything to mass insurrection, centralized banks & monetary policy.

I want to do it through rap, help me & have my back.

I plan to distribute my music, p2p using some mechanic, arweave or IPFS, stored scrambled, across the planet, decentralized web help people and find it, let them know the bliss, of sovereignty through lyrics & tips.

IYK POAP it lives, Proof of attendance it rips, but i’m going to spread it through attention you get, follow my rap flow and see how we’re going to spread the wealth with tokens & protocols, written into code is law, show you what i’m breaking from the chains and run, Proof of Attention it is written and done, songs stored NFT collectible huh? Come collect, be in love, for we’re spreading this gospel with Autonomous Rhymes forever bliss.

I want to educate, elucidate, bring people on board the organic way, human connection, p2p it’s the message, write it clear so you get it, give you some Smiths when I drop them, fill your fist with gorgeous, show you how we can do this, preaching to the choir, a sound it’s a roar, sending it bottom up we build it from scratch and show the world who is his, the dirty old bastered, grappled by money a boomer, with no clue, the resources he’s extracting from you.

I want to take over & replenish the soil with the #ethereum that god has given, from Vitalik his soul glistens, marble with code it’s written, freedom let’s go we rippin’ freedom of speech here we come with a pitch to flip the switch of monetary economics & shit, it’s code fundamental blocks, primitive, it’s auditable with proof of ownership, you know this is the best flow it is for the world to overcome it’s bored and drum broken to none, kill it with the sun, gamma rays rhythmically say today we gonna kill it slay.

I’m done. Stayanonline.eth

Creating a drop here in a couple weeks too - Autonomous Rhymes & Web3 Gospel Pot Luck · ZORA Create

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What I am asking for

If NounsDAO could provide me with a micro grant, I would like to buy all of the equipment to begin producing music. I am looking to build out a full home setup.

If anyone in the community knows the music business, It has it’s flaws and I want to show them by poking holes in the web2 model, show them what about Nouns is cool, share & spread the wealth of permissionless p2p censorship resistant tech.

I am asking for anywhere between 2.5-10k as a grant.

Anyone that collects this piece or this one will get access to my future drops as well.

If nouns supports me directly with a grant, I will create NounsDAO Token Granted Access in the Wordsmiths discord, where I will be educating people on everything that I have learned in my 5-years of web3 & Nouns will have early access to new songs / slam poetry that I write.

I will produce a song for NounsDAO if you guys can support me, I’ll even take suggestions on what to rhyme about, but I am happy to take it upon myself too.

Please feel free to jump in here and give some feedback, but I would be honored if NounsDAO supported me at the beginning of my artist journey to propagate everything that is being built in web3.

Thank you!

Pretty interesting concept. I’d like to see more examples. It seems like you’re experimenting and finding your voice. Continue to do so, play with different formats, lengths, and styles. Add some beats and keep creating.

I’m not a decision maker for NSFW, but I would say this still seems to early to garner funding, and it doesn’t feel nounish to me at this point either.

Last thing, check out nounsounds. Maybe there’s a way for you to partner to make some cool cc0 music content together.

Keep building my friend!

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Posting this here to showcase the first “under-produced” version of my rapping.

I would love to have the support of nouns so I can get the proper equipment, with it, i’ll produce a song for NOUNS and work to get the project more exposure through rap!

  • stayonline.eth

There’s actually a proposal in Apecoin DAO you should check out; it’s made for musicians like you

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@Mantis thank you for sharing, I will look into this!

I see that you are the one who wrote it, do you think I would be the type of artist you want to onboard? Just asking as a temp check against my own art / creations.

Thank you!

The community would decide how popular you are, but yes, you are the type of artist I would want to onboard here!