Nouns Esports Proposal - Dota Team Extension July-October

Nouns Esports Proposal - Dota Team Extension

Authors: Sasquatch and Maty


Continue the Dota and Esports experiment! Extending the signing of our Dota roster until after The International in October, with the mission to proliferate Nouns through esports competition.


Nouns Esports was founded with the passing of Proposal 68, which brought a Professional Dota team under the Nouns banner. They won a large North American tournament and currently have a 5-1 standing in the Dota Pro Circuit “DPC” - the most important qualifier matches leading to the biggest tournament in the world, The International.

The teams’ current term with the DAO will end on July 17th, after the DPC. Because of their DPC standing, they currently have a strong probability of attending the upcoming Arlington Major in August. Since our current proposal ends before this event, it makes sense to extend their term with the DAO. Their success in the rest of the DPC and the Major will determine if they qualify directly to The International.

If you want to learn more about Prop #68, an accountability report was posted detailing how funds from the proposal were spent.

Timeline of Upcoming Potential Events:

July 17th - Prop #68 Ends
July 16th-August 19th - Thunderpick Bitcoin Series (tournament)
TBD July 17th-20th Potential DPC Tiebreakers
July 28th-30th - ESL Malaysia Qualifiers
August 04-14th - Arlington Major
August 23rd-28th - ESL Malaysia
TBD likely September - The International Regional Qualifiers
Oct 15 - 30 - The International
November 1st - Proposal Ends

Budget: 99.6942 ETH / 119,633 DAI

  • Salaries: ETH converted to DAI and distributed on a monthly basis as the team continues to represent Nouns in competition.
    • Players + Coach Salaries: 60 ETH (estimated 72000 DAI)
      • Split evenly amongst the players and coach
    • Support Staff: 20 ETH (estimated 24000 DAI)
      • This includes social media support, design work, organizing practice, video content, organizing travel to events and to the bootcamp, player media appearance logistics, and strategically working with other Nouns infrastructure
  • Bootcamp: 15 ETH (estimated 18000 DAI)
    • This bootcamp fund will be deployed pending a successful qualification for an international event (ESL Malaysia, The International, etc.)
  • Builder Comp - 4.6942 ETH (estimated 5333 DAI)
    • Sasquatch took no compensation per the accountability report
    • Organizing this project - shipping both props, operating the multi-sig, managing esports operations, and acting as a liaison between the team and Nouns DAO

Dota Pod

We will be using the same multi-sig that was created via Proposal 68 consisting of Nouners and Nounsfolk. We will be swapping in Nouners Brian Cho and Oni to replace Wag and Goldy.

  • Sasquatch
  • Brennen
  • Maty
  • Brian Cho
  • Oni


  • Competitive Results
    • From the Pilot (#68 proposal)…
      • They won the BTS Pro Series Season 11: Americas
      • They are currently 5-1 and tied for second place in the DPC North America rankings. While not yet guaranteed they have an excellent shot at attending the upcoming Major in Arlington, Texas.
    • During this signing, past potentially competing in the Major they will have an opportunity to compete in the ESL Malaysia qualifiers, and qualifiers for The International.
  • Tournament Stream Viewership
    • Tournament matches during the pilot have regularly received between 10,000 and 40,000 viewers. If the team qualifies for any of the upcoming international events, viewership will be a few multiples higher.
  • Individual Stream Viewership
    • Players individually stream and regularly present the Nouns brand on stream
  • In-game Branding
    • Dota allows for DPC teams to have in-game branding through assets placed inside of the game’s landscape. We have used this to show off Noggles during all of the tournament games in front of tens of thousands of viewers.
  • Name Branding
    • The team will continue to operate as Nouns/Nouns Esports
  • Player Name Branding
    • Player names will include a Nounish sponsor tag in-game e.g. nouns.Gunnar.⌐◨-◨

r-[ G ]-[ G ]

Time to dominate dota2!


the amount of nouns awareness/impressions generated by the dota esports prop has been incredible (along with the team’s performance)

– happy to be supporting this one!


this proposal has been a huge success so far, and it has been great to see brian and oni bringing their expertise to the pod. definitely support


Based on feedback received - we are planning to add 30 ETH to our on-chain ask in order to account for ETH/DAI volatility.

ETH will be converted to match the estimated DAI distribution shared in the proposal - surplus ETH will be returned to the DAO.


looking forward to continuing to further develop/proliferate nouns esports


Yes, please! Such an important mission.
End gamers gap :metal:


Easy FOR. Props to the DOTA pod for all the great work!


Huge support! Kudos to the players/coach and @Sasquatch @maty and the rest of the dota pod for an incredible delivery of the first prop. Excited to build on it further.


We were able to successfully convert ETH into our estimated DAI ask without any use of the buffer, which means we’ve now returned the full 30 ETH back to the Nouns treasury.

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