Proposal: Nouns esports expansion w/BLVKHVND - Pokemon Unite

Nouns DAO esports - Pokémon Unite expansion & BLVKHVND partnership trial

  • Pokémon Unite team for 3 months
  • Lots of Noun representation on twitch & youtube
  • Mini documentary series following the tournament during their London trip
  • Competing in $550,000USD worth of events over the next 3 months
  • Trial and introduce BLVKHVND as operational partner for Nouns esports.
  • Direct results and exposure between now and the end of August, no delay due from ‘building’


To expand the Nouns DAO esports division operations and increase the audience reach for the nouns brand using the diverse, engaged global audience that gaming and esports presents. Additionally, to trial BLVKHVND as an operational partner for Nouns DAO esports.

Pokémon Unite:

Pokémon Unite released in June 2021 and is a MOBA for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Currently the Unite Championship Series (UCS) season 1 is underway with 1 monthly final, the regional championships ($50,000USD prize pool) and the world championship ($500,000USD prize pool) remaining until the conclusion of the season.

The official Pokémon Unite twitch channel shows 36 hours streamed over the last month with an average viewer count of 2,398 and a peak viewer count of 20,574. That peak occurred during the European AEOS Cup finals, which our proposed team won first place in. Due to that we can assume that the European Regional Finals and especially the Pokemon World Championships will beat that viewer count.

The Proposed Team:

The proposed team we are looking to acquire is known as Random Gaming who have consistently placed 1st or 2nd in all European UCS events to date, including winning the AEOS Cup and the $20,000USD first place prize, with the top 2 teams from European Regional Championship qualifying for the World Championship on August 19th-21st in London we are confident in the team’s ability to qualify for this event.

The team consists of five players who are;

ADESu (Spain) - - Twitch
Redmaw (Norway) - - Twitch
Bruv (England) - - Twitch
Gyz (Spain) - - Twitch
Ghatlue (Germany) - - Twitch

At the time of writing this proposal, the team in total has 976 hours streamed on twitch in the last three months with a team average of 56 viewers at any given time. Most notably is BruvHD who averages 167 viewers throughout his streams in this three month period.

The Proposed Agreement:

This proposal consists of a three month agreement with the team which will have them representing Nouns DAO for the remainder of the UCS. This agreement will consist of a signing bonus and funding a boot camp in London on the 15th - 20th of June in the lead up and during the European Regional Finals. This boot camp will be documented by a videographer to produce a mini series and various other forms of video content for the Nouns community to engage with and to spread Nouns around the gaming and Pokémon Unite community, we would be looking to utilize the Nouns DAO marketing studio, however we do have alternative options locally to London.


BLVKHVND are the first decentralized esports organization, fielding teams through Halo, Counter Strike, Pokémon Unite, Apex Legends, Rogue Company and Blood hunt. Being knowledgeable in both the esports/gaming industry but also the web3 industry we are in a unique position to be able to contribute to this project with in depth understanding of both elements. Our involvement would be being the point of contact for the team, organizing and executing all the elements of this proposal and working alongside the existing Nouns DAO esports contributors in Sasquatch, Brennen and Brax to scale the current Nouns esports resources and continue to develop and improve the operations as well as increase our branding image and implementation of Nouns culture throughout the operation.

Our tasks include but are not limited to;

  • Organizing and executing the Bootcamp in London on 15th - 20th of June, this consists of booking flights, accommodation, training facility, media for content creation and having a staff member on site to monitor and assist.
  • Working with the players and media contributors to create engaging content and roll out on YouTube and Twitter.
  • Monitoring events throughout the three month period and posting results to Twitter.
  • Networking with the existing Pokémon Unite community to spread the Nouns brand through additional tournaments and media opportunities.
  • Using BLVKHVND in-house media team in potential collaboration with the Nouns media studio to implement Nouns branding to the players social media accounts and content platforms such as youtube and twitch, this consists of banners, profile pictures and stream assets.
  • Using BLVKHVND in-house media team in potential collaboration with the Nouns media studio to create engaging images and short form video to post to twitter during tournaments to drive engagement and viewership to Nouns esports tournament performances.
  • Maintaining consistent communications with all the players on the team to ensure smooth operations throughout the agreement and guarantee a positive interaction between the team and Nouns esports.
  • Pending qualification for Pokémon World Championships in London on August 19th - 21st, organizing all flights and accommodation in collaboration with the Pokémon Company. During the event having a staff member escorting the team to assist them with anything they require.
  • Pending qualification for Pokémon World Championships in London on August 19th - 21st, organizing media for content creation surrounding the London event and working alongside them to roll out the media.
  • BLVKHVND sourced the team presented in this proposal, negotiated on the proposed offer and constructed the proposal presented.
  • All the expenses listed above being the labour, travel and accommodation are covered in the BLVKHVND management services fee. This includes the labour cost of designers, editors and videographers. The proposed fee will cover the full three months of operation.

Content Creation Expenses:

The proposed allocated amount for content creation expenses is 1.5ETH, this is to cover travel and accommodation for videographers to London for the boot camp and potentially for the Pokémon World Championship pending qualification. The videographer will be paid for their time out of the BLVKHVND management services budget, however their travel expenses are separated.


3 month salary & signing bonus - 2 ETH per player (10 ETH total)

Bootcamp cost (Flights, accommodation & facility hire) - 3 ETH

Content creation expenses - 1.5 ETH

BLVKHVND operational management services - 7.5 ETH

Total: 22 ETH


Brennen.eth (Nouns DAO)
Sasquatch (Nouns DAO)
Brax (Nouns DAO)

Multi-Sig Address: 0x6b484b21eAdAa33e28E34c17B53764Cf3aF52284

We’re super excited to hear the feedback from the Nouns community, If you have any questions or suggestions in regards to this proposal please comment them below :slight_smile:


With what we’ve seen from Nouns Dota, I think this is fucking awesome and am in full support. It’s really a steal, when you think about it - a whole esports team for 3 months for 22 ETH - insane.


This x 1000

In x years we’ll trace the nintendo nouns game back to this prop too :catdance:


We think so too!

I’m very excited to see BLVKHVND VS NOUNS In the Pokémon Unite World Finals :smiling_imp::fire:


I support this, while the viewership #s are lower than some other games, it is a newer game to the competitive space which is why we have the opportunity to sponsor one of the current top teams. nintendo has been a little questionable in the past when it came to esports (smash brothers) but things seem to be progressing well so far with unite - looking forward to seeing how things play out!

in regards to the multi-sig, for clarity Sasquatch is in SharkDAO and Brax has been helping us from the esports side


thanks for the write-up. looking for more clarity on the second bullet point (”lots of Noun representation on twitch & youtube”). will there be any other sort of Nouns branding anywhere or is the deliverable just the bootcamp doc?

how will people know this is sponsored by Nouns?

So the team and their journey over the next couple months will be talked about on the nouns esports twitter (also where dota 2 updates/content go)
The team will play under the Nouns esports brand, meaning named Nouns esports and represented by the Nouns esports logo in all tournaments and their broadcasts.

Simultaneously the players will be streaming on and we will be creating youtube content such as; Documentary style videos, interviews, highlights and player specific directed videos (e.g Bruv makes a video himself and we post it through nouns platform)
Additionally the players plan on creating content for their own personal youtube channels, Nouns esports will be mentioned in these videos.

Lastly, having potential mentions and opportunities from different media platforms could occur depending on the teams performance. Which would be a massive win for Nouns esports and the wider Nouns community.


great thanks. this is what i was looking and hoping for but wasn’t clear on.



The Goal:

To expand the Nouns DAO esports division operations and increase the audience reach for the nouns brand using the diverse, engaged global audience that gaming and esports presents. Additionally, to trial BLVKHVND as an operational partner for Nouns DAO esports.

The Remaining Funds:

From the original proposal there is 3.5ETH remaining.

2ETH of the remaining balance is from the BLVKHVND management fee, 1.9 of which will be distributed to them. 0.1 ETH will be distributed to Pump who assisted with content during the World Championships.

1.5ETH will be distributed evenly between the 5 players in the proposal.

The Expenses:

Total: 23 ETH

Salary and Signing Bonus: 2 ETH per player (10 ETH total)

Bootcamp Flights and AirBnB (Used for accommodation and facility): 3 ETH

Content creation expenses (Unused, distributed to players): 1.5 ETH

BLVKHVND operational management services: 7.5 ETH

The Outcome:

Nouns Esports expanded into Pokemon Unite with the signing of a European roster previously known as ‘Random Gaming’. While under Nouns Esports the team won the European Regional Final in front of an approximate peak of 2,400 viewers. Their prize was $20,000USD and an invite to the 2022 Pokemon World Championship in London, UK.

The World Championship in London on the 19th and 20th of August was Nouns Esports first offline tournament appearance. The team took their nouns jerseys and noogles to the ExCel convention center for two days of intense Pokemon Unite. After coming second in their group and losing in their first playoffs game the team showed resilience and regrouped to make a massive lower bracket run, making it all the way to the Grand Final before falling to BLVKHVND (Another esports DAO) 3-0 to earn second place!
This all occurred in front of a massive live audience with online viewership for day 1 peaking at approximately 10,500 viewers and the viewership for day 2 during the grand final at 16,700 viewers.

Grand final replay: World Championships Grand Finals - English | Pokémon UNITE Championship Series - YouTube

For their performance the team also took home $75,000USD, some awesome trophies and a bunch of other super nice Pokemon swag. Throughout the weekend we had multiple tweets bring in 5,000+ impressions as well as gained approximately 800 new twitter followers. The team also became a fan favorite due to their play style and the upbeat and fun nature of the players presented to the viewers through media and interviews on the broadcast.

In regards to the partnership with BLVKHVND, there were some hurdles along the way but I would like to think it was generally successful. BLVKHVND were able to successfully pass the initial proposal and execute on the bootcamp for regionals in a extremely short time frame. BLVKHVND was also able to assist with social media coverage during the Regionals and World Championship. There were limitations with BLVKHVND operations that prevented a rollout of media to the level originally intended, hence the redistribution of the content expenses budget to the players. BLVKHVND also believed that operating as the middle man was necessary during this proposal, but due to the current state of the Nouns Esports community currently and development of the Pokemon Unite team itself, going forward the Nouns Esports contributors in collaboration with the players and their new coach/manager Blaine managing the Pokemon Unite team would be more efficient for a second proposal.

Due to the performance of the team and the level of attention it brought to the Nouns Esports brand I personally believe this proposal was a success. Please let us know what you think below.

We would like to give a couple of shoutouts to people who made this proposal a success;

Gyz, Ghatlue, Redmaw, Adesu and Bruv. The five players who represented the brand throughout the proposal and played their absolute heart out.

Blaine, Who was added as our sixth mandatory substitute for worlds, but he took a more coach/waterboy role for the team and contributed greatly to the success of the team.

Pump, Who contributed to the proposal during worlds by creating content for the team, he was also the leader of the EU cheer squad who supported the team strongly throughout the weekend.

The players would like to give additional shoutouts to Kelly, RunTheTrap, Mika, Purple, Charlie, Vazeed, Nazu, Bulut, Ezraron, Kiva and Marv for their cheering and support throughout their journey and especially in London.

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