Report fraud and manipulation of votes from Filipino artists

In all the art contests, they get almost 80% of the votes from any contest and they always win the biggest prizes.

  • This is the twitter of people who claim to be artists and they are all philippines, there is a shadow of the people who always vote for them in the voter section
  • These 5 guys are present and divided in every contest, they are greedy, they cover up and defend each other when they are condemned by others, and you know (They are very old and always talk about art while themselves are cheaters)
  • All the votes from the contests do not understand why always vote for these 5 names and always a record number
  • One more thing, when you try to talk about one of them, one of them will stand up and argue like he’s the author himself.
  • They are always greedy and take all the awards, destroy new artists with vote manipulation
  • Proof: Review the results from all competitions, the biggest prizes and tops always go to these 5 guys with huge votes