SALL GRANTS: Smartphone Nounify

Hello, my name is Rebeca and I am a latin woman living in florida and I want to present my proposal.


I will nounify a smartphone that I don’t have yet, for my lifetime use.


Smartphone case and wallpaper


2 days ago I was robbed and my smartphone was taken away, today I need a new phone to continue communicating.


I will create a custom drawing of a Noun and I will have a custom smarthphone protective case made for the new smartphone that I will use for the rest of my life (or until it gets stolen again) and I will also use a custom wallpaper with the famous noggles.

0.52 eth for the smarthphone (iphone 13 256 gb)
0.1 for the artwork and case

0.62 eth is total: 0xf27144c83fBF10246415d7e5194844525541b769

Thank you.

hi Rebeca. i’m not sure we’re going to be able to fund this, it’s not really what we do, but would you mind sharing the custom drawing you planned on using?

Plot twist. Rebeca is an influencer with 10,000,000 followers on IG.