Pouns ⌐◨-◨ - Bringing Nouns to Polygon

Pouns ⌐◨-◨ - Bringing Nouns to Polygon.

tl;dr: Pouns aim to introduce, and expand, the Nouns ecosystem on Ethereum’s sister chain, Polygon Matic.

Two factors are at play:

  1. the technical – Polygon’s lower gas fees and faster transaction finality resulting in an explosion of NFT collections
  2. the economical – the Polygon NFT market has converged to lower mint prices, with, even the most popular and hyped collections, like Kusho and Inverse Ape Mutants, minting at $45 and $14 respectively (1 MATIC = ~$2 at that time).

Our core premise and investment thesis focuses on the second factor. Pouns, or Nouns in Polygon, offer the opportunity for a lower entry barrier, with the potential to attract many new, or ETH-based left-out, investors, and consequently increase the Nouns’ brand awareness and recognition.

WHY US? As core members of L2Labs and PxLabs we have extensive experience with operating on Polygon, having sold out 7 collections, and acquiring several others over the past 1 year. Furthermore, our network comprises major teams of the ecosystem, including Kusho and Polyrare, Polygon’s top NFT discovery and ranking platform.

WHAT ABOUT THE ART? Since our beachhead market targets Nouns’ left-out investors, we will start by using a flipped and hue-shifted version of the Nouns’ layers. Our goal for the first Pouns batches is to generate different trait combinations, while retaining the original Nounish vibes. After a certain amount of Pouns will have successfully been auctioned, we will start adding new layers, by hiring a dedicated pixel artist, therefore fully departing from the original Nouns’ layers.

WHAT ABOUT PROGRESS? We have already successfully deployed to the Mumbai testnet and we are performing our first extensive testing this weekend (27-28 Aug, 2022), along with customisation of the front-end.

Pounders ⌐◨-◨

Nubby#6732 - L2Labs founder. | Twitter
Synth#9631 - L2Labs founder.
TBoogie#0001 - L2Labs founder. | Twitter
billnyelikesthighs#1486 - PxLabs founder & L2Labs core team.
Bhavya#4386 - PxLabs founder & L2Labs core team. | Twitter


Pouns - Twitter - Website(wip) - Discourse(wip) - Discord
L2Labs - Twitter - Discord
PxLabs - Twitter - Discord



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is Polygon nounish? :butterfly:

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Yes very nounish haha ⌐◨-◨

This is the fork we have all been waiting for!

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