Proposal: Nouns Digital SAT Practice Tests Free Forever to Over 3 Million Students Each Year Worldwide

Executive Summary (TLDR)

  • Project: Launch of (pending registration) for free Digital SAT practice tests.
  • Need: Addressing the scarcity of accessible SAT resources; only 4 free tests available from the College Board, with other companies charging high fees.
  • Objective: Aid over 3 million annual SAT candidates with high-quality, accessible preparation tools.
  • Unique Selling Point: Introduce a diverse audience of students and educators to Nouns.
  • Funding Request: 150 ETH in total (5 ETH per team member monthly for 6 months).
  • Timeline: Roll out 3 tests by Q1 2024, expand to 10 by Q2 2024.
  • Team: 2 developers, 2 subject experts (Reading/Writing and Math), 1 digital marketer.
  • Sustainability Plan: Transition to self-sustaining via donations post 6 months.

Dear Nouners,

As the founder of, with a track record in enhancing students’ exam preparations, I present a proposal aligned with our shared ethos of educational accessibility and community growth. Revolutionizing SAT Preparation

The Current Challenge in SAT Preparation
Today’s SAT preparation landscape is marked by a glaring gap: the lack of accessible, free study materials. The College Board offers a mere four free full-length tests, insufficient for thorough preparation. The alternative – test prep companies – often impose high fees, putting a strain on many families. This gap is where steps in.

Our Vision and Strategy aims to democratize SAT preparation by offering comprehensive, free Digital SAT practice tests. Our initial goal is to launch three full-length tests by Q1 2024, meticulously crafted to reflect the Blue Book format with detailed explanation and score analysis. By Q2 2024, we plan to expand this to a series of ten tests, ensuring a wide range of preparation materials. Our approach not only aids students academically but also familiarizes them with the Nouns community.

Team and Roles
Our dedicated team includes two developers (front/back end), two subject matter experts in Reading/Writing and Math, and a digital marketing specialist, all collaborating to create a seamless and enriching learning experience.

Budget and Funding Breakdown
We propose a budget of 5 ETH per month for each team member, amounting to a total funding request of 150 ETH over a six-month period. This budget will cover development, content creation, and outreach initiatives.

Overcoming Potential Challenges
In tackling user engagement and adapting to evolving SAT formats, we adopt a dynamic content development strategy and a robust marketing plan to maximize our reach and impact.

Long-Term Sustainability
After the initial development and launch phase, our aim is to transition into a self-sustaining platform through voluntary donations. This model ensures ongoing support and fosters a community-driven approach.

Conclusion represents more than an SAT preparation platform; it’s a step towards equitable education and community building. By filling the current gap in SAT resources, we not only empower students but also promote the values and vision of the Nouns community. Your support in this endeavor promises immediate educational benefits and long-term sustainability and growth.

Thank you for considering this proposal, a venture towards making high-quality education both accessible and inclusive.

About the Proponent
With extensive experience in developing educational platforms, my work at About Us | 3TQuest has significantly impacted students preparing for competitive exams. My expertise lies in creating engaging, effective, and accessible educational content.

I am excited about the potential impact of this project and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Nouns to create a valuable and lasting educational resource.

Raymond Fam


I’m not a member of Nouns DAO, I don’t hold a token, but I used to be totally fascinated with this project. I just wanted to chime in and say that no one will answer you here. This is an interesting proposal, on first glance its like 10x too expensive, but still a cool idea.

I have no idea what it takes to actually get feedback from DAO members on proposal ideas. I’ve tried to get funding several times, but have never even gotten a response. I think the DAO needs to take a really hard look inward and also backwards, at how they have spent money in the past, and at the systems they are relying on to attract talent, interest and to create memetic attraction because man, it is NOT working.

No one outside of crypto knows about Nouns DAO, which is just a huge shame.

Thanks for your useful input.

We are open to the funding option, but the suggested funding amount hasn’t been unreasonably arrived at. A fully functional educational platform would typically take thousands of hours to formulate quality content and develop its full-stack application from the ground up. As a founder of online testing for 20 years, I experienced two rounds of software development in 2003/2004 and 2008/2009 each took about a year to complete. I remember talking to a Kaplan IT contractor in 2008 who demanded 80k USD just to create a CD-ROM, and that’s excluding content creation.

I tried to network with the Nouners on their Discord channel but it doesn’t have an entry point. Anyway, while waiting to hear back from Nouns DAO members, our team has taken the initiative to develop the Digital SAT platform. It’s been newly launched and hosted on Vercel:

This demonstrates our commitment to efficiency and speed, leveraging our experienced software team and content creators who have meticulously prepared the necessary infrastructure and materials to tweak at ease.

I noticed Nouns Academy has had its domain name registered, believing it’s been reserved by one of the DAO members:

We would love to build and develop it into a platform comparable to Khan Academy. The latter has been funded by millions of dollars from philanthropic organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation but we only need less than a tenth of the funding.

On a side note, I recently para-judged the Revolution protocol (a set of contracts that improve on Nouns DAO) audit contest on C4 which has deepened my understanding of Nouns DAO’s documentation, specifications, and the related blockchain workflows. This knowledge will be instrumental in integrating the DAO community’s preferences into the Nouns Academy platform.

I’m hopeful for engagement from the Nouners and look forward to any collaborative opportunities. Regardless, it’s been enriching to connect with this community.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and promising 2024.

Raymond Fam