Proposal: Nouns Bidder POAP V2


Nounders, Nouners, and Nounish friends. ⌐◨-◨

After an exciting V1 Bidder POAP experiment, the team is back with a proposal for a stronger, more robust, and more engaging Bidder POAP experience. With the top-tier UX talent from 0xDesigner, the unmatched creative prowess of SerNoadz, the development expertise of Plaid Shaman, and Brkfstsndwh (along with a direct line to Patricio and the POAP team), we aim to deliver a creative and engaging experience that will continue the spin wheel and proliferation of the meme to a whole new audience.


Through our V1 experiment, our team believes that having an ongoing incentive around bidding in the daily auction is not only beneficial to the DAO (promoting increased bidding on daily auctions to add capital to the treasury), but also allows more people to feel like they are a part of the DAO without actually winning the Noun on auction. POAP and team also have some fun ideas for incentives that will be coming via a secondary proposal (think, raffling off a Noun to POAP winners).


  • Revamped Gallery Page
  • More Advanced Claiming Mechanism
  • Updated POAP Art with New Artists
  • Retroactive POAPs for Winners Since V1 Ended
  • 6 Months of POAPs and Management from Launch Date


Revamped Gallery Page + Integrations

  • We will work with our team of designers and developers to create a revamped gallery page for showcasing the daily POAP, past POAPs, and winning bidders.
  • This page will also show the live auction data for each daily auction, showcasing which bidders are currently in the running to receive one of the daily POAPs.
  • Beyond that, we will integrate the POAP API more seamlessly to make the entire experience of the POAP page more engaging and informative.

More Advanced Claiming Mechanism

  • With our direct connection to the POAP team, we will work on building a more robust claiming mechanism than the direct send we conducted in V1.

Updated POAP Art with New Artists

  • Working with the incredibly talented SerNoadz, we will create a unique and updated art style for the Bidder POAPs.
  • We will also aim to commission featured artists monthly that are voted on by the DAO to create unique POAP art in their own nounish style.
  • Below is just an example of some of SerNoadz’s work, and is by no means the final art style. We will work with the community to land on the final and approved art style for the key POAP art.

Retroactive POAPs for Winners Since V1 Ended

  • Once the art is complete, we will retroactively send all POAPs to their rightful winners since V1 concluded in May at Noun 296.


Producer + Project Manager | Brkfstsndwch
Experience: With close to a decade of production and product management experience, Brkfstsndwch has managed projects ranging from rebrands for some of tech’s biggest companies to 360 campaigns to website + app builds to feature-length documentaries and so many things in between. Brkfst was also responsible for the proposal and execution of the Bidder POAP V1 project, Nouns Coffee, and has been a part of the Nouns Community since the beginning.

Lead Artist | SerNoadz
Experience: An artist that needs no introduction, SerNoadz has been a staple in the Nouns community nearly since its inception, proliferating Nouns day in and day out with their project Noadz, among a plethora of other crucial pieces that have helped the DAO become what it is today. Most recently the current Nouncil site.

UX Designer | 0xDesigner
Experience: Being the lead designer on the POAP V1 project, 0xDesigner has a proven track record at executing to the highest degree. Beyond their involvement in the DAO, 0x is a product designer with a decade of experience working with companies ranging from seed stage startups to big tech like Facebook and Google. 0x has designed and helped launch over 50 digital products via founding a globally ranked UX agency.

Developer | Plaid Shaman
Experience: For nearly 20 years, Plaid Shaman (Brian) has been working with startups, agencies, and non-profits bringing 100s of projects to life. More recently, they’ve been collaborating on Web3 projects to create innovative experiences with NFTs and other blockchain technology. A few most recent projects have included, NounCats, Contract Reader, Chowies, and more.

Commissioned Artists | To Be Voted On by Community


6-10 Weeks | Overall Timeline

  • 4-6 Weeks | Revamped Gallery Page + Integrations
  • 4-6 Weeks | POAP Art Development
  • 2-4 Weeks | Claiming Mechanism Development
  • 1 Week | Retroactive POAP Shipment


32.5 ETH | Revamped Gallery Page, Auction House + POAP Integration

  • 12.5 ETH | UX Design
  • 15 ETH | Development
  • 5 ETH | Project Management

40 ETH | Updated POAP Art

  • 20 ETH | Key Art Development
  • 5 ETH | Art for Retroactive POAPs
  • 10 ETH | Commission Budget for POAP Artists
  • 5 ETH | Artist + Project Management

5 ETH | Updated Claiming Mechanism Development

6 ETH | 6 Month Management of POAP Sends

2 ETH | Retroactive POAP Sends

2.5 ETH | General Project Management and Community Project Lead

Total Funds Requested | 88 ETH


I love the idea and especially love the art. (Personal favorite in middle row, first column no bias).

Wondering if you guys have thought about the ROI for the DAO from the first wave of POAPs. Was it worth more or less than the DAO paid for it?

Also wondering if there’s a way to build something that could provide POAPs forever instead of in batches?

Seems like a ton of work and you guys seem like the right team to do it!


Hey Tony!

Thanks so much for the note. SerNoadz is most definitely in a league of their own, and we cannot wait to bring their art to life in this format.

As for the ROI, arguably, the greatest ROI for the DAO was the V1 project being the reason that Patricio (POAP) starting bidding on Nouns. At an average of, let’s say, 70ETH per Noun, the current 13 they hold would be an ROI of 910ETH. Beyond Patricio specifically, we do have some data I can pull up, though it is skewed at times based on phases we were in Nouns Winter, etc.

And lastly, regarding the batches. With the direct tie to the POAP team this time around, we will be looking at even more exciting and efficient ways to integrate POAP into this project. As for the specific batching cadence, we feel that it is important to update the art/artists on a regular basis to allow for a reset of sorts and bring more opinions, voices, talents, etc. into the fold.

Appreciate you and your support as always, Tony!

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While I love v1 and now v2 art - I’m inclined to vote against this proposal given the experience with v1. Personally, I thought execution from Nouns POAP V1 left a lot to be desired. While the project got off to the great start - it seems to me that the team did not give it a proper attempt at making work. The proposal for v1 stated maintenance and upgrades for 6 months after launch (dec '21 according to completion payment) but the last time the team posted in the proposal channel was December and the twitter account went inactive in March. Afaik, there were no announcements of any sort post-launch.

Given that the only tool the DAO has at hand for accountability is the proposal stage, I’d be voting against.

Hey @seneca ! Really appreciate the note. Happy to hear you’re a fan of the art, as obviously David and SerNoadz are top-tier talents within the community.

We’d be happy to outline more structure around expectations for management and communication for V2 based on your feedback and recommendations.

A few responses/clarifications to your note below:

Once the team had the project and processes up and running, it ran pretty autonomously (obviously we had to manually put in the manpower to send the POAPs and update the site). The prop stated “updates and maintenance as needed”, and I’d say the updates were definitely made daily, CDT had to manually update the site each day with that day’s winners. And because CDT is as great as he is, no real maintenance was required.

And in terms of the twitter account, with that not being a part of the prop, we decided to forgo the updates as no one was interacting with the account anyway. I actually remember you mentioning that unless we could find a way to use a bot to tweet out the daily winners, it wasn’t worth doing when we were going through the discourse/proposal phase.

With all of that to say, we’d be happy to outline a line item in the proposal for community engagement and twitter account management if that’s something you feel would be worthwhile and go a long way for this prop. Would also love to hear any more recommendations you have for making this project more engaging and worthwhile for the DAO.

As always, I really appreciate your solid feedback and thinking around these props, Seneca. Hopefully we can find a way to make this exciting for you.


my understanding of maintenance and updates was more akin to attempting to improve the system so that it became a thing. but that’s besides the point. beyond the semantics, it felt to me like the team did not give it a proper attempt at making it work post-launch.

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I hear you on this for sure. And really appreciate the honest feedback. If passed, the team will be sure to use our direct connection to the POAP team this time around to its fullest potential, really making V2 a product worth continuing even beyond the 6 month scope.

It sounds like V1 ended about 40 days ago. How many requests have you had to reinstate the POAP program since then? I think it’s a cool thing, but I’m wondering how valuable it’s been since inception and how much the community expects it to be there in the future.

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Also, how many POAPS were claimed since inception? How many unique user claims?

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Hey Andrew! Thanks for the notes. In terms of claims and unique users, you can view all POAP data here! Basically, every bidder who was eligible was the recipient of their rightful POAP.

Hey Andrew! Skimming back through the general chat, there have been quite a few. You hear stories about how excited people were that only had .1 or .2 ETH to bid on a Noun ended up with one of the 5 POAPs. That’s one of the two main reasons the project was started in the first place, to promote engagement in the daily auction for those that most likely couldn’t afford a Noun itself.

I think the other factor that’s exciting about this V2 initiative is the visibility around POAP itself. When we kicked V1 off, POAP was this small thing that some of the Nounders hadn’t even heard of before. Now it has grown to be one of the most broadly used protocols in the space, and you even hear people like Vitalik openly promote and talk about POAPs. With that visibility, alongside our now direct tie to the POAP team, we feel we can bring about some pretty innovative ideas around POAPs + Nouns to help further spin the wheel and the meme. ⌐◨-◨

So every person that bids automatically gets the POAP? I was thinking they had to mint it in order to receive it. If they do have to mint or claim it somehow, do we know how many have actually done that?

I love the concept, but I’m just trying to see if it’s being used enough to justify continuing it at fairly significant cost.

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Right, for V1, they POAP was sent to the winners manually. No claiming was necessary, we went this route to make sure as many people got them as possible. But I think in V2, we’ll have a lot of room for experimentation, similar to what 4156 is doing with NOC and the daily contests. There will also be incentive because Patricio has noted interest in raffling off a Noun and your Bidder POAP is your raffle ticket.

We feel V2 will add a new layer of engagement into the daily auction and NOC party that has the potential to broaden the audience for Nouns ever further.


ngl kinda love this. its degen, fun, and should help bring people both to nouns and poaps


Definitely excited about the potential there!

On the whole bidding POAPs are exciting and a fun thing to keep going, and the art from Noadz is amazing as per usual. I wasn’t present in the community when the V1 proposal passed and in going back over it I have some questions.

PROP 9 - Nouns Bidder POAP

Proposal 9:
Total budget: 40 eth
Final Website:

Our team will be building out a microsite with the ability to claim a POAP for digitally attending (bidding on or settling) a Nouns Auction.

This is the core focus of Proposal 9. 40 ETH for a website with POAP claiming functionality. Was any claiming functionality ever built?

There will also be one (1) POAP reserved for anyone who settles an auction

Were POAPs ever delivered to people who settled auctions?

We will be leveraging the platform and API

Can you clarify how the POAP api was incorporated in the v1 site?

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Sharing here after posting in discord for visibility:

@joelcares, all great questions! If someone could open back up the original Prop 9 discord channel, I think you’d find all of your answers. But in the meantime, answers below:

Claiming functionality: As the team started working on this project, we quickly came to the realization that not enough people knew what POAPs even were at the time, and also without approval from the DAO, there was no way to add notifications on the auction page to remind bidders to go claim their POAP. So instead of claiming functionality (which would’ve resulted in a very unpleasant user experience), we made the decision to manually send POAPs to every rightful winner.

POAPs for Settling If the channel is opened, you’ll see the conversation around this. While we were executing on this prop, FOMO Nouns was being built as well. By request of the FOMO Nouns team, we did not end up rewarding settlers as the direct tie to settling would negatively impact the FOMO team and their project incentives.

POAP API Similar to the claiming functionality, we ultimately used calls and data from the auction site to show POAP winners, as the user experience of POAP integration at the time was not ideal. But now, with the direct ties to the team by way of Patricio, we’ll be able to make this site and the integrations between POAP much more seamless.

Thank you again for all of the questions! Happy to answer any more anyone might have.

Thanks for the speedy response, and I’ll ask about the Prop 9 discord channel - that’d be good to read through if I can find it.

The changes you’re describing seem like a significant departure from the technical scope presented in Proposal 9. Can you provide an updated budget breakdown of how the 40 ETH from Prop 9 was spent?

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Yeah, definitely! So, ETH at this time was around $4K USD if I’m remembering correctly.

7.5ETH for UX Design went to 0xDesigner
7.5ETH for POAP Design went to David
7.5ETH for Web Development went to CDT
7.5ETH for Project Management and Comm Engagement went to brkfstsndwch

10ETH for the 6 month contract of site updates and POAP sends was split equally between CDT + brkfstsndwch