Nouns Capture App Expansion and Impact Enhancement

:globe_with_meridians: Nouns Capture App Expansion and Impact Enhancement :rocket:

:open_book: Introduction:

We propose a funding request of 55,000 USDC to expand the Nouns Capture app, an interactive scavenger hunt that educates students globally about Nouns and key Web 3 concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Currently available for iOS, our expansion plan includes developing an Android version of the app, a worldwide launch to 10s of thousands of school students globally and full connected curriculum integration to help onboard the next generation.

:video_game: How the App Works:

The Nouns Capture app allows anyone to find and collect Nouns hidden within barcodes/QR codes in their real environments. By scanning these barcodes using the app, students unlock the hidden Nouns and can store them in their digital journal. As they progress through the game and collect more Nouns, students are also presented with opportunities to learn about Web 3 concepts. The app encourages exploration and learning in an engaging and interactive way, helping students gain a deeper understanding of the Nouns ecosystem and the broader principles of Web 3 technology.

:trophy: MVP Release and Success:

The Nouns Capture app has already been released as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on iOS and has received an overwhelmingly positive response. [Download Here] and go hunt some Nouns in your kitchen.

The MVP showcases the potential of the app as a powerful educational tool, with students across the globe in our beta audience actively engaging with the platform. This early success is a testament to the app’s strong foundation, and we aim to build upon this momentum with the proposed expansion.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Expansion Plan:

:robot: Android Development:

As part of our expansion, we will develop an Android version of the Nouns Capture app to ensure maximum reach and accessibility. This will significantly increase the app’s user base and allow students with Android devices to enjoy the same engaging educational experience as their iOS counterparts.

:medal_sports: POAP Integration: Rewarding ‘Nounish’ POAPs

As part of the Nouns Capture app, we plan to integrate the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) API to further enhance the user experience and reward students for their participation. By leveraging POAP’s capabilities, we can create unique digital collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will serve as a record of students’ achievements and participation in the Nouns Capture activities.

The POAP integration will allow us to:

  1. :trophy: Automate the distribution of digital collectibles to students who successfully complete activities within the app.
  2. :star2: Create a tangible record of students’ accomplishments in the form of unique Nounish POAPs.
  3. :bulb: Introduce the concept of digital ownership and Web 3 technology to the next generation.

This enhancement will increase user engagement and introduce them to Web 3 concepts and digital ownership. By integrating POAP into the Nouns Capture app, we aim to create a seamless, enjoyable experience for students as they explore Nouns, Web 3 technology, and the world of digital collectibles.

:weight_lifting_man: Global Launch to 25,000 PE Teachers:

With an exceptional track record of delivering experiences used by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide, our marketing efforts have consistently demonstrated successful results. The ConnectedPE team has a direct email list audience of 25,000 PE teachers who rely on us for innovative educational solutions.

The Nouns Capture app will be globally launched to our entire audience, offering Nouns an incredible opportunity to reach the next generation of students worldwide. The core experience of the Nouns Capture app is highly relevant in PE contexts, as scavenger hunts promote an engaging blend of movement, exercise, and fun. This app provides the perfect experience for students to stay active and learn about the Nouns ecosystem while moving around.

To ensure meaningful usage and maximize the app’s impact on students, we will include a comprehensive school curriculum as part of the rollout, seamlessly integrating the app into the PE and wider subject areas

:star2: Proven Success in EdTech: Global Impact & Engagement :star2:

Our apps are already used by hundreds of thousands of students across the globe, with impressive success stories such as:

  1. Move It: A brain break Chrome extension for students with 98 million pageviews.(Now featuring Nouns)
  2. Balance It: An interactive mobile app for teaching gymnastics and balance skills, with over 1 million downloads.
  3. Sports Tracker: A school sports software with over 330,000 student accounts.

These achievements demonstrate our dedication to creating and delivering high-quality experiences that resonate with students and educators worldwide, as well as our capacity to effectively reach & shape these audiences

:books: Integration with School Curricula:

Our audience of teachers appreciates turnkey solutions that provide immediate value in their classrooms. To make this possible, we develop world-class, curriculum-aligned lesson plans that can be easily implemented. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate the Nouns Capture app into school curricula worldwide. [Download Our Sample Lessons]

:bulb: Nouns ROI: Benefits to the Nouns DAO

:earth_africa: Real-Life Proliferation of Nouns:

The Nouns Capture app offers a unique opportunity to expand the Nouns brand’s reach among the global school student body, targeting a vast and diverse audience. By launching the app to our network of 25,000 PE teachers, we will introduce tens of thousands of students to the Nouns ecosystem by extension.

While many proposals focus on Web 3 users, we believe that true proliferation stems from making Nouns known in traditional contexts. Schools serve as an ideal avenue for genuine proliferation, as they are typically highly digital literate audience base.

:arrows_counterclockwise:Android Playground Port & Integration

We plan to integrate the Nouns Playground, made possible by Prop 6, into the Nouns Capture app. This feature will enable students to create their unique Noun as an in-app identity, fostering a strong connection to the app and the Nouns ecosystem.

We will use the existing iOS code for the Nouns Playground and port it to Android. The converted Android code will be submitted to the Nouns Collective GitHub repository, paving the way for an Android release of their iOS version funded in prop 6.

:handshake: Engage the Next Generation:

The World Economic Forum estimates that over 1 billion people will be using blockchain-based systems by 2030, and much of this future audience is currently in today’s schools. By introducing Nouns and Web 3 to students early on, we can help cultivate a knowledgeable user base familiar with the Nouns ecosystem and contribute to the broader Web 3 community. We plan to do this via in app education and interactive experiences

:microphone: Nouns Capture at NFT Conferences and Events

Nouns Capture will be primarily built for educational contexts, while still maintaining the flexibility to be a valuable tool at NFT conferences and events. This innovative and engaging approach will help educate attendees about Nouns. By utilizing Nouns Capture in these situations, we aim to create memorable experiences for participants and generate enthusiasm for the Nouns ecosystem.

Here’s a simple scenario illustrating how Nouns Capture can be effectively utilized at NFT conferences and events:

  1. Attendees are informed about the Nouns Capture activity during the event’s opening announcements or through promotional materials distributed before the event.
  2. They are instructed to download the Nouns Capture app on their smartphones to participate in the activity.
  3. The event organizers have strategically placed Nouns hidden within QR codes throughout the venue. These QR codes could be located at various points of interest, such as exhibits, booths, or food and beverage stations.
  4. Attendees use the Nouns Capture app to scan and collect the hidden Nouns as they explore the venue and engage with the event’s programming.
  5. As they collect Nouns, participants also learn about Web 3 concepts and the Nouns ecosystem, further enhancing their understanding and connection to the Nouns brand.
  6. Upon completion of the activity, attendees return to the Nouns booth to prove their captures by showing their in-app journal containing the collected Nouns.
  7. Event organizers reward the participants with prizes, such as exclusive NFTs, we merchandise, or event passes, creating a memorable and engaging experience for attendees.

This scenario not only makes the event more interactive and enjoyable but also introduces attendees to the Nouns ecosystem, fostering a strong affinity for the brand and its offerings.

:moneybag: Budget Breakdown:

  • UI Refinement and Android Development (Nouns Capture): $20,000
  • POAP Integration $5,000
  • Android Port: Playground feature from official Nouns app: $10,000
  • Marketing and Global Launch: $10,000
  • Curriculum Integration and Content Development: $5,000
  • Operations: $5,000 USDC

Total: 55,000 USDC

:spiral_calendar: Project Timeline: 6-Month Roadmap to Success

:date: Months 1-2:

  • :art: UI Refinement and Android Development for Nouns Capture
  • :iphone: Android Port for Playground feature from the official Nouns app
  • :link: Begin POAP Integration

:date: Months 3-4:

  • :dart: Finalize App Features and Integrations
  • :books: Start Curriculum Integration and Content Development
  • :rocket: Begin Marketing and Global Launch preparations

:date: Months 5-6:

  • :books: Complete Curriculum Integration and Content Development
  • :rocket: Finalize Marketing and Global Launch preparations
  • :globe_with_meridians: Nouns Capture App Global Launch
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Operations commence

:wrench: Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Creating and maintaining impactful educational experiences for students worldwide is at the heart of our business. The ConnectedPE team is fully committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance for the Nouns Capture app as an integral part of our app portfolio. This is what happens when you build aligned experiences that are designed for real world use, it is NOT a burden to upkeep these as they are fundamental experiences for those in our audience.

Nouns Capture will receive the same level of support and attention as any of our other apps and products, ensuring its continued success and impact on global students. This commitment comes without any additional cost from the DAO.


Our MVP has been well received around the globe in a small beta rollout.