FairVote X NounsDAO(Private Voting Research for Nouns)

Dear all NounsDAO voters:

:confounded:“Have you ever felt pressured to vote a certain way in public due to social influence?”
:woozy_face:“Have you ever hesitated to express your true opinion in public voting due to fear of harassment?”
:weary: “Have you ever been concerned about your privacy being compromised in public voting?”

Recently,Nouns launched a study of anonymous voting to help voters cast stress-free ballots that hide who they are and what they vote for. We (FairVote team) are proud to submit the proposal for “the NounsDAO Private Voting Research Sprint ”. We are also here to share with you the contents of the proposal.

We provide three private voting methods. All these methods use ZK proof and relayer to hide the voter identity.At the same time, in order to hide voting power:

  • Method1 uses multiple votes with automatic random delay

  • Method2 uses homomorphic encryption and multiparty computation (MPC)

  • Method3 uses distributed Trusted Execution Environment (Secret Network)

For more Technical Details , please check this doc.

Thank you Elad for reading our proposal so carefully and discussing the technical details with us here.


In addition, considering that most voters are not technical people, we have drawn vivid illustrations to help you understand the process of anonymous voting schemes.




We look forward to seeing more voters join this discussion and get your attention and support. We will buy a Nouns to build a DAO, and test for Nouns. Here’s a link to our proposal:

Thanks for your attention!

Fairvote Team